Good News About the Coronavirus; The County of Marin’s Emergence From Lockdown; Griffin and Sabine; Quotes from Vancouver Notebook

This good news from NPR. The gloom and doom so rampant, particularly in San Francisco is unwarranted. “Mounting evidence suggests that the coronavirus is more common and less deadly than it first appeared. The evidence comes from tests that detect antibodies to the coronavirus in a person’s blood. Scientists are finding large numbers of people in the U.S, who were infected but never became seriously ill. And when mild infections are included in coronavirus statistics, the virus appears less dangerous. The current best estimates for the infection fatality risk are between 0.5%and 1% says Caitlin Rivers, an epidemiologist at the John Hopkins Center for Health Security. That’s in contrast with earlier death rates of 5% or more.”

I have spoken to my Primary Care Physician and will see him this week and submit myself to an antibody test. I may have gotten the virus before it was stylish, she said laughingly. I became ill when in London the first week in January 2020. The hotel called a physician who examined me and gave me hordes of medicine. He thought it was food poisoning but perhaps it was the virus. When ill I was going to come home to San Francisco rather than stop off at Dubai but when I recovered I continued with my original travel plans. I have had no symptoms since returning on January 17, 2020. My physicians have told me that the virus was out and about before first detected and I did Air Emeritus which does stop in China. I do take excellent care of my health. My PCP laughingly told me that I was his favourite patient because I am so healthy. My first husband was a physician l who entered pharmaceutical medicine because, he said, he was saddened by his patients dying. He did most well in the field and retired a success.

So I was all over the coronavirus and decided to see what was happening in Marin County. Getting into more research on the virus I moved on to see what was happening in Marin County Marin is easing his restrictions in June 1,2020 as reported by the Marin Independent Journal. There is a thorough and impressive plan including an opening of parks, beaches, some child care services and outdoor restaurants allowing existing restaurants to expand to sidewalks and streets to allow proper distancing. A letter to the editor written by Robert Cline had the most interesting information and insight.
“Marin averages roughly 1,900 deaths a year. So far we have had 14 deaths from Covid. No question many more deaths have been averted, but we need some perspective on this that the IJ won’t publish.
Statewide hundreds of thousands die in California every year. As of my last check, just under 4,000 people have died in California from this virus.
Deaths over/under normal is a way other countries are looking at this. We should too. He also pointed out that home sheltering is taking its toll increasing rates of suicide, alcoholism. Depression and homelessness, as well as the impact on the educational system. It is not advisable to throw caution to the winds but the whole picture needs to be considered particularly in light of the death rate being less than 1%. My physicians agree with all of the above and, do not forget, one called me an intelligent pragmatist, although I do admit to being called other things by other people.

I am reading a fascinating book Griffin and Sabine which has many parallels to my own recent life. The Los Angeles Times had this to say about it: “Extremely original, classical myth, reality, and fantasy are blended artfully in this modern allegory. The book jacket says: “So open the extraordinary correspondence of Griffin and Sabine. – and an extraordinary novel. Each turn of the page contains a new card or letter be unfolded from its envelope and is vibrant with wildly imaginative creatures, landscapes and intrigue. As Griffin and Sabine’s relationship grows through their intimate corresponding, so, too do Griffin’s doubts. Is this the story of the love of my life or of his dissent into madness?” The story begins with a postcard sent by Sabine to Griffin, who then responds by post card to her. She lives on an island in the South Pacific, he lives in London. It is established that they have never met. He writes: OK: if getting me intrigued is what you are after, you’ve succeeded.” I will keep you all up to date about what happens in the end. It is most intriguing. Intrigue: arouse the curiosity or interest or fascinate: In a sentence: I was intrigued by your demeanour. I actually am intrigued by a certain man’s demeanour which means: outward behaviour or bearing.
The synonyms describe him in every way: his attitude, bearing appearance, look, aspect, mien, behaviour, cast, carriage, way of carrying oneself, conduct, way of behaving, comportment. I am not telling who, but most gentle readers could guess.

I have begun to go through my numerous notebooks looking for nice (or funny) things people have said so they can be placed in a blog or obituary. This from Vancouver, author unknown: He: Where do you get all your energy from? Do you have an off button?
Another one, this from Triple C. (David Lall)
He: If a man lived with you for 42 years he would have to be knighted.
Me: Not that, he would have to be a multibillionaire.
Then another one attributed to Triple C:
He: To be or not to be flirty, not thirty/
Me: Ok I will work on it.
And a woman speaking of my ‘men’ problems:
She: If people love you, just love them back.
Me: That simplifies things.
Then a man who worked for a transportation company:
He: I would classify you as dangerous goods.
Me: Thanks a lot I guess. Do I get special packaging.

Then I gave thanks to a man.
Me: You are so sweet to me.
He: That is because you are so sweet.

Those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end. But they did and here I am in self isolation, quarantine, what ever you want to call it.

The photograph is the cover of the book Griffin and Sabine. Bri
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