What Would I Do Without CPI; An Old Author; Learning From History; An Old Interview of Joo Kim Tiah; Now Leading a Normal Age Appropriate Life; Potato and Sowing Wild Oats Defined; Solution for Finding a Wife Rejected

By the way (to new readers) CPI stands for Couch Potato Introvert. Her other nickname is CPO which stands for Complete Polar Opposite (from me). Did you know that potato is a British informal word for a large hole in a sock or stocking, especially one in the heel. I have no idea what you people would do without me – especially in these troubled times.

For one thing CPI makes me laugh; Here is an example.
She: Think I’m in the wrong demographic to invite to the plague party to play drop the droplets.
Me: That is priceless and I am laughing so hard. A plague party to play drop the droplets. You are right, you are not in the right demographic – rather too old to party hardy.

But then she is wonderful doing research. I thought about a woman who wrote her first book at age ninety but could not remember her name. Here is the link to this amazing woman.
She: Not at all sure that this is the 90 year old author you mean, but this one has now completed a trilogy and lives on the Island. https://www.comoxvalleyrecord.com/entertainment/92-year-old-courtenay-author-completes-gladys-tunner-trilogy/

Then I remembered vaguely about a book written about the after effects of the plague written by a woman whose first name was Barbara
She: And you must mean Barbara Tuchman whom I’ve always mean to read. Distant Mirror/ the calamitous 14th century. Are you reading plague books for cheer? Could try Minette Walters The Last Hours for a wonderful description of feudal life, the plague and a strong woman. Oh dear, you went on to say it does nothing to read about the plague but the past is different, yes?
Me: Yes! Reading about the plagues of the past gives one perspective. One can learn from history. There is a saying that if you don’t learn from history you are condemned to repeat it
Now, this Hamdensheida – looked up Sheida and it is a Persian name for girls that means infatuated, in love. Can also mean lovesick in Turkey. There is a very exotic looking influencer named Sheida and it is also a term in the Urban Dictionary. Would you think CP has the time to play around like that?
Me: Who knows what he does with his time? I do not think he is running around seeking truths.

Somehow, and somewhere, I found a 2010 interview of Joo Kim Tiah where he is very funny: “I am extremely competitive and hate losing! I thought my chances were good but, as with everything else in life, I don’t take anything for granted. Now I feel like I am extremely pregnant and have no choice but to deliver!” he half-jokes. Now that is funny! He ends the interview in the following fashion:
“Tiah says one of the top priorities on his To Do list is marriage. There is, after all, more to life than work.
“I am very much single and available!” he grins.”

The first time we had lunch together in July of 2017 he said that it was time for him to get married. But then he wasted five months of a friendship with me rather than scouting about for someone more appropriate. He did say he was having difficulty finding the right person. I had an hilarious idea that he should clone himself, then get a sex change operation. It would have worked except for the eggs. But a had an appointment with his brother in law, who is a doctor.
Me: I had a hysterectomy but kept my ovaries. Your brother in law says I have eggs. Old eggs but eggs. So if it is a girl she will certainly be sassy.
He: No thanks
Me: I am certainly thinking outside the box.
There is a saying” “Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun” That is a rather amazing concept.

I awoke this morning thinking:
Me: At this point in time I am living a normal life for a woman of my age. I am a bit reclusive as I am on “home shelter” but I have two or three cousins who are my age and reclusive at the best of times.
Alter Ego: You have a point there. And at the moment there are no men in your life.
Me: Well, you are right about that. I do not think so anyway. But with me you never know.
Alter Ego: You are right about that. It is a little difficult to find a man when you are condemned to home shelter.

There was this man who communicated indirectly – said that we could live a private life and then showed me a picture of a home on the water, large with an art gallery. So there would be place to hang my photographs.

At the moment I am virus free as I have not been out of my apartment in four days, nor have I imported any food so all of droplets have died. Knowledge is important as it reduces anxiety. I am not overly worried about the contra virus, but nor am I in denial. I am taking all precautions that are sensible.

I was also thinking when I woke up that I have been sowing wild oats at this ripe old age. I did in my thirties as well, more age appropriate. What does sowing wild oats mean?
Origin of the phrase “sow wild oats” meaning etymology euphemisms. In Collin’s dictionary, to sow your wild oats mean. If a young person sows their wild oats, they behave in a rather uncontrolled way, especially by having a lot of sexual relationships.

Well, I was going to settle down. A man proposed in January of 2020 and I hilariously answered by saying:
Me: I thought you’e never ask.
I had jokingly proposed to him first in November of 2019. Those were the days, my friend, we thought they would never end. It seems so long ago, so long ago. It did not work out, thank goodness for that. My life would have been so complicated. I would be on home shelter there as well but in a considerably larger place. I do laugh.

The laughter will have to come from this funny, slightly racy card.

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