Life is Unfair; Stuck in This Country y, The Only Freedoms Are Doctor Appointments and MRI’s; Card Accompanying My Alexis T-Shirt; Ardent and Occurrence Defined; Killing a Fly With a Sledge Hammer; To the Man Who Made This All Possible; Jealousy Strikes; Sometimes Not Being In the Right Place At the Right Time

Sent my blog and picture off to Chris, my Computer Guru and received the following response.
He: Haha.. That would be nothing if not interesting. WE have escaped to France for the week, sitting here posting from a chateau in burgundy sipping local wine but am on the Internet as and when so there x
Me: Wondrous for you and Claire! Cannot go anywhere in this country. My love to you both but bloody jealous! A young man told me he was in love with me – honest. honest! Personal Driver laughs and says that everyone between the ages of 1 and 99 is in love with me. I laugh. XxxxxxxAlexis

So I sit in solitary confinement, sometimes for a week at a time. The only outings are for doctor’s appointments and once a week grocery shopping. An appointment in a week for a MRI – my back because of the sciatica. There sits computer guru in France sipping wine with his wife. Where did I go wrong? Not a case of being in the right place at the right time. I do laugh! Remain relatively cheerful and hopeful – the vaccine should be around in about four months, making travel possible. Strange that I will be going to the Middle East, a region that has been playing a major role in my life of late. What is strange, but true? The first Arab I met was in the lobby of a hotel in London, but I did start out in a big way. The first Arab met was a Sultan.did not turn out well but was able to move on to other high ranking Arabs. I do laugh.

But actually life is not bad, not bad at all. A visit to my Primary Care Physician yesterday who again asserted that I had never looked better and that the enforced rest has been very good for me. He is absolutely correct – will not go back to my old ways of even when that is possible. Early morning wake-ups, water aerobics, chatting with Hayes Valley shop keepers and restauranteurs. Realized I had not given PCP my book on the Tate Britain – so took him one, writing this to personalize it. To The Man Who Made All of This Possible. With all of my love, Alexis. It is true, he has been my guiding light through the 43 years of our association. An amazing physican, so well respected and loved throughout the community.
Me: I have never asked you this but how old are you?
He: 78
Me: My goodness we are almost the same age.
Visit had to do with referrals to other physicians who prescribed drugs that were actually harmful to me but wanted to check with PCP. I am actually allergic to the medication prescribed by the Sciatic Lady – took it five years ago with disastrous results. The medication for the face rash would be an invitation for heartburn, said PCP – so will not take that one either. Thought of this analogy – it is akin to using a sledge hammer to kill a fly when a fly swatter would do the job more efficiently. I prize my excellent health – enjoyed my whole life – most grateful for my genes, given to me by my parents.

My ALEXIS T Shirt gifted by CPI was accompanied by a card which shall be featured. CPI wrote: To the Past and To the Future. Here is the absolutely amazing occurrence which is an event, incident, happening, phenomenon, affair, matter, circumstance. The card is a copy of a painting by Georgia O’Keefe, I was an ardent fan of hers many years ago. This is how ardent. It was during my photography years, that a consuming hobby resulting in an exhibit at the Marin Civic Center. I had the brilliant idea of taking close ups of flowers in the manner of Georgia O’Keefe. Many, many, many photographs – my favorite was one of a tulip. This whole chapter in my life forgotten until I saw the card and the artist. Therefore, when CPI says to the past, it is most meaningful because that was in the past. Who knows that the future may hold? But I have no fears for the future for many reasons, some most complicated. One reason is my life experiences – being a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes. When adversity strikes – very soon comes redemption, in ways glorious. Another reason for hope is my resolve to convert to the Islamic faith. This conversion shall take place at a rather slow pace because of the pandemic, but when the vaccine is available, it shall be possible. At the moment, study at home coupled with conversations with Personal Driver shall pave the way.

Enough for today, a lazy day. Oh another word to be defined. The word is ardent, love those synonyms: fervent, zealous, fervid, wholehearted, vehement, intense, fierce, fiery; enthusiastic, keen, eager, avid, committed, dedicated; literary perfervid. ANTONYMS apathetic.
Alexis McBride is not exactly apathetic, nor has she ever been. She is fiery, enthusiastic, eager and avid, in almost everything she does – well, except housework and cleaning. After all – nobody is perfect. Hahahaha

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