UAE Malls Will Reopen, But Not The Mosques; Contentment in the Midst of the Pandemic; Burgeoning and Jest Defined; Tempting Fate; Shut Down Continues in California

So this is the word from UAE “The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) is pleased to announce the guidelines and precautionary measures for the preparation of reopening the malls and shopping centres in Abu Dhabi.
The precautionary measures will be applied simultaneously to ensure risk mitigation of viral contamination in line with the directions of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority.In preparation for malls reopening in the emirate the Abu Dhabi Health Service has been operating Covid-19 testing centres around the clockSo far 20,000 employees have completed the tests at 7 drive-through testing centres.” But as far as I see, the mosques are not reopening. That seems a strange value system to me and most probably to Alllah = I am not sure he would be happy. I was well aware of the materialism in Dubai but this seems over the top. Shopping glorified over worshipping – even during this holy period.

I found a most interesting link and shall pass it along. Doctors from Indian make an uplifting dance It looks like it was fun to make and it is certainly fun to watch. .

So I am thinking, at this moment, that this might be the happiest time of my life. I do not have kids to entertain or worry about their schooling, no husband and kids to cook for, no pesky roommate. I can lay around, (I write in bed) collect burgeoning statistics. My goodness, burgeoning is such a great world: , thrive, prosper, Flourish improve, develop; expand, escalate, swell, grow, boom, mushroom, snowball, rocket. Used in a sentence.The toy industry in burgeoning. The number of views and views are escalating, mushrooming and snowballing, for some strange reason. I have considered doing something to make money from it but these are not the times and I do not want ads or a commitment that I HAVE to write – I write because I want to, and for myself. – for myself and great numbers of eavesdroppers it appears. Personal Driver takes me to get groceries once a week, he is so utterly reliable, and calls me everyday to see how I am doing. I daily communicate with CPI – my high school and Uni friend, sharing ideas and concepts and caring for one another. Then – the icing on the Cake? Loving texts from one man and a surprise call from another. But if anyone would have told me, even ten years ago, that I would find contentment with this (even with the pandemic) I would have said they were out of their flipping mind. No telling what will come next. The offer of being a Sugar Mama is quite the package deal., many benefits promised. It would inspire me to work harder and more profitably at my writing. I jest, and not. Jest… fool around, play a practical joke, tease, kid, pull someone’s leg, pull/jerk/yank someone’s chain, have someone on; fun; joke, quip, gag, tell jokes, crack jokes; informal wisecrack.

Yesterday I looked out my window to see what looked like a flag from the UAE hung from a window across the street. I immediately got on the phone wit Personal Driver.

Me: Help I think were have been invaded by the UAE, there is a flag flapping in the breeze across the street.

He: Laughter, Are you sure Alexis?

I looked more closely – the flag had stripes but not any yellow or black stripes – so it was not. I once asked the Sultan (the Crown Prince of Dubai) if he would adopt a new flag ss I could paint my face like the flag as I did in Canada on Canada Day 2017, He didn’t. Go to the Gallery section of the Blog to see a picture of me.

It is now the next morning and I just learned that these ‘stay at home’ orders are going to be in effect until May 31.I sent off a text.Me: No You for Another Month Boo Hoo. Wy would you want to be with a guy and be six feet away from him the whole time? Would tend to take the fun out of things, even if you enjoyed talking with one another. One just might tempt fate. What is that?

So what is to tempt fate? Google comes to the rescue again “Have you ever had a strong feeling that something you wanted to happen in your life was on its way but, then you told someone and somehow it did not happen, despite having been so positive that it would? Have you ever felt hesitant to say something about a positive expectation, intention or idea because you didn’t want to “jinx it” but you went ahead and said it anyway, while dismissing your reservations as superstitious nonsense with thoughts such as “what could possibly go wrong”? In fact, the more you believe that you create your own reality, then the more you are willing to dismiss the superstition that telling someone will tempt fate, because you refuse to believe that someone could have so much power over your life so as to “jinx you”. Of course, when your expectation does not materialise, you label whoever you told a “jinxer” or you blame yourself for having tempted fate..”

I have not been out of my apartment in one whole week. The week went rather quickly actually, mostly because I slept mot of it away. I am certainly getting my beauty rest – I shall emerge with more than modest beauty – that phrase from one of Fazza’s poems.

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