So Funny From Computer Guru; Sodden Thoughts on Newsom; But Then Being Cheerful About a Day in Marin; A Nightmare With Possible Meaning; An Islamic Marriage Contract; The Importance of Taking Care of Oneself: Gist and Reprehensible and Newt Defined; A Fabulous Photograph Taken By Alexis McBride

I sent the photo of the delicious food prepared by Personal Driver’s Wife with the following comment Yummy to the Tummy! He wrote back:
He: OMG! Please put it in my mouth! X
Me: It was so, so good! If we go to Qatar we will have to bring her to cook for us. You will get so fat. Hahahaha In the meantime she is here with her husband bringing me the food. Air quality horrible but ocean breeze coming in. What a mess!

One has to keep up one’s spirits. Will not report on Newsom’s tricks – on and off watch list. He has the intelligence of a newt. What is a newt? It is a a small slender-bodied amphibian with lungs and a well-developed tail, typically spending its adult life on land and returning to water to breed.I wonder if Newson’s children were conceived in a swimming pool or hot tub. I can be so cruel. Not sure if he has any children, by the way and do not care enough to Google. What he does to people with his indecision and lack of science is reprehensible. – its definition is deserving censure or condemnation. Its synonyms are: disgraceful, discreditable, despicable, blameworthy, culpable, wrong, bad, shameful, dishonorable, objectionable, opprobrious, repugnant, inexcusable, unforgivable, indefensible, unjustifiable; criminal, sinful, scandalous, iniquitous; formal exceptionable. ANTONYMS praiseworthy. I am shocked that no one confronts him but that is not my problem in many ways. I shall move onto other things as it is necessary to keep up one’s spirts. It appears that nothing can be done at this time.

Yesterday was a most productive day – hours were spent in Marin. Marin is almost ‘normal’ and except for face masks it is rather like pre pandemic days. I got a blow dry (not a blow job). Then was able to get my phone back in operation which gave me a very good feeling. Went to my storage facility, retrieved my air conditioner lending it to Personal Driver for his use. I do not seem to need it in my San Francisco apartment. Then it was off to Andy’s Market for a marvelous egg salad sandwich accompanied by conversations about the Islamic faith and an uncomfortable situation. We agreed on a solution which I attempted to put in action but the situation might prove impossible to solve.

Here is the gist of it. Gist is essence, substance, central theme, heart of the matter, nub, kernel, marrow, meat, burden, crux; thrust, drift, sense, meaning, significance, import; informal nitty-gritty. The nitty-gritty is that one has to care of oneself before once can take care of anyone else. It is essential. Unfortunately most women do not do this and give into the demand of others when they are depleted. It does not work – they are exhausted and cannot give. I asserted myself, insisting on privacy rather than cater to the whims of others. One was a legitimate pleas for assistance but it needed to wait, for a little while so that I could write this blog which is what I do to take care of myself (in a strange way). The individual understood and will receive my attention later.

This was a strange morning. I had a bad dream, a nightmare I guess. I was crossing a road at a crosswalk and a car hit me – or was about to. No impact but it was clear that nothing could be done. Needless to say I was happy to wake up in the nick of time. I preformed a dream analysis – something done for years. Basically type the contents of the dream and then free associate to the material. It has proven most helpful over the years. Wise Man has explained why, it is scientific actually. Far too complicated to relate on this blog. It was most helpful and put me in a frame of mind to deal with an irritating experience and stand up for myself and to impose limits on the behavior of some young people. Not sure that I would want to put myself into a situation where I would be constantly required to do that. It could be workable but great efforts and a contract would be required. Contracts can be wonderful tings, brining order and protecting the rights of the parties involved. The Islamic faith requires a contract – entered into by the bride and groom. Certain conditions are made and protections offered to the woman in case of a breach by the husband. The faith enforces the contract in the event of a breach – no court of law is needed. I shall learn more soon. It is more theoretical than practical at this point which is to say – at the present moment I am not planning to get married again. I do laugh! Men all over the glove are in dismay. I am joking, although it might be true. My sense of humour always rescues me. Air quality in San Francisco not good today. Marin yesterday was bad, particularly when one went northward. The sea breezes of San Francisco blows the smoke away but it is not very windy today.

No big plans for the day except to find the operating instructions for the air conditioner, make an appointment with my ophthalmologist for an eye exam and to share a short lived incident when I lost the sight in one eye. It came back but it was most frightening. I was texting a young girl at the time and told her to tell her father. He was concerned but asked: “What can I do to help?” It was most sweet – the vision came back but I do need to take care of myself and shall. He did have a point – he is not a doctor and lives in a far away land.

I have always had to take care of myself because of my parents and my terrible taste in men. Men are rather entranced by that trait as they are often called upon to take care of the women in their lives. But at some point they find it frightening as I am free to come and go. I do not blame them – I guess they need an Islamic marriage contract. I do jest and not.

The photograph is one taken by Alexis McBride and framed. It was rescued from the storage facility yesterday. All this and I can photograph too. Hahaha

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