The Rise and Fall of Multibillionaire Number Two; He of Muslim Faith But In Many Ways Not So And Violates the Faith; Well Not To The Extent of the Ruler of Dubai and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia; Burgeon and Entrance Defined

I stumbled onto a video of the second multibillionaire in my life – portraying him at Mecca. It was seen before and commented upon in this blog speaking of his apparent devotion – saying such could not be faked. But things have diametrically changed, now he is seen in a far different light. My evolving perspective about him due to my evolving knowledge of the Islamic faith.

The man in question is the Sultan, (aka Fazza) (aka Crown Prince of Dubai) met at a rather ordinary hotel in London in November 2019. He walked into the hotel lobby in a dress and a scarf (his Arab garb) I walked over, said he was the most handsome man I had ever seen, showed him my blog. No idea who he was, he had a name tag around his neck that said Sultan. Did not know what a Sultan was – googled it wrote about it on the blog offering to be his London wife as he could have more than one wife, Two days later he spoke to me in the hotel lobby informing me that he was the Sultan. I read the blog to him in which I proposed. We both laughed and had a delightful conversation. The blog is full of him as you shall see if you type Sultan into the search engine. It can correctly be said that he broke my heart, I never saw him again despite spending a week in Dubai.

There is a Fazza network, he Is all over Instagram, there are more than 500 videos of him (apparently) on the various networks. I was most entranced to say the very least – there was direct/indirect contact which is largely inexplicable. The videos show him at formal events, graduations of police academies etc, many of his travels throughout the world and many of him preforming athletic and dare devil endeavours. He is often dressed in gym shorts showing his fine legs, his muscular chest emphasized in tight t-shirts and occasionally no shirt at all. All designed to drive women crazy and many women tell them they love him. The majority are practically illiterate. Hypnotic music accompanies the videos and still shots – the music involuntarily comes to mind. You Will Always Be My Baby is one that replays involuntarily. It seems rather like mind control, but to what ends?

The more I learned about the Islamic faith, the more the doubts grew. One simple example is that both men and women are to cover their legs and arms when in public – women are to wear head scarfs as well. So all of the videos and photos of him in gym shorts, in tight short sleeved T-shirts (or no shirt at all) is absolutely contrary to the faith. He also ‘specializes’ in love poetry – but romantic love is unknown by followers of the faith. Marriages are arranged by families, both the man and the woman are to be virgins when they wed. The Crown Prince did marry – he and two brothers were married to cousins in May 2019. So why is he pouring his heart out in times prior and aft? My knowledge of the Islamic faith burgeoned in March of 2019. Burgeon’s meaning: begin to grow or increase rapidly, flourish. Its synonyms are: increase rapidly/exponentially, expand, spring up, shoot up, swell, explode, boom, mushroom, proliferate, snowball, multiply, become more numerous, escalate, rocket, skyrocket, run riot, put on a spurt; flourish, thrive, prosper
This happened when it was accurately reported (using the rulings of a High Court in London) that the Ruler of Dubai had kidnapped and abducted two of his daughters and grievously mistreated his sixth wife. I questioned Personal Driver (who is a Muslim).
Me; Does your faith condone such actions?
He: Absolutely NOT. The Islamic faith honours and respects women above all.

Later this was confirmed by reading a book given to me by Personal Driver’s son. “Islam encourages the husband to treat his wife well, as the Prophet Mohammed said “The best among you are those who are best to your wives”.
I definitely would not want to be the Ruler of Dubai on Judgment Day. There is no hope for him (or the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia). None – unless a Messenger speaks to them and they Repent, Believe and Perform a Charitable Act. Do I think that will happen with these two Rulers – absolutely no way. They are both incapable. They are both transgressing tyrants – the Pharaoh
Was named as such in the Quran.A Messenger was sent to Egypt to warn the community, none listened and got drowned. But, interestingly the Pharaoh’s Wife became a believer and went to Paradise.

What do I think will happen to the Sultan? Not sure, but some things I know due to my extensive exposure to Islam. A messenger may be sent to him, telling him that he needs to follow the faith or be zapped. Zapped is not a word in the Quran, by the way. Then he has a chance to Repent, Believe and Perform a Charitable Act. His father is a lost cause, but perhaps he is not.
However, it seems to me that he will also have to abdicate his position and make way for one of his brothers. Will he do so? I rather doubt it as he has been shown to be a coward and it would take bravery and courage to perform that act. .

But I have figured out a way for him to do it. Follow in the footsteps of the Duke of Windsor who abdicated for the “Woman I Love”. The Sultan would be seen as a true hero and admired throughout the world. It could also, in an interesting way, bring peace in the Middle East. More about that later. But this is a conversation between Personal Driver and Alexis McBride, that took place several months ago. (Even before the pandemic)
Me: So what would happen if he actually came here? I withdraw he comes on. It is a sick game. I would say: “How can I trust you?”
PD: Good question. How could you?
Me: Well, he might say: “Alexis, I left my country for you! How can you say that?”
PD: That is a good answer.
Me: True! But what I would say then is this: “I hope you got away with a lot of money!
PD: That is so funny! But Alexis, you do not care about money.
Me: True, but it is funny and it would lighten things up. And I am funny.

So, even in the midst of despair, (back then) I can laugh and joke about things. I am most adept at that and my humour does entrance people. Entrance has such powerful synonyms: captivate, enchant, entrance, enrapture, charm, beguile, delight, fascinate, enthral, seduce, ravish, spellbind, hold spellbound. All of those wonderful words are apt. It is my sense of humour, which Is inherited. Paradoxically from my quite horrible parents but thanks Mom and Dad.

My promised statistics will be attached, Faint and die, particularly the ones in the Middle East to be discussed in a subsequent blog. I barely knew where the Middle East was ,until November 2019. How strange one’s life can become when there occurs a casual encounter.

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