An Inspiring Message Brought to You By Joo Kim Tiah And Christian Leaders Concerning These Troubled Times

Yesterday I received an email from Joo Kim Tiah. Well actually from Holborn Group, his company I am attaching it to this blog along with the message I sent back to hi/them, slightly edited. Me: My goodness! What an incredible inspirational message! I am so decidedly impressed. Totally! The biblical passages so expertly chosen, the suggestions so perfect, the comfort so encouraging. I am SO proud of you!!! I shall import this on my blog which reaches people all over the world. You have made me happy, happy, happy as I self isolate in solitary confinement in my apartment in San Francisco. I do laugh. I am blogging and writing my Uncle Dave story using my old blogs – so much of you Joo Kim as you were around tin hose days. It is rather eerie but comforting. I am at peace, compared to the old days. I am going to convert to the Islamic faith when all of this is over. But I will have Jesus in my life – as a prophet. I get it all, lucky me! My very, very best to you! My retirement income insulates me from economic harm during these days and allows me to be in solitary confinement. My decision to enter the Islamic faith comes from Personal Driver. – a 53 year old taxi driver born in Pakistan. None of the inspiration comes from the Crown Prince of Dubai (aka the Sultan, aka Fazza). I have a lovely relationship with his 14 year old sister – we bonded. The family calls me Granny Alexis. Wherein, I was Auntie Alexis to many of you. Well I did get older! Hahaha So there! So there! So there! Love to you all, Alexis He/They: No response as yet. He has been a bit tardy in responses although he used to be great.        

My Dear Friends,

In the midst of the current pandemic’s hardship and uncertainty for everyone here in BC, I would like to share with you a letter from a group of Christian leaders in the province that has united to share our support for the people that are working in the front lines and pray for the well being of our province. During these trying times, we must not lose hope and we should do our best to show kindness and compassion to each other.

Please read, and feel free to share accordingly.

Joo Kim Principal, The Holborn Group

Dear fellow British Columbians, Easter Week April 8, 2020 As a group of Christian leaders we seek to join our voice in praise and thanksgiving for the care, kindness, and sacrifice of courageous front- line health care workers, social and food services staff, and civil servants. We are praying for everyone involved in protecting the health and safety of all in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. May God strengthen, protect, and guide all who seek to provide healing and may their work be a moving expression of the mercy and love of God. We recognize how worrying the global pandemic is. It is a crisis which provokes uncertainty, panic, loss, discouragement, and loneliness. As followers of Jesus, we know that God is with us in the midst of worry and loss. We pray that the Spirit of Christ will bring you peace and an abiding sense of calm. The promise of scripture offers us hope: “Do not be afraid, for I am with you. You are in the palm of my hand” (Isaiah 41:10). We have hope that God will see us through this crisis. Signs of hope and solidarity are evident throughout our province. Despite the restrictions imposed by social distancing and necessary isolation, people everywhere are discovering new and creative ways of reaching out and helping their neighbour. Knowing the value of community, they are heralds of hope to the lonely and consolers to those in distress. It is inspiring to witness the bonds of affection that sustain our communities and society. Nearly 2 million people in BC identify as Christian, and the vast majority of them are engaged in their Christian faith and church communities. We are called to love and support our society, not only with our prayers, but also in our actions. Indeed, we are called to “seek the peace of the city” (Jeremiah 29:7). In this very difficult time in our world we encourage everyone to:
  1. Obey guidelines set by the government, including self-quarantining, social distancing, sanitizing, and hygiene.
  2. Find neighbours who are alone or self-quarantining, and offer to help them.
  3. Assist the elderly, even if only to talk with them from their porch, through a window, or on the phone.
  4. Assist others in need of extra encouragement, companionship, and help, for example: single parents, those with limited mobility or chronic illness, or those struggling with mental illness.
  5. Do more of what brings you deep joy, then share with family, friends, and the world.
  6. Be in touch with your nearest church or community organization and, if it is safe for you, offer to volunteer. For instance, there will be very high need for grocery and meal delivery in the coming weeks.
  7. Donate to charities working on the frontlines. Money is best, but you can call to see what items are most useful in these circumstances. God is with us and wants to shoulder our burdens and offer us comfort and protection. As we pray for the virus to end, let us also together pray: ● For everyone affected by COVID-19 or the closure of social services, particularly the elderly, marginalized, homeless, and hungry. ● For the mental and physical health of all. ● For our political and civic leaders to have wisdom, courage, and humility as they make extraordinarily difficult decisions. ● For all those who work on the frontlines and behind the scenes. ● That all secular and religious communities would work together for the common good. Let all followers of Jesus Christ join together asking for the grace and peace of our almighty and merciful God, especially for all the sick and their families, health care and social workers, authorities, and volunteers who are sorely tried by the COVID-19 pandemic. By and for God’s grace

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