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After eight days of not leaving the confines of my apartment I got up and got dressed and went downstairs to get my mail. Definitely a major production. Then I signed a six month extension of a lease on my apartment. I cleverly funded it with my credit card so that I will get the frequent flier miles, if and when one can ever fly anywhere. I felt most proud of myself, as anyone would.
Where am i going to go when I can finally fly. This is going to startle everyone, so fasten your seatbelts. I am going to go to Mecca. But not soon as the NPR author wrote: : “The last time this reporter flew was in early March. It was not a relaxing experience: I was crammed in a full plane, highly aware of any stray cough or sneeze (including my own) and with no way to know if someone sitting near me might be carrying the virus. It was a relief to land.” I suppose that traveling on a private jet would be a possibility as one would not be in proximity others with a cough or a sneeze. I know two men with private jets – I know it is highly improbably but it is true. Joo Kim Tiah is one and the other one is the Sultan (aka Crown Prince of Dubai, aka Fazza)

So Mecca would be the destination because every Muslim must go to Mecca once in their lifetime is they can afford it, . I have been reading about the islamic faith and found a link on YouTube: Muhammed, His Life Based on the Earliest Sources. The link is It is lengthly and most informative and contains information unknown to me. According to the faith, Abraham and Sarah, married to one another but had no children. When Sarah is 76 (my age) there is a manifestation and Abraham is encouraged to take a second wife in other to produce a son. That takes place. But then, when Sarah is 90 and Abraham is 100, she becomes pregnant and a son is born. She suckles the child and then he is weaned. Suckle is a verb which means feed (a baby or an animal) from the breast or teat. It’s synonyms are: breathed, nurse. The sons go forth and form two different nations. It is an extremely long and complicated belief and out of this Mecca is formed. It is hard to concentrate on the the lengthily audio but as I learn more, I will get back to you.

But in a lighter vein. Blog Master Chris, upon seeing the photograph of me yesterday in my he following manner.
He: Why, such mysterious allure!
Me: You kill me! I am laughing so hard! It is going on the block !! I cannot stop
Laughing. Do you think that the alluring picture of me in Arabic headdress would cause an Emirate man to have an erect member which would be most hard to hide in his white Arabic garb I am making myself laugh now. I am about to run out of booze the only thing that makes me go out. Spending these times in semi inebriation.

Speaking of Arabic men there is a YouTube of the Sultan (aka Fazza, aka the Crown Price of Dubai) and a darling little girl called Sheena. His YouTubes are anigna, one never knows who the kids are the appear in them. They are not his children, I do not think. I met his two sons when I was in London – fine boys in their teens. His ‘appearances’’ are diametrically opposed to my ‘appearances’ on this blog. My blogs are the unvarnished truth, full of candor and truth. But back to Sheena – she has a gap between her from teeth which is so amazing because I have gap between my front teeth. The story of my gap can be found by typing Mind the Gap into the search engine of the blog. It was written about ten years ago and is entirely factual and really rather funny. But perhaps it is time for word definition. Enigma: a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand. Its synonyms are mystery, puzzle, riddle, conundrum, paradox, problem, quandary; a closed book; informal poser. Appearance another word, impression, air, image, show, outward show; semblance, facade, veneer, front, pretense.So my image and air is not at all puzzling or mysterious, difficult to understand or paradoxical. The Sultan’s is all of those things, I call the Fazza network, the Flirtation Network. But who is he flirting with and to what end? I do admit to have been taken in by it all at one point in time. In real life, he does seem to be a regular guy, fist-banging me in an elevator in a London. It will remain a mystery

This has been a strange day – awoke in a strange mood and had an anxiety attack but my bubble bath calmed ny nerves and it turned into a fine day, Spoke with Personal Driver who shall by me a regular face mask and deliver it this week. He is such a fine and generous man. Then i fell asleep – napped for about two or three hours. Sleeping is not such a bad move in these times. one cannot overeat, drink too much or be in touch with with the virus when you are in bed sleeping. It passes the time quite wel.. When I woke up it was with this song ringing in my years.
Jesus loves me this I know
For the bible tells me so. Here is the link: This must have been remembered from Sunday School days when I was a kid. I am 76 years old and it was ringing in my ears. Definitely too much social isolation is all I have to say, laughingly.

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