Waking Up to the Sound of Birds; Back to Sayyid Kahn on the Exhaled Position of Women in the Islamic Faith; Humour Straight From Andy With Trump As Target; Shame Heaped Upon Muslim Countries Whose Laws Do Not Honour the Islamic Faith; Alexis (Ayla) With Black Brows and Beautiful Hair

At this moment in time I wake up to the sound of birds, it is like music to my ears. No idea as to their brand or species as bird-watching is not (and never has been) one of my hobbies. It seems unusual that they are singing – I overlook a pool, jacuzzi and palm trees, there is a nearby freeway. But there are other trees, barren of leaves at the moment and nearby open space so they must be nesting there. The most rhapsodic place I lived was in London. Birds sang constantly – even all night. My apartment, with windows one could open wide, overlooked a courtyard which was huge and lined with trees, so it made sense that there were ample bird songs. Later discovered that bird songs were heard all night because the massive artificial lights of London made the birds think it was always daylight. I did occur to me at one point that there was a special species; The London Night time Warbler – as you can see I do have a vivid imagination.

Left London in March of 2017 and stayed for weeks at my cousin’s just outside Vancouver. It was such a difficult transition but made endurable as they was a bevy of bird calls outside the open window in the morning. But then remained in Vancouver – no bird songs from the permanently closed windows of the 19th floor of the Trump International Hotel on West Georgia and then bird songs from my apartment on Richards Street. There were only sea gulls and they do not make pretty songs. Then next to San Francisco – no bird songs from my third floor windows – crows were the only birds there and they make horrible sounds as well. So I am happy, happy, happy to have my birds back. It is one more element that makes me believe that I am actually in Paradise now, not on earth. But I do know better, know that this is earth as I am surrounded by mere mortals. I have become reclusive – yesterday saw only the Wonderful Maintenance Man who came to fix my washing machine. He is a mortal but so reliable, cheerful, dependable and helpful that he may be, just may be, almost a God. He services many of these apartments – 180 someone said – but call the man and he is there! We laugh together, a great deal, when he comes to rescue me. I feel protected being reclusive, it seems that Allah has removed mere mortals from my existence as they were proving most disappointing.

This does get us back to the role of women in the Islamic faith. The day of the jab spoke to CGIHS about women’s role,
He: Yes Muslim women are most respected in the faith.
Me: Yes! Most respected but at the same time, most protected.
He: That is so true – we Muslim men must protect our treasures.
Me: I see that! Besides we have an easier relationship with Allah. We are encouraged to pray when our agenda allows it. Men must go to the mosque and pray at designated times.
One feels so special – to be a woman in the Islamic faith. The Western media has it so wrong!

Andy strikes again but then back to Kahn, I promise. Now, yet again this is absolutely hilarious.
Shortly after the sentencing of Nicolas Sarkozy, Donald J. Trump issued a statement claiming that prison time for the ex-President of France sets a “horrible precedent. ”In the statement, Trump called the corruption case against Sarkozy a “rigged hoax” and claimed that the former French leader was being treated “very unfairly.” The humour only continues: “This should never be allowed to happen in that country,” he Trump said that he was currently mulling options to help Sarkozy, including running for President of France himself in order to issue its ex-President a pardon.Reacting to the statement, the current French President, Emmanuel Macron, said that the most remarkable thing was that Trump spelled both “President” and “precedent” correctly.”

The Alexis McBride Guide to Humour tells you this: It is the final sentence when President Macron comments upon the remark ability of Trump being able to spell two words correctly, that makes all laugh. It is utterly surprising, catching one off guard- that is the essence of comedy.

Here he did it again beginning with this. Donald J. Trump will use his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend to announce that he has won the 2024 Presidential election.According to leaked text from his cpac speech, Trump will claim that he won the 2024 election in a landslide and “everybody knows it.”

Yet again – the ultimate humour in the last sentence Trump will further state that any attempt to allege that the year 2024 has not arrived yet and is, in fact, not scheduled to occur until three years from now is “a rigged hoax.“This should never be allowed to happen in our country,” he will assert. Asked whether he would support Trump’s contention that the year 2024 is not three years away, Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, said, “If he said that? Of course.”

But I have been dangerously side-tracked. These words from Sayyid Khan. “Now consider how women are honoured in Muslim law, and how their rights and how their rights and authority have been conceded to be equal to those of men. Upon reaching adulthood women assumes the same authority as men as is qualified to enter into a contract, she has the authority to marry and like a man marriage cannot take place without her consent. She is the owner and controller of personal property with full authority over it. She can purchase anything that she wants with her wealth or sell anything she wishes. She can both sue and be sued. Like a man she can give, will or donate any kind of inheritance. “ Most importantly, says Alexis, “she receives the same rewards or punishments for her behaviour on Judgment Day”. “There is no special restriction placed upon a woman that is not placed upon a man, except that which she has taken upon herself in terms of the wedding contract, or the restriction relating to her private parts of her body that differ by nature by man’s. “

Kahn goes on to make this powerful statement: “Yet there is no doubt that the condition of women in the developed countries is many levels better than that of Muslim women and women of Muslim countries, although the situation ought to be the reverse.”

Again Khan asserts: “Doubtless, as far as we know, considerable progress is being made in areas on those particulars regarding women, in the advanced countries, But in Muslim countries there is no progress in this areas and in India there are perpetuated such unworthy and humiliating events that one can only cry out, “May God have Mercy on us!”

Khan ends profoundly; “Therefore, this is not the time to for us to ignore these truths and delay correcting our conduct or to fail to show by the light of our behaviour that Islam is an enlightened religion.”

Need I remind all who read this blog that this was written in 1870 and most, if not all, Muslim countries have ignored these truths and delayed correcting their conduct. Shame on you!!!! Shame on you!!!

The photographs are of me, today was a Kim day and I was blown dry, my hair trimmed, my make up applied. She has also met my dire needs in another way. I shall have a house cleaner and a young computer savvy student to help me with the innards of my computer. It is so needed, as I am so inept and Chris, the computer guru, so far away! All shall be well. All Praise to Allah.

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