Sometimes I Cannot Believe How Stupid I I am; Missing New Year’s Eve But Getting a Video of Fireworks From Grandson; Coffee Now in China Cups in Abu Dhabi; Meeting Two Wonderful Women Lawyers in the Loo at the Yas Mall; Being the First Louvre 2022 Member; A Proposal By Me; I Absolutely Love the Apple Business Team; Photos of Bag, Card and Mummy

This absolutely has to top it off. I thought today was New Year’s Eve – nope it was last night. I made that realization at about four o’clock in the afternoon. Well, I did think it was rather strange that everyone, and I mean everyone, was wishing me Happy New Year. I thought it was a custom (or something) that you did it a day early here. I was so dreading NewYear’s Eve and as if, by magic it was over and done with. I had slept through it because it was the fourteen hour sleep night. I just laughed at myself, texting people with delight at my sheer stupidity. Sheer and utter stupidity. People were kind and laughed. Grandson was SO kind. He send me three videos of fire works which was better than the real thing as I did not have to expose myself to crowds and possible covid viruses. So in the end it worked out, worked out beautifully actually. Grandson got this message:
Me: What a precious gift son.
He: Yes. I want you to be happy always.
Me: Thank you my grandson.
He: Your welcome.

At the present moment I am sitting in Caffe Nero having Diet Pepsi. So it does seem I am back in the United States. Civilization has returned to these parts and it is now possible to get coffee in a china cup – yes those days of Covid paper cups are over in Abu Dhabi. Probably not the USA but here/. I am here waiting for MADD to finish with his company – they are getting a new mobile system and he has to get instruction. I could get another taxi but do prefer to wait for him. The Yas Mall seems like a big living room with chairs and tables all over the place, all offering coffee and snacks. It is most hospitable – one could go from one place to another and be here all day. I am typing on my knee at the moment – it is working for me.

I went to the loo about half an hour ago and met two absolutely amazing women. You will never believe it but they were sisters, they were lawyers and they want to be my friend. I just told them that they were beautiful (and I was not lying). They were 32 and 34 – not married and Muslims. They are corporate lawyers. Would that ever happen in the USA. No probably not although there are loos there. The openness and friendliness of people in Abu Dhabi is remarkable. NEFF spoke of it in our correspondence, so it is not just me. I am also sure that these two women will follow through – will email me or call me and we will go to dinner.
They spoke of a Saudi Restaurant where you eat so much you have to lay on couches (which are provided) afterwards. We spoke of face masks – they told me that there is an enormous fine for not wearing a face mask USA readers will be moaning about civil rights and freedom. Need I remind you all that this is the safest place in the whole world to be. You can have your civil liberties – I prefer my health and the ability to drink coffee from china cups instead.

Yesterday received a great honour and a sense of belonging. No, it was not the Emeritus ID but everyone explains that it is a total hassle – it is not just me the UAE is picking on. My sense of entitlement came from this. I was the very first 2022 member of the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. Yes, I am. Such an honour, such a museum AND it is just down the street from my apartment – if I ever get it because I have to have an Emeritus ID first. Perhaps I will just go live in the Museum. There is a Mummy box in the Egyptian section – very elegant actually. Not a bad idea although it does not look too comfortable. I could buy a pillow in the gift store – where I would get a 15% discount for being a member. However, I think perhaps I will just stay in the St. Regis Hotel until I finally get the ID. I might scare some museum attendee when I jump out.
Me: Hello. I am a Princess of Egypt being resurrected.
They: No Response because they have fainted from shock.
A poorly executed photograph of the mummy box will be included on this blog. It is gold and most blingy.
I had such fun with the man who is in charge of Memberships, and from Egypt bu the way. He was most happy to have me join the museum and to be the very first 2022 member. He said he would be honored to appear on my blog – so naturally I asked him for his card (he had none) but wrote his name on a piece of paper. It is Ibraham.
Me: Your name is Ibraham! Will you marry me?
He: What? Why?
Me: Well Sara was married to Ibraham and she had a baby when she was 90. He was 100.
You are younger than 100 so it just might work. I am 78 and have not had children – yet.

I was telling another member of the Louvre staff of this encounter.
She: What did he say?
Me: He just laughed. But at least he did not say no.
She: Yes, perhaps he is thinking it over.
Me: Well, I hope so. He Is awfully handsome.

There is another Ibraham in my life. I broke the news to him gently by giving him a choice.
Me: So you could be my husband or my son.
He: I think I will choose to be your son.
Me: OK what country are you from?
He: Do you not remember?
Me: Not at this moment, No.
He: Morocco
Me: Good I do not have a son from Morocco yet.

So everything is working out well. The family is growing but they are all self-supporting so it should be fine. Not everyone gets to come from such an International family.

I have saved some of the best for last. I had my appointment at the Apple Store with an extremely helpful man from the Apple Business Team. I absolutely cannot believe my good fortune, to get such fantastic help from such a competent group of people. It has been my ambition to start a podcast for months and months but, for various reasons, it never got off the ground. Not only did it not soar, it was totally earth bound. But it is going to happen. I shall attend a class at the Apple Store first and then I shall be off and running. I shall also get help with my book on the Tate Britain. Thinking about compiling my stories on betrayal into an Apple Book. Perhaps launch back into my book on Uncle Dave. On a more basic level, get new blog cards because I have given almost all of them away. It feels like an enormous burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel entirely supported and encouraged. There will be a brief hiatus as my wonderful helpmate is going on vacation but I am not impatient. Well, one reason for my patience is because I need my Emeritus ID before all of this can begin in full force. Need I remind my gentle readers that it has not been forthcoming. It ends up that it is not the fault of the agency that is helping me at all. It is the process. Some more steps shall be taken tomorrow. We shall see. A good Muslim should be patient and trust in Allah. I am trying very hard to be a good Muslim. I pray for patience, not necessarily the Emeritus ID as Allah knows best. Perhaps I am being tested but there are five reasons that Allah may test you and they are all good reasons.

How could I possibly complain about anything? Look at the wonderful gifts that Allah has bestowed upon me during my days in Abu Dhabi. All Praise to Allah.

Pictured are my Membership card and Welcome from the Louvre, the bag given to me upon my joining the Museum and the photo of the mummy tomb.

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