Being a Good Girl; A Most Informative and Helpful Video; Saying to the Sultan, This is No Time to Be Starting a Relationship, The Stupidity of Wearing a Face Mask if You Do Not Have the Virus as Revealed in the New England Journal of Medicine; An Inspiration, Write My Own Obituary  

I am being Such a Good Girl! I watched a video about how to wash your hands properly and I follow the directions and do it just the way they say. I stay inside most days. Then I just finished watching a video made by, and sent from, UCSF concerning the coronavirus. It must be required watching for everyone! It is so informative, so calming, so logical, People are doing the stupidest things., like wearing face masks. The UCSF video says only wear a face mask if you have the disease. Moreover wearing a face mask is counter indicated for the following reason, told to me by Wise Man. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that people that wore face masks, people that did not wear them routinely touched their faces constantly, at a huge rate, constantly. And that is what you are NOT supposed to be doing. So these people with their face mask are making things far worse for themselves – it is not protecting them at all but actually hurting them. But there is no sense saying anything to people. Although I laughingly said to people in RiteAid.  


Me: Thank you for not wearing a face mask. 
He: Laughinglly. I know it is ridiculous!  
There was a sign on the window that said that there no face masks to be had – their supply had run out. But then this, as I smiled at another man.
Me: Thank you for not wearing a face mask.
He: The Mayor of Los Angeles made an announcement that EVERYONE in that fair city should be wearing a face mask. 
Me: I would like to think you are joking but I am sure you are not. Wearing a face mask, makes things worse, not better. I guess the Mayor of Los Angeles did not read the New England Journal of Medicine.
The trouble with this whole situation is that people making decisions and mandates are not informed, have no knowledge of studies and medical information, from the top down. The top being Trump and Pence. It is absolutely criminal and causing panic. The UCSF video informs the easy steps. Wash your hands, do not party or go in huge groups of people, wash surfaces in your home. All very easy things to be doing. If you have symptoms call your doctor first, call the hospital first, just do not go there. It points out that recovery can probably take place at home, that for most people it is just an ordinary flu. So don’t panic! That was am hysterically funny article in The New Yorker written about in this blog.  
Now, you are never going to believe this, but it is true. A man is texting me, saying he is the Crown Prince of Dubai (aka Fazza aka the Sultan). He wants my phone number, saying that he is coming to visit me and needs to call so that we can make plans.
He: Yes send me your phone number that i can reach you through whatsapp
Me:You know I have thought this over. You have a charming tendency to make plans to see me and then not show up. I do not want to expose myself to hurt yet again. 
He: Relax your mind let’s work out things back
Me: I am laughing as I write this. This is no time to be starting a relationship what with the virus and all. I think we would have to have a test to see if we had antibodies and then there is you and your camels and SARS. I do not think so. I am laughing but I am right.
No response as yet. Probably I will not get one, but who knows? He is used to getting everything he wants. And then there is the possibility that he is a catfish. None of this makes any sense, it is hardly likely that he needs me to come and pick him up at the airport. I do laugh. 
Another great email from Former London Lover, Present Friend
He: If i were you ( now theres a thought) i would keep my social contacts to visual ; use your memory and writers nose for what is important ; read obituaries and compose your own( the times of London have superb ones) to ensure that the good that you have done deosnt go down with you. With the termination of plays i have been reading /listening to old productions. Classic lines from Shake; The old have seen more than we; we will not see their like again( rather transposed, but the sense is the thing.
Me: You definitely made me laugh with  (now theres a thought). I have written two obituaries, my mother (Jessie Elaine Dryburgh) and Husband #3 on blog. Type Paul Skvaril into search engine. But what fun to write my own. I will do it and put it on the blog. You inspire me, you truly do! 
Me: There is no point in getting together. This is no time for renewing a relationship. We would have to be tested for antibodies, I think, to be truly safe. So I guess we are stuck with our emails to one another, well emails and then I have a booster, shall we say. 
My life continues to amuse me. One could quite accurately say that there is no shortage of men in my life, definitely that should go in the obituary. 
The photograph Is the tree – look how many leaves it has now!

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