Waking Up To a Poem; Poetry Playing a Major Piece in My Life of Late; Alexis, You Overdid It; Proclivity and Whim Defined; The Alexis Opera House; My Present Portrayed

I awoke to a poem, sent by a friend who had given me a poem for my birthday three years before. This poem’ sentiments so needed these days.
An epilogue
I have seen flowers come in stony places
And kind things done by men with ugly faces
And the gold cup won by the worst horse in the race
So i trust, too. (john Masefield)

Poetry has been playing a pivotal role in my life of late. There were the Fazza poems – both the love poems and the patriotic poems found on Emeritus Air on my trip to London and Dubai. The love poems are in general circulation but it seemed that at least one was directed toward me, but it could be my imagination. Then there was the text, not a poem in the usual sense but most poetic. The one that began: “You are good company by the way and ended I think I love you.” Finding Jessica’s poem about me and the Car Boot Sale in London and mentioned in the blog of May 7, 2020. All rather flattering, these poems. Today’s poem is comforting and was sent with such kindness.

Jessica’s poem spoke of the dazzling effect of my personality on all that attended the car boot sale, and I laugh with delight. In many ways I am enjoying this self isolation and have been thinking that I am not sure that I want to return to the world of people. But then, and again I laugh, it is almost an involuntary act. Shopping for groceries, I was having so much fun. One woman standing at the check out counter laughed and spoke to me.
She: I love your attitude
Me: Thanks, it is one of my best traits.
So there I was, determined to be a private secluded person and then the first time I appear in public in one entire week. I am back at it again.
Somehow, during the conversation at the check out stand in the grocery store, the Crown Prince of Dubai appeared in the conversation. The woman shook her head.
She: Really?
Me: Yes really! I met him at my hotel in London, and he liked my attitude as well. I got a fist bump from him in the elevator but of course it impossible for that, in these days with the six foot rule.

I am presently in bed, laughing as I write. Do not ask me why. Oh, by the way, the man who sent me the poem this morning is my former lover. of London days. New readers may not know this true story. I began the blog in January of 2017, on a whim actually, but for thee reasons – two of which articulated that the time, the third kept secret for awhile. The first to ‘publicize’ the biography of my Uncle Dave Dryburgh (not finished as yet), the second was to use social media to get even against institutions and people that had harmed me. The British legal system is most cumbersome and rather ineffectual with regard to landlord-tenant law and defamation of character. But here was the third and secret reason, told to CPI.
Me: I decided I would make a man fall in love with me by reading my blog.
CPI: Alexis, you overdid it!
Is that not the funniest comment. She, being my best friend and confident knew of my proclivities. It is time, I just decided, to do word definition. “I began the blog on a whim” Whim:
impulse, urge, notion, fancy, foible, caprice, conceit, vagary, inclination, megrim. It was a fancy, a notion and an inclination to begin the blog with the incredible assistance of Chris, my blog master. Without him, it would not exist. But as he said at the Rex Whistler Restaurant in the Tate Britain.
He: I pave the road, you drive the car.
Me: Oh My God, how precious.

The other word is proclivities: a tendency to choose or do something regularly; an inclination or predisposition toward a particular thing. Used in a phrase: a proclivity for hard work. So CPI knows of my inclinations, tendency, leaning, disposition, proneness, propensity, bent, bias, penchant, predisposition; predilection, partiality, liking, preference, taste, fondness, weakness. My weakness, my liking, my predisposition for younger men – not sexually – but in an interesting way. They have all been rich, extremely rich. Two multibillionaires are the result of this blog- most people have never met a multibillionaire, much less two. I do know that Alix Residences is the result of one of them, but I laughingly say, based on the blog of yesterday, that perhaps the Opera House in Dubai could be named for me. What makes that hilariously funny is that I cannot sing, I am tone deaf. You see, what a weird sense of humour I have, but everyone knows that I have a great attitude. The Alexis Opera House, it does have a certain ring to it.

But onto other things. Wise Man says (based on science, (not on Trump) that great leaders have two traits, quite opposite from one another. He gave Governor Cuomo as an example. One trait is Empathy, the other is Aggressiveness. If one only has empathy, they can not move to save the day. If they are merely aggressive, saving the day is something that would never occur to them. I see that when I watch the Medic’s on Netflix. Lorenxo, the love of my life, has both. My goodness, can he be aggressive. I would not want to be in Milan during those days when he sought revenge for the death of his brother. But he is an incredibly empathetic man. His lover, said to his wife, that the hardest thing that men of power and wealth face is loneliness.. That had special meaning for me, for reasons that are obvious. I pity the men in my life that have power and riches and see why I was important to them.

The photograph attached to this blog is the gift, received yesterday, from a wonderful young woman, who I shall meet when the self isolation is over. .

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