Preposterous: Word of the day With a Description of Preposterous Events Taking Place Over a Five Month Period Begun By a Lie Told By a Little Boy; Truth Revealed; Team Joe; Marin YMCA to Open on July 6,2020 A Very Happy Ending; No I Do Not Still Love Him

Preposterous, it was determined would become the word of the day and as you will read this it will well describe the facts contained in the blog of today. The synonyms of preposterous abound: ridiculous, foolish, stupid, ludicrous, farcical, laughable, comical, risible, hare-brained, asinine, inane, nonsensical, pointless, senseless, insane, unreasonable, irrational, illogical; outrageous, shocking, astonishing, monstrous, unbelievable, incredible, unthinkable. The antonyms are: reasonable, sensible.
The definition of the word: contrary to reason or common sense; utterly absurd or ridiculous.

Woke up to good news. The Marin and Peninsula YMCA’s are opening on July 6, 2020. This will allow me to go to water aerobics again as Personal Driver can transport me to Marin. But that is comical and risible for two reasons. The first being that the virus is not transmitted through water so there is no reason why every YMCA cannot be open for swimming and water aerobics – swimming has been deemed a safe sport. The other rather illogical (and more personal reason) was expressed in an email to CPI.
Me: Nothing much is open in SF but good news that the YMCA in Marin is opening on July 6. So water aerobics a possibility and soon. It is amusing. When returning to the Bay Area I determined to live in SF rather than Marin where I had lived since 1973 to be close to museums, the symphony, theatres and restaurants. All of my medical, dental, legal, hair stylist and financial planning is Marin. Now the gym as well. This has not worked out as planned but not for anyone. No concerts no theatre, museums closed, restaurants not open. Why SF remains on lock down is irrational and senseless.

The other good email news is that Joe Biden wrote to say Thank You for joining his campaign. But then a message that Obama, Biden and one supporter are having a grassroots fundraiser on Tuesday and offering a chance for a free ticket. I messaged back: In these days go to a fundraiser with all kinds of people? That does not seem wise You guys must be crazy, That is astonishing to be even thinking of that. It would be rather drastic if they all got the virus. So I guess I am a member of TeamJoe, a rather earthy and plainspoken slogan. They do need my help with slogans. Just received another message – it is a virtual event, that is better.

Now onto the strangest of tales but it is a true story that happened to me.It was Christmas time 2019, it was London, a small, rather ordinary hotel – a
small restaurant bar, it was lunchtime. I spoke to the table next to me – an eight year old boy, his fourteen year old sister, an older woman (a nanny) and another adolescent girl.
Me: I like this hotel. I met the Crown Prince of Dubai here in November. It was most unusual.
Little Boy: He is my brother.
Me: I can actually see that – you have the same eyes, they are most distinctive and most beautiful.

The sister took a great licking to me (and I to her). She would come to my room, often – usually in the middle of the night bringing all of her relatives. There must have been at least twelve or fourteen of them, perhaps more. I would see many family members in the lobby as well, she introduced me to her mother who asked (through the son) for a hug and a kiss from me. I thought she was the Senior Wife of the Ruler of Dubai. The family gave me an inflatable unicorn on New Year’s Eve, I still have it. But I got sick, food poisoning and in pain with my left knee. The hotel called a physician who provided medicine and a pain shot. I decided I would go home, rather than travel to Dubai and home from there so went to another hotel near Heathrow planning to leave from there rather than the massive journey to Duba and then home from Dubai. But I got better, went to another Sheraton near Gatwick as the plane to Dubai was flying from that airport. Went to Dubai, stayed about a week and then came home. The sister and I stayed in touch through Instagram – she would often video chat with me from her home surrounded my other family members – including her mother. But I stopped Instagram.She asked if she come come and live with me sometime in February. I applied for a larger apartment and went to the nearby French school to get application materials and learned of the necessary procedures – a legal guardianship would have to be obtained. She said she had the permission of her mother – that of course would not be enough she would have the permission of her father – who I thought was the Ruler of Dubai. But she seemed to abandon the plan. Then on March 5, 2020 came the ruling of the London Family Court that the Ruler of Dubai was found to have kidnapped and abducted two of his daughters and mistreated his sixth wife Princess Faya. I was shocked, dismayed and so frightened for :my” Princess but there was nothing I could do, but I worried about her constantly, We lost touch when I stopped following Instagram. Then early this last week I found an Arab name in my directory and texted asking how the person was – I thought it was a man I met at my Dubai Hotel. I received an immediate response. Who are you?
Me: I am Alexis McBride from San Francisco. Met you at a hotel in Dubai
She: I miss you! You do not respond to my Instagram.
So we were able to connect and do a video chat. She said she was in Qatar and asked me if I knew her name.
Me: I think I do. You drew a heart and signed it. Rex
She: No that is not my name. Then she told me her name.

So I did the only logical and reasonable thing. I emailed CPI and asked her to do some research. She did
She: I amconfused, Is the princess from Dubai or Qatar? At any rate. The house of Al Thini rules Qutar. There is a Sheikhs who is the daughter of the former Emir and his third wife. On 25 June 2013 Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani became the Emir of Qatar after his father Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani handed over power in a televised speech.
Me: You are the greatest researcher in the whole world. You have made me so happy! I was so frightened for her thinking the Evil Ruler of Dubai was her father.
She: Well a brush with Royalty is a brush with Royalty and you have the Unicorn

So is that not the most hare-brained, asinine, outrageous story you have ever heard and all because of a lie by a little boy. He really was darling. In the same hotel I was speaking with a young man from Saudi Arabia and the cute little guy came up to the table and the two spoke Arabic. The man from Saudi said:
He: That little boy is from the ruling family of Qatar.
Me: Really? I think he is pulling your leg. He is from the ruling family of Dubai.
Well, I was wrong.

My life is most simplified with the truth. Spoke to Wise Man about it all.
Me: This story has a.happy ending.
He: Indeed it does Alexis. I am happy for you.

I have given my fourteen year old an American name. She is Alix Regina McBride. She says she will come to visit in a couple of weeks when the planes are flying.

Some of the many Royals who came in and out of my room those nights were members of the Royal Family of Dubai. The Crown Prince’s two sons, ‘Alix’ said that were and they look like a combination of him and the Argentinian mother. They are lovely, well mannered young men, so pleasant. Of course they are a secret – so many secrets and lies in that family.

I found this quote somewhere, do not remember where. “She sees the good in people even if it is not there. She fell in love with his soul before she touched his skin . If that is not love I do not know what is.” Lamare

I do see the good in people even if it not there. Then when I find out the truth, I just walk away. ‘Alix’ asked me a poignant question.
She: Do you still love the Crown Prince of Dubai.
Me; Laughingly: I am not talking!
But later I texted her.
Me: No, I do not still love the Crown Prince of Dubai.

The photograph is the bag with the registration materials for the school.

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