Yesterday Was One of the Happiest Days of My Life; Wonderful News of the 90% Effectiveness of the COVID-19 Vaccine; Great Views of the Bay Eating Donuts; A Moribund Fisherman’s Wharf; Buena Vista Open For Business, Such Fine Food and Drink; Memories of Brunch at Buena Vista in 1979; Observing Men Under the Protection of a Head Scarf; Photos From Lunch; Statistics Which Startle

Woke up to wonderful news from Al Jazeera, the best news ever!! “Pfizer Inc says its experimental COVID-19 vaccine is more than 90 percent effective, a major victory in the fight against a pandemic that has killed more than a million people, battered the world’s economy, and upended daily life.
Pfizer and German partner BioNTech SE are the first drugmakers to release successful data from a large-scale clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine. The companies said they have so far found no serious safety concerns and expect to seek US authorisation this month for emergency use of the vaccine for people aged 16 to 85.”

It was a study – a clinical trial with a control group who were given a placebo – so it is a scientific fact. It shall be soon published with peer review in scientific journal. The most effective vaccine ever was for measles – a 95% effective rate. So to say the very least, that is amazing. So all of this may soon be over. PHEW!!!! COVID-19 did totally change and alter my life, there is no question about it – in wonderful ways. All of the professionals in my life agree. I did not suffer from any economic downturns because of my retirement income – which was, of course, unaffected.

So after digesting this very good news it was time of polish off my blog and send it off to Chris. Then got dressed because Personal Driver was coming – first it was chores, a fantastic donut and then a ride to Fisherman’s Wharf where the plan was to have lunch, fresh fish. Fish permissible in the Islamic faith. We stopped to drink in the view of the Bay – Golden Gate Bridge to the left, Marin in the distance, Alcatraz – the whole shebang. It was a spot known by PD from his years of driving cab and showing tourists the ropes. It was a sunny beautiful day – we drank our coffee and ate out doughnuts and gazed out the window. Such heaven.

But then there was a surprise in store for us. Fisherman’s Wharf is totally deserted – all of the many restaurants are closed and shuttered. One word describes it – Moribund whose synonyms are n decline, waning, dying, stagnating, stagnant, crumbling, on its last legs. ANTONYMS flourishing. There are a few small shops open but very few. It was eerie to say the very least almost as eerie as downtown San Francisco is this days – its hotels boarded up except for the ones where the homeless now live.

But fear not! Lo and Behold the Buena Vista was open so we could sit outside on a covered deck and eat, drink and be merry. I had a crab cocktail which was absolutely delicious with sourdough bread and butter. PD has the fish and chips. The waiter was efficient and charming – nothing could be better. PD took photos and they shall be attached to the blog.

I wore a color coordinated head scarf had a repeat performance of an experience had in Dubai, the last night I was there. I was wearing a head scarf for the first time. I sat back, felt protected and aloof in my head scarf and was able to objectively assess the men around me and see what louses they were and realize that I wanted nothing to do with them – no conversation, not anything. So yesterday .PD was off feeding the parking meter when two man arrived and sat at an adjacent table. I could hear snatches of their conversation. It was clear that they were two men I wanted nothing to do with. They were arrogant, humorless, and probably trying to scam each other. It was a conversation about business and they were both bragging about themselves. Without the head scarf I might begin to joke with them but not in my protected and aloof state. Believe me, I should have been wearing a head scarf before – I would not have become involved with some of the men I met in my life. I do laugh! PD and I discussed the matter upon his return and during the ride back to my apartment. We did, of course, laugh about it. An early bedtime with some research done on the Islamic path – there is a great deal to learn, it is most fascinating spanning centuries.

Woke up to an email from computer guru Chris who deftly provided me was statistics about blog readers. It totally blew my mind. In the last seven days 681 visitors made 4,367 visits. In the last thirty days 3,862 visitors made 19,678 visits. Called PD to inform him (he by the way he does not read the blog).

Me: It is a strange feeling. It feels like I am being eaten alive.

He: Rally?

Me: Really. But somehow I keep doing it, keep writing every morning. .Well, almost every morning, sometimes a take a day off – once in the past almost four years of writing this took five days off.

Photos follow. Me in head scarf, color coordinated with coat. A sign on the outside deck which says: “The space between us is love”. The other a poster of the Buena Vista, also on the outdoor deck.

While there a sudden happy memory of the Buena Vista. I became a citizen of these United States in in 1979. Well wishers attended the swearing in ceremony and then it was off to the Buena Vista for brunch – a long time ago. One of the well wishers was a man whose name was Alla (which was sort for Aladdin). Allah plays a far different role in my life of today. Alla is dead but not Allah. I do chuckle.

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