News, Actually Good News, Received After the Initial Blog Was Written; Trump Blogs Something Positive; San Francisco Now Orange; Possible New Political Party; Rosetta Stone Face Mask; Not Lovin Dubai: More Fires; Rudeness and Disrespect from High Ranking Family Members: Strict Grannies Lauded; Dress With Matching Face Mask

This from Al Jazeera, my very favourite free and impartial network. “Observers of US elections often talk of an “October Surprise” – the unexpected event or revelation that reshapes the campaign in its final days.But few would have predicted the announcement that came early on Friday: President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania tested positive for COVID-19. It followed news that Trump’s top aide, Hope Hicks, had tested positive for the virus a day earlier.
Two days earlier, Hicks travelled to Cleveland for the first of the presidential debates along with a large number of senior White House and campaign officials, as well as most of the Trump family.So, what will this mean for the crucial November 3 elections?” As usual fantastic coverage from Al Jazeera, go to their website. One rather amusing article, not yet read, is entitled Shock, sympathy, mockery: World reacts to Trump infection. But the funniest statement in the article has to be this one: “One user darkly joked that Trump had finally tweeted something positive.” Coverage shows a shaky Trump (with face mask finally) climbing on board a helicopter to go to Walter Reed Hospital. Do I feel sorry for him? No, he was heedlessly irresponsible and is paying the price.

The rest of the blog was written prior to the news of Trump getting what he deserved, It was most posted as the day was spent reading the Quran, much progress made. The good news in that morning’s email is that, somehow: “ San Francisco announced its move into the orange tier in California’s colour-coded reopening schedule Tuesday, paving the way for the city’s restaurants to begin opening indoor dining — with capacity restrictions — on Sept. 30. For a county to move into the red tier, it must report fewer than seven daily cases per 100,000 residents and a test positivity under 8% for 14 consecutive days. The orange tier requires fewer than 3.9 cases per 100,000 and a test positivity under 4.9% and the yellow less than 1 case per 100,000 and lower than 2% positivity.” What does all this mean Governor of California.??? The colour coded system is basic bullshit dictated by Gavin the Governor, who I will suggest is even more of a fool than Trump. Trump, at least, does not get into colour coding. (He is probably colour blind, look at his hair) One has to have some respect for Trump – a man who does not arbitrary assign colour coding and thinks this will make some difference. Synonyms describe the Gavin the Governor: capricious, whimsical, random, chance, erratic, unpredictable, inconsistent, wild, hit-or-miss, haphazard, casual; unmotivated motiveless, unreasoned, unreasonable, unsupported, irrational, illogical, groundless, unjustifiable, unjustified, wanton; discretionary, personal, subjective. Well The California Governor is not exactly unmotivated, he thinks his ridiculous leadership will make him a party candidate in the Democratic Party, and he well may, knowing the Democrats. He might just succeed and then fail to any, and all, Republicans. Lame, the Democrats can be lame. Republicans immoral but if given a choice I would choose immoral as there is at least a hope of redemption. I am watching Borgen on Netflix, she formed s a new party in Denmark that prevails in a hotly contested election. . I could form a new party,( sort of), but I cannot be President as I was born in Canada. It would be good for those living in the US of A , perhaps an exemption could be made based on years of residency????? There could be an alteration in the Constitution, stay tuned.

Another email from the British Museum. I can get a face mask of the Rosetta Stone. Such a clever Idea!! I can send off for one but perhaps I will go to London and just pick one up. They also offer, hand sanitizers picturing the Wave. How terribly clever, everyone jumping on board trying to make money off human misery.

Now the third email rather boggles the mind. It comes from a source called Lovin Dubai, which, by the way, I ABSOLUTELY do not.” Now trending, it says. 9 Brilliant Things To Do in Dubai! Well, dears, first of all how would anyone get there as your airlines is barely operative, but suppose I go there. The tenth brilliant thing for me would be a helicopter ride to the prison where Princess Faya was destined but saved by her son holding onto her leg. The Ruler of Dubai was roundly criticized on this blog after the release, on March 5, 2019 findings of the Law Courts of London. The Ruler of Dubai is not known for his love of independent women and I am one, so I shall definitely stay clear of his jurisdiction. So I say to Dubai – No Thanks. I think I will cling to my safety here in the United States. It seems Dubai is out of touch with reality. Good bye Dubai. More about the Crown Prince of Dubai later, not positive, I fear.

Here in San Francisco, we are back in a mess, with the damn fires. This one is Napa and is the Glass Fire, where in the world do they come up with these names???? Please send in the locusts apparently this will get this it all over with. I have taken the utmost of precautions, I shall be fine. Do not worry! “Flooded with smoke from multiple California fires, air quality across the Bay Area deteriorated overnight with many areas experiencing unhealthy levels.Smoke model simulations reveal copious amounts of smoke from the August Complex and North Complex in the far north being pushed by northerly winds toward the Bay Area and joining the toxic air cloud produced by the Glass Fire in the North Bay, according to the National Weather Service

My (otherwise) personal life, some of which is not reported, due to the fact that the father of the many children quietly and respectfully requested that they not be included on the blog. It was subtle, obeyed by Alexis (aka Alya), willingly. Things fell apart recently as the is Undisciplined Children haunt my life – here are some of the messages received from them in the past two days – I quote from them . They are disrespectful, undeserved as I have been loving toward them, MOREOVER they are in violation of every tenant of the Muslim religion, Here they go:

You know what I am so disappointed in you because you don’t want to talk on Squad. I will not talk to you anymore.
Fyou Old Lady I will never speak to you again. You are a mother fking train wreck
Go to hell lady
Shut the f**k up
Leave you piece of shit
Screw you
You know I loved you and did just want you want.
Just leave
That outburst, that temper tantrum was all because I refuse to be on Squad which is tremendously intrusive – forty-nine notifications in one day. I may be the most popular person in the Middle East but I do not want that, particularly as many Squad adherents are rude and disrespectful. I have apparently become some sort of toy that bored adolescents like to play with, go get a ball or some other object.

There was a response on my part to all of these allegations and name calling. . This is an arrogant individual. The Quran insists that the Arrogant are not favoured and will go to the Fire, the warm place, not Paradise.

Another in the same family lied, the lie discovered and the perpetrator admonished. Her response:
You are a bully and tough
So do not talk to me again
To this person I responded:
Me; No problem! Allah commands do not associate with liars and hypocrites and you are both.
The conversation went on.
Me; I am not a bully, by the way merely honest.
And this word of wisdom.
Me: Allah says repent, believe and do charitable acts. This does not include shopping, by the way.

As can be discerned, I am strict and most tuff to a group of people who do call me Granny. Good Grannies discipline their grandchildren teaching them manners and respect for elders. Recent developments have shown me speaking with the first individual who was needlessly cruel to me. We may work something out, but not counting on it. Too much money, too much power, too little guidance by parents who seem NOT to take responsibility for their children. Shame on them.
The photograph pictures the dress and matching face mask to be worn tomorrow for the trip to Marin for a blow dry, some shopping and lunch. When you are hot, you are hot, when you are not, you are not.

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