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My day began with a laugh, such a good way to start the day particularly in these troubled times. The lol moment came from the reading of an email from CPI. She had ended an email with “Forbidden Hugs” C cleverly ended an email with:
Me: Masturbatory hugs
She: Masturbatory hugs could involve some gymnastics

I am laughing out loud again just reading that. Further thinking on the matter leads to the conclusion that masturbation usually does involve some gymnastics and, in these troubled times, masturbation is the only form of safe sex. It sounds rather unlikely but I know two men with private jets – so theoretically, they could come and visit me. But what sense would that make when we would have to be six feet away from each other the whole time? Now I just laughed at my own joke. I am a bit angry with at least one of them at the moment and thought it would be most ironic if their planes ran into each other. Now I am not wishing that upon them as I have compassion for the crew.

My world is small and getting smaller as each day in self isolation passes. At this moment I am emailing only two people – CPI and my computer guru Chris. I speak on the phone to one person, Personal Driver, who is not driving but under house arrest in El Cerrito. But we laugh and laugh and laugh. My email list was longer but a decision was made to stop contact with two men- both had some significance and cared (perhaps care) for me. One insulted me and the other is most arrogant and stingy with his time and appears to not want to have fun. One reads my blog, do not think the other one does.

The other ‘person’ that I am in touch with is the 2017 Alexis, because of the book. I read and edit the blogs which talk about Uncle Dave and have started in chronological order. It is all rather fascinating as Vancouver has been deemed the time and place of horrors. But it certainly sounds like I was having fun. The relationships have faded from view but they were fun at the time. I was SO spoiled during the four months at the Trump International Hotel and Tower The belle of the ball. A ball is of course a social gathering for dancing etc. ‘Belle’, meaning ‘fair; beautiful’, was adopted into English in the 17th century from the Old French ‘bele’ and ultimately from the Latin ‘bella’. A specific meaning, the one used in ‘belle of the ball’, was ‘a lady who is the reigning beauty of a place’. This was known by at least 1622 when John Fletcher used it in his comic play The Beggars Bush”. A photo on my refrigerator shows the assembled staff on Canada Day 2017. There I am in the center with my face painted like the Canadian flag. I requested a flag change from the Sultan telling him the the stripes would not work. No flag change BUT a flag honouring something – blue with Arabic letters. I thanked him, saying I looked good in blue and someone could duplicate the letters across my nose. I did not hear back, but that is rather typical of him. But back to the Trump, only two of the staff members remain working there – everyone else found employment elsewhere. The night club Drai’s closed down as well as Mott 32, the restaurant. I was definitely there during the glory days. Glory Days is a song: “The song is a seriocomic tale of a man who now ruefully looks back on his so-called “glory days” and those of people he knew during high school. The lyrics to the first verse are autobiographical, being a recount of an encounter Springsteen had with former Little League baseball teammate Joe DePugh. Go to YouTube and view Springsteen in concert at Glastonbury in 2009.

But onto unpleasantness as there was a promise made to discuss what the straw was that broke the camel’s back. It was a news item announcing exposure to health care workers in UAE. . This is course, is most serious as health care workers are essential and their safety is paramount. China had to import healthcare workers as so many took ill. However Hong Kong and Singapore was able to stop the spread amongst their health care workers. But why was that the straw. Because there was a video of The Crown Prince of Dubai opening the Centre for Coronavirus Control with all of the staff gathered in close proximity to one another – a breeding ground for the spread of the coronavirus.spread amongst the people that had to be protected. And why this video? To pander to the ego of HHH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, By the way, pander is to indulge, gratify, satisfy, cater to, give in to, fulfil, yield to, bow to, humour, please, accommodate, comply with, go along with.

It made me feel awful as I had praised his efforts on this blog. The early screening at the airport, taking measures even before there was a proven case, the reassurances by physicians early on. But that was not fact – it was fiction. Oh well! I made a mistake I fell in love with a manufactured image. But I did get a unicorn which is presently deflated and a fist bump Alexis, do not forget about the fist bump. And probably a poem that is on my phone screen. aI do laugh, what else can I do? At least I got out alive, well so far anyway. I do wonder how many blogs the Sultan appears in. I am too depressed to even think about it, much less do the search. I did laugh, I do admit.

If I ever get out of here I am going to live a simple life, I promise! I will never, eve, r, log about a Sultan, then read it aloud to him – proposing to be the London wife and then reading it to him, not knowing who he was at the time. At least I am staying out of trouble during these home shelter days.

Disillusionment concerning the Sultan had set in some time ago. But whenever I backed off, he came on strong (in some form or another). Then when I responded he would back off. I do not want to be on that roller coaster or do that dance any longer. .

The photos are the gang at the Trump on Canada Day 2017 and an inappropriately funny card.

At eleven o’clock in the morning I had washed my hands five times. But now I sing: Happy Birthday to You, You Live in a Zoo, You Look like a Monkey and You Smell like One Too. I do keep myself entertained.

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