Megalomania as Shown by Behaviours of Donald Trump and the Ruler of Dubai; The Probable Death of Dubai; Vice and Megalomania Defined; A Most Unusual Dream But Just a Dream; Photograph of Former ‘Adopted’ Family

That is the word of the day and this is what it means: obsession with the exercise of power and a delusion about one’s own power or importance (typically as a symptom of manic or paranoid disorder).When one looks further there is a fascinating Wikipedia link to narcissistic personality disorder. Why is this fascinating to me? I am convinced, with ample evidence, that the Ruler of Dubai is a megalomaniac and is a narcissi. He may have reached this state of narcism because it was inherited or because he was never denied anything during his childhood and there was no consequences to his bad behaviour. Another example is Donald Trump – his father bailed him out of all of his financial screw ups, he suffered no consequences for his womanizing etc. etc etc. It is all rather fascinating to me, an intellectual exercise in many ways. But hopefully consequences will fall on these two men, both Donald Trump and The Ruler of Dubai. I hope to help make them happen. One has to do something with this blog, other than entertain people.

I feel free to strike out against the Ruler of Dubai- having learned recently that I do not care about one of his daughters, because she is not one of his daughters. So I can speak out against ROD and also his son, the Crown Price of Dubai, should I choose. It is such a relief -I have been stifled for months.

Anyone can look at Dubai and see that it is the result of a megalomania. Everything is huge, overly huge and there is no taste and no planning ( well except for the Opera House which should be named the Alexis Opera House, previously requested on a blog.). Will that happen? Not likely!

But will this Dubai continue to survive in these times? Doubtful. I am not a graduate of the London School of Economics, but I do know that for an economy to survive there must be diversity. There is no diversity in Dubai, technology is in its infancy, but it is a little too late and a little too small. Tourism is going down the toilet because of the contrivers – no one in their right minds are going to get in an airplane and travel seventeen hours to Dubai (seventeen hours from San Francisco, I made the trip to go to London in December of 2019). Almost the entire population of Dubai are ex pats from other countries, there to earn money briefly with plans to go back to their country – citizenship not a possibility. There will be no jobs and like the migrant construction workers, they will leave. Who will be left in Dubai – the Emirate but they are only 11% of the population. The sand will drift in over the huge hotels and tourist attractions. The Royal Family will escape with many millions of dollars, no doubt, about that but the others? There is no way that Air Emeritus can survive when the predictions show that is going to take about a year and half before anyone will be flying. Dubai imports its food stuffs, all of it. Where will the money come to do that? I visited Dubai in its glory days looking forward to Expo 2020, with much technological development sprouting, including an ambitious Mars probe. But along came the contra virus and that changed everything. Migrant construction workers left in droves because there was no work. It is a fact, although not reported by Gulf News and other Dubai agencies not burdened with freedom of speech.

This feels very strange to me, I born in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1943. Why is this my concern? It is not actually but I have been engaged in a constant battle against secrets and lies and evil. The Ruler of Dubai is surrounded by secrets and lies and is evil, as proven by a Family Court in London, England, He has suffered no consequences but he shall. This tourism economy was all of his idea and he shall watch it crumble and it is not likely that the Crown Prince of Ababa is going to bail him again as he did in the past well, if I were him I would not.

Alexis McBride is a problem solver and, I am working on it. Very clever actually. Oh, by the way the Crown Prince of Dhabi is the President of the UAE, ROD is the Vice-President. Vice certainly describes he had shown signs of immoral or wicked behaviour. Its synonyms are immorality, wrongdoing, wrong, wickedness, badness, evil-doing, evil, iniquity, villainy, venality, impurity, corruption, corruptness, misconduct; sin, sinfulness, ungodliness, godlessness, unholiness, unrighteousness, profanity; depravity, degeneracy, turpitude, sordidity, perversion, pervertedness, dissolution, dissipation, debauchery, decadence, lasciviousness, lewdness, lechery, lecherousness, degradation; crime, transgression, offence, immoral act, evil act, act of wickedness, fall from grace, The antonyms are virtue righteousness.

But this blog will suddenly and unexpectedly will change. It shall become the story of a dream, had last week. It was a dream, please be clear about that. So in the dream, the Sultan (aka the Crown Prince of Dubai aka Fazza) and Alexis are in bed together. We are talking and laughing with one another.
Me: So if we just made a baby, let us talk about what the kid is going to look like.
He: OK
Me: Well, the eyes are going to be brown because blue eyes are a recessive trait.
He: Yes, I know that.
Me: But I want the child to have my noise. Your nose looks great on you but mine is sort of cuter.
He: That is ok with me.
Me: Now onto the hair. I would like it to be straight, yours is sort of curly and nice but personally I prefer straight.
He: That is fine with me.
Me: The colour is the next decision. It would be most strange if the child had white hair , like I do.
He: Yes Alexis. What colour was your hair before it turned white?
Me; Dirty blonde.
He:That figures.

Honest to goodness, that was my dream. Then I skied up and down his chest with two fingers, those pecs made it fun. Really, it is a true dream. Dream analysis forms the conversation between Wise Man and myself on occasion. It did not go far because we just laughed and laughed and laughed. Minor conclusions were that it was a Wish Dream and I was an active participant (this has meaning actually). So I did my homework, brought the dream and now you get to hear it. It was a dream, honest.

I have some fears about taking a stand agains the Ruler of Dubai due to his money and his proven ability to kidnap his daughters from foreign countries. But someone has to take a stand against evil. I have world wide readers and credibility and he is a proven evil man. His depravity is not gossip, it has been shown in a Court of Law. I was a lawyer and a fighter, winning most, if not all, of my cases. Short, plump and older than ROD, but formidable! No idea why Alexis is in the middle of this, but my TEAM is with me. They are, and a plan is in play if I suddenly disappear. If I am killed, so many people will mourn me – not you Ruler of Dubai. It appears, looking at videos on YouTube, that no family members love you. I am most intuitive and see that by gestures and actions.

The photograph is of a family, an adoptive one, in a strange sense. The man on the left is my “wished for dad” who died in July of 2017 – I no longer see the others who are laughing, possibly and probably at a joke told by me.

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