A Conversation with Hamden Another with Fake Fazza Both Taking Place Via Pinterest; The Desperation of Taking An Identity Not Your Own; The Desperation of Needing Hundreds of Admirers; Pandemonium, Tasty and Abhor Defined

Pinterest informed me that a man by the name of Hamden bin Mohammad wanted to communicate with me. His name was accompanied by a photo of the Sultan (aka Fazza) (aka the Crown Prince of Dubai. The following exchange took place.
He: Hello
Me: Hi back I guess
He: How are you doing?
Me: Good – you would know if you read my blog alexismcbride.com it is free and people all over the world read it including 267 readers in the UAE and 343 in Qatar. 4 in Saudi Arabia. It is the truth
Me: I converted to the Islamic faith. Muhammed says that I should have nothing to do with liars – so if you are not Hamden do me the courtesy of going away. 10 days a Muslim but I catch on quick.

It is true, Allah is very clear that one should not have anything to do with liars and treacherous people – the Quran says not to associate with them at all. The Islamic faith makes so much sense and does make everyday life a great deal easier if one follows the rules. It serves as a great comeback for people like the most likely phoney Hamdan. I do laugh thinking:
Me: What if it really is him?
Alter Ego: It would be funny! But I am sure that I shall never hear from him again.

What is also amusing is that somebody called Fazza is also attempting to communicate with me on Pinterest. Again with a picture of the real thing. Our conversation took a different note.
He: Hello
Me: Who are you anyway?
He: Who are me. Is that a good manner of approach
Me: not sure what you are saying. For an accomplished poet you can be quite unclear.
Me: and an articulate English speaker as I have spoken with you
He: (sends hearts)
Me: I think I will report your lying rear end to Pinterest.
They exist in SF. By the way
Thank goodness no more silly hearts. I scared you, you fake
You are in such trouble. You deserve it
Me: such a relief no hearts .
Me: You deserve punishment. Your faith insist that you respect me and you do no
He: (sometime later) Fool Great fool Wonderful fool
Me: I am not a fool but I am wonderful.

So what sort of person takes on the identity of someone else to communicate with a real person? Assuming again that it is not really Fazza that I am communicating with. One might feel sorry for poor Fazza with people stealing his identity but such pity is misplaced. Fazza has an almost psychotic desire to be admired and prides himself on the number of Instagram followers he has as well as his network which he (in former times) filled with videos of himself. My advice to him is to get off Instagram, announcing that he has and stop using Youtube for his videos. Is he going to do that? Absolutely not! And what does he do with all of the admirers he accumulates? It is essential that he reject them so that the poor under socialized souls be free to establish a real relationship with a real man. I do admit that at one point I was trapped in his web but I am not under socialized and had real relationships with real men. His love poems were directed at everyone – not me, I came to that realization. That behaviour on his part is evil and he should be punished. But I guess that is up to Allah, who else can punish him as he is a Ruler in his own country. Well his father perhaps, the Ruler of Dubai, but who is he to punish anyone considering his proven kidnapping and abducting of his two daughters. So it is up to Allah to punish them both – would not want to be either of them on Judgment Day. They are both Muslims but not really – there are believers, non-believers and hypocrites. They are hypocrites and good things do not happen to them in the afterlife. A Muslim must believe in the afterlife – it is one of the pillars of the faith. There is such arrogance amongst the rich Middle East Muslims. I know many, actually and I know arrogance when I see it. Allah abhors arrogance. Abhor: detest, hate, loathe, despise, abominate, execrate, regard with disgust, shrink from, recoil from, shudder at, be unable to bear, be unable to abide, feel hostility/aversion to, find intolerable, dislike, disdain, have an aversion to. Antonym: love, admire, delight in.
Offhand I do not think it a good idea to have Allah detest, hate, loathe, disdain and have an aversion to you. That is rather obvious actually but not to the arrogant.

A wonderful surprise yesterday. Eric of See Saw Seen delivered my new glasses to my home at the end of the day – was not that darling? His store is on Gough Street so I could have walked but he took pity on me. I think I am going to stop wearing glasses as they just fog up with the face mask. Goodness knows how many pair of glasses I have but someday – not soon – we perhaps may not have to wear face masks.

Well, we know one thing for sure – Mayor Breed and Health Director Colfax do not read my blog (or take it seriously). Announcement that there will be ‘pauses due to uptics in COVID cases. The optic is minuscule – read SFGate of today. So it will be indoor pools, gym locker rooms, expanding places of worship, and museums to 50%. That makes no sense at all and is sheer stupidity. The virus is not spread in water and one has to trace where the new cases come from. The lack of science is appalling, absolutely appalling. But people are acting like sheep – people include the SF YMCA folks. I belonged and did water aerobics because of my knee and an incidental boost to my immune system. So Breed and Colfax are taking steps to lower people’s immune system by increasing stress, restricting needed exercise. So people will rebel with lowered immune systems that this will never go away. I was talking to myself today:
Me: This pandemonium is never going away.
Me(again) Alexis it is pandemic not pandemonium Laughter!

It is a wild and noisy disorder or confusion. Its synonyms are: chaos, mayhem, uproar, madness, havoc, turmoil, tumult, commotion, confusion, disorder, anarchy, furore, frenzy, clamour, din, hubbub, hue and cry, babel, rumpus, fracas, hurly-burly, maelstrom;

Come to think of it the words can be used interchangeably. The pandemic, particularly as practiced in San Francisco, is madness havoc, turmoil, confusion, disorder, frenzy, clamour, din and rumpus.

Homeless crowd the streets of downtown San Francisco not wearing face masks. Entry to the expensive hotels that they habitate at the present time could be denied if they did not wear masks. Now that would do something about the slight uptic in cases. But NO – so responsible and safe people pay the price of the irresponsible – cannot go to museums, places of worship, or indoor pools when that has nothing whatsoever to do with the spread of the disease. All I can do is stay safe and amuse myself which bolsters my immune system.

Got an email from my Computer Guru Chris commenting on the framed nude in the bathroom which decorates the October 30, 2020 blog.
He: Very tasteful
Me: That’s me. Hahahaha Very tasteful and tasty. West Indian

Tasty is delicious, palatable, luscious, mouth-watering, delectable, toothsome, succulent, juicy, dainty; appetizing, inviting, tempting; piquant, pungent, spicy, flavoursome, flavourful, full-flavoured; scrumptious, yummy, scrummy, finger-licking, delish, yum-yum; ambrosial
That was me before the pandemic – I was toothsome, tempting, inviting, scruptious, yummy, scummy and delish. But not any more, and not for months. Oh Well!

The photograph is depicts my Quran. The pink stickies mark pages that I will be quoting on this blog. British informal

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