Morning Rituals Performed After A Night of Extreme Sleep; Typing Sleep in Search Engine of Blog Reveals June 25,2020 Wisdoms; A Repeat of Sleep Research from Blog; Grow Hair On Your Chest as Idiom and In Practice Revealed; Great Day Yesterday With Highlights; New Abaya Arrives; Made New Friends at JCC to Travel With; Expo 2020 Later; New Nickname for a Man; Girlfriend! Photo of Book and Reminder of Book

Faithful readers will know that I have established a new morning ritual. The night before the iPhone alarm is programed to 6:15, it then clamors, it is found and then turned off. The iPhone serves double duty as the weather app is checked to discover the hour of sunrise. It is determined, some chores performed if there is time. At sunrise I go outside on my patio, face East (I hope) and offer a morning prayer to Allah. It is not done in a supplicant position on a prayer rug, as required by men but standing with my hands outstretched. It is an eye opening experience (so to speak) as one becomes aware that the hour of sunrise (these days in this hemisphere) is getting later and later and later. When this ritual began it was 6:23, now it is 6:51. I understand this on an academic level but never experienced it so intimately. I do know that on December 21 it will go the other way and it will be earlier and earlier every morning. Such fun, in a weird way. From now until December 21 I will be able to sleep in.

Last night I slept for about twelve hours. Obviously I went to bed early, not to sleep necessarily but dozed off, woke about an hour later but just turned over and went back to sleep. Woke up several times during the night (so I would not wet the bed) but went back to sleep immediately. I am a very good sleeper – have some magical prescribed medication for rare sleepless nights but it is seldom used. I did remember that sleep had been a subject on previous blogs so went to the search engine and typed sleep and numbers blogs emerged. I love my blog engineering and daily praise my fabulous and fantastic Computer Guru who is also a dear friend and Allie although he lives in the UK and I live in California (at the present time). I suggest that you now go to the search engine and type sleep, briefly pursuing the multiple blogs that emerged I opened one – June 25,2020. At that particular time – living in San Francisco in total isolation due to the pandemic and my miserable living situation. By total isolation, I mean total isolation, never went out except for once a week grocery shopping and occasional doctor appointments and only communicated with then Personal Driver (who later became an evil force and his real name shall be revealed). The evil that he perpetuated in my life, he does in others, I am now convinced. But I shall now quote myself.

“This morning I awoke to a study on sleep, sleep is my speciality at the moment. .
“Researchers are discovering what William Shakespeare wrote is true: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on and our little life is rounded with sleep”. The study of sleep has made huge advances over the past few decades and we’re understanding more about the scientific value of a good night’s rest. We humans spend 36% of our lives sleeping–and new research explains why getting enough shut eye is essential to our physical and mental health during the other 64%.”
Some of the findings.
“Sleep cleans your brain. Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center discovered that while you sleep, your brain washes away toxins that contribute to the loss of brain function and Alzheimer’s disease. A study on mice shows a system in the brain similar to the lymphatic system that opens during sleep and flushes the brain with fluids to clear out toxic by-products of the day’s neural activity.”
This finding is particularly helpful today. “Scientists in Germany have proposed that a restful sleep gives your immune system time to store memories of infection so your body can build up defences to fight the same illnesses in the future. So when facing your next bout with a cold or flu, calling in sick and napping the day away might be even more beneficial than you think.”
So perform the exercise and read the June 25,2020 in its entirety – it will be good for you and perhaps it will help you grown hair on your chest. Now that strange expression just came to mind. So I will now Google it and enlighten you. It is a HUGE topic, taken very seriously. They even question whether or not women like men with hairy chests. Many women may actually prefer the bare-chested look, generally though I think women find a bit of chest hair quite manly and extremely sexy. With this in mind though, all body hair needs to be kept in check so grooming is key!” How absolutely bizarre. In case, any of you are wondering, I actually do not prefer the bare-chested look. It is a HUGE topic, look it up. There is a photograph of Burt Reynolds (in his younger days, of course) looking ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. Mouth-watering fantastic. Apparently older women prefer hairy chested men. Hmmmmm. I am older, that is for sure.

I was finally able to discover the topic as an idiom. “If you say that a drink or a type of food will put hairs on your chest, you mean that it is very strong or very good for you. Our parents thought the soup would put hairs on our chests. Note: This expression is used humorously.” Then also this definition: To make one stronger or more masculine. Typically said of something very pungent or strong in taste. For example, used in a conversation:
A: “These cough drops will clear you right up.” B: “Yeah and put my hair on chest, too! Ugh!”
Here, drink this up—it’ll put hairs on your chest!

You may not believe this, but my intention when beginning this blog was to be most serious. Discus yesterday, which was a profoundly awe-inspiring day due to experiences at Marin Jewish Community Center and then later back here, at the place where I live. Perhaps a few highlights will be mentioned:
A new Abaya arrived due to the efficiency of G.E.M. – one orders from the Internet, it arrives, is placed in a locker, you are informed with a code. Walk to the previously chaotic mail room, enter the code and up pops your purchase. The system in place but not operative under previous managers. THANK YOU GEM.
The abaya is grey with white trim. Most attractive, needs hemimng as too long and is too tight in the chest area, but can be worn open with something white under it. Have matching head scarf and it will match existing Jimmy Choo shoes.
My fabulous day at JCC will be mentioned in a subsequent blog. This is a highlight. Met a man and his wife who needed a towel. Gave them mine out of the generosity of my heart following a fast dry off. Then this conversation ensued:
Me: You have an accent. Where are you from?
He: Liverpool. I came to Marin twenty years ago, went back every year but have not been able to go because of the pandemic. But me and the Missus are going this year before Christmas.
Me: I lived in London for two and half years, planning to go back and visit. Perhaps we can travel and visit together?
He: Great idea! I will bring the towels!
Me: How could I trust you to bring the towels when you did not even bring them to JCC?

We will see each other again and I will get my towel back. He says that he and his wife will come back every day. If not, what is a towel between friends.

So I came back home, relaying the conversation to some one who is now preforming double duty and hence, will acquire a new nickname – Girlfriend! (I informed him of new nickname by email in the early hours of the morning).
Me: So I met this man and his wife and am thinking of going to the UK with them.
He: That is a good idea to travel with people.
Me: I usually travel alone but this sounds like fun. Then I will be less reliant on those who may, or may not, be there for me. My new friends will replace the old ones, if they are not around.
He: Yes, that is a good idea.
Me: Thanks! You have great ideas, like the one last Friday. Such good advice about the equestrian lessons and the side saddle. It made me laugh and, of course, I put it on the blog. It is funnier than I thought (and you could ever think). I will tell you why right now!

So I did. Then I said to Girlfriend!
Me: I am thinking that I will make reservations to go to Expo 2020 in January, leaving time for the UK visit.
He: Great idea!
Me: Yes, I checked into it. It is not that expensive, I can stay in the same hotel as I did when visiting in 2020. I can check to see if I can make reservations in steerage (commonly known as Economy) but upgrade later.
He: Great idea! A person of your fame should not be traveling Economy!
Me: Thank you. I shall call tomorrow or the next day. Lots of time but making the reservation will give me peace of mind. That is promised by Allah if one follows the faith.

Girlfriend! Is not of the faith, but knows a great deal about it because he had a Muslim best friend by the name of Amir. Girlfriend! looks eerily Arab, his hair, his eyes, his complexion.
He: People have always said that about me.
Me: Please take off your mask so I can see your nose.
He: OK
Me: My goodness! Even your nose is Arabic. It is most strange, the first Arab I ever encountered, my whole life. was in a modest hotel in London. In 2019. Saw a man in a dress and a scarf, said in my blog of the time. No idea who he was – knew he was a Sultan by his name tag, but did not know what that was, or where his country (or of its existence) at that time. I said: You are the most handsome man I have every seen! Well, it ended up that he was the Crown Prince of Dubai. Start at the top, I always say.
He: It had to happen for a reason!
Me: Well it did! It began a series of events, the culmination? I became a Muslim. It had nothing to do with him (the Sultan) as I called him. He had nothing to do with my conversion, well peripherally because I thought the Royal Family of Qatar where the Royal Family of Dubai. A ten year old said: “That’s my brother!” I did not know at the time that there was also a Crown Prince of Qatar. Saw the Crown Prince of Qatar strutting about at a family gathering – it was by video chat. It was amusing. My Princess was following behind him, imitating him. It was so funny!

Well good bye for now. What will my day entail. I am going to get gas, for the first time, in my Lexus. I texted Junior, so amazingly helpful.
Me: Need gas. Forgot how. Just poke the fuel door which is on the driver’s side? Thanks!
He: Driver’s side., but hit the door unlock button first. Then press it.
Me: Door unlock button, inside the car or outside the car.
He: Ok Fuel unlock door inside.
Me:Seek and Ye Shall Find. Gas tomorrow.
Me: If all else fails I shall do Damsel In Distress. Hahaha

Junior of Lexus of Marin is GREAT! He deserves a raise and a promotion, you Lexus people. I will also get the car washed at the same time.

Two photographs will accompany this blog. One, a book on Islam, I found to be most useful and a great introduction in book form which is easier than the Internet. The other of my desk – the cover of my book on Uncle Dave to remind myself of that. Too little time!

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