An Admission; Now Being Steeped in the Politics of the United States of America – Particularly As Seen Through the Eyes of the New Yorker; Waking Up to Me (on Blog); A Promise Not Delivered (As Yet); Neither Car or Husband to Take in For Long Overdue Service; Another New Yorker Article Written About the Pandemic; Photographs of Apartment and Me After Blow Dry; Drivel Defined

Well, the title says it all, I do admit that I am now being steeped in the Politics of the United States of America – particularly as seen through the eyes of the New Yorker whose brilliant and timely articles pop up on my computer at regular intervals. Faithful readers will know that the Middle East occupied a great deal of my time and attention – Al Jazeera my ‘go to’ place – but no longer, for many reasons, some of which are deeply personal (and rather sad).

So the Middle East does play a part in it all, as will be shown. But at this precise moment the attention is focused on Iran and the mess that we are in. This title caught my eye, quickly scanned the article and this sentence stood out: “ In principle, the United States is again committed to inclusive international diplomacy. Yet, in practice, Trump so rattled the global order and unravelled its institutions that the damage endures after he is gone.”

Oh, so true!

Then a description of the horrors Trump evoked. “The case of Iran is most illustrative. Trump set in motion a cascading set of events to destroy the Iran accord—not unlike the centrifuges that spin enriched uranium to fuel a bomb.” The writing is powerful and we do know that what contained is fact checked, not some drivel passed on by lazy journalists. Drivel is nonsense, with the most evocative synonyms: twaddle, claptrap, balderdash, gibberish, mumbo jumbo ;rubbish; rot, tommyrot, poppycock, phooey, hot air, eyewash, piffle, garbage, tripe, waffle, bosh, bull, bunk, blah, hogwash, baloney, codswallop, cock, stuff and nonsense, tosh, double Dutch; bullocks, bullshit, bulldust. Certainly Fox News is an example of employing folks that specialize in hogwash, codswallop, bullocks and bulldust; but also CNN constantly turning out largely unexamined ‘news’, barren of analysis. Oops, read this: “Iran now has twelve times the amount of enriched uranium permitted by the accord.” This sentence summarizes the present situation: The scope of the U.S. diplomatic damage and Iran’s scientific advances during the Trump era is now sinking in. De-escalation looks daunting, even though Washington and Tehran share the goal of resuscitating the first major diplomatic deal between them since the 1979 revolution and the seizure of fifty-two American hostages.” And then this, which speaks of giving candies to little kids: “As the Biden Administration tries to revive the nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (J.C.P.O.A.), Iranian officials insist that they will not be duped again. “There’s a feeling of betrayal in Tehran,” Hadian told me. “We gave up all our capabilities in the J.C.P.O.A. and got nothing in return.” He compared the new U.S. overtures to giving candies to little kids.” This last paragraph summarizes the situation perfectly: As Tehran ramps up its nuclear program, Republicans are simultaneously accusing the White House of selling out America’s security. Diplomacy with Iran is now a political football in Washington, too. Biden is “already making concessions” to reënter a “flawed Iran deal,” the Texas congressman Michael McCaul, the ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said in a statement. Echoing Trump, McCaul said, “We need to secure a better deal” against “the full range of Iran’s malign threats.” Pressure is sure to mount further. Whatever the intentions of either Washington or Tehran, diplomacy is not getting off to a good start. The danger over time is that it will devolve into a Shakespearean tragedy.”

The author of this searing article is a woman, Robin Wright, the title that caught my eye was: Will Biden’s Iran Diplomacy Become a Shakespearean Tragedy? If you want to read the article in its entirety here is the link:

Do need to admit that perhaps I made a a promise upon which I may not deliver. The promise was to speak of Sayyid Khan, exploring his wisdom concerning the Rights of Women within the Islamic world comparing that with the Western World (Great Britain) in 1871, but then woke up planning to write and got distracted. Woke after a major hibernation of some ten and a half hours. I have become one of the world’s best sleepers, if there was a gold medal for sleeping I would get it. I am so thankful for this ability and thank Allah every morning. No alarm, just wake up when it is time (or, in order to NOT wet the bed.) Checked the phone to find the blog was posted, emailed Chris.

Me: It was a joy to wake up to my blog!

Then, a little later, sent a text to cousin.

Me: Blog is up and I good read I think. Thank you for your positive contributions. I did of course protect your anonymity.
Me: Today is blow dry day with Apple Watch instruction and make-up by Kim. I do love Kim my stylish – she is most versatile!
She: Will read later! Making breakfast and then taking the car for a long overdue service.
Me: Good girl!! Great to have neither a car nor a husband to take in for long overdue service. Hahaha

I was going to write blog but got side-tracked by reading a rather remarkable (and intellectual) entry offered (again) by The New Yorker. It was written by a woman with the complicated name of Siddartha Mukherjee. The attention grabbing article to be released on March 1, 2021 in version. printed is entitled Why Does the Pandemic Seem to Be Hitting Some Countries Harder Than Others? A vast collection of statistics and personal stories from all over the world. But I do fear that Mukherjee was paid by the word – it was so lengthly that even I, with the greatest concentration in the world in the morning, did not get to the end. It was too tiring to be read in one sitting. If you do not believe me, here is the link

Then off to the blow dry with Kim who also performed eye make-up duty and taught be how to use my iWatch. What would I do without that talented woman, who was responsible for my living in this apartment complex, that I love, only two blocks from her hair salon. She also gave me cookies and a lemon or two or three.

Home to write blog, a short visit with my seven year old neighbour, meet another woman who has been living here for an entire year.

The photographs are somewhat varied. One is a scene from my home – a flower arrangement, the screen, a container delivered from my former sensei and a small framed photo – once to painful to be viewed but not now. The other photographs are of me – after blow dry and make up by Kim. Come to think of it she is a photographer as well. Best she be tipped generously. Hahaha.

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