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CPI got an advance copy of my statistics, she had this to say:
She: American Samoa? Russia? Nigeria? Covering the world! Interesting to see if numbers go up as activities decline.
Me: I remember meeting a man from Nigeria when in London. Also people from Qatar during my last visit to London. But 9 from Malta? I did meet a man from Malta when living in London. His name was Palmer Valentine, an author, of a book on the Titanic. He said he owned an island in the Mediterranean. I checked with a mutual friend – he said he lived on one but he did not own it. Some men will say anything to get you to go to bed with them, he was not successful by the way.
I met a woman from Taiwan at the Rotunda, so I know who that is. But it is all rather strange and bewildering. Some guy that came onto me on Instagram was working in Turkey. But 264 from UAE – I was only there for a week. The Royal Family of Dubai, whom I met, is a huge family but not that huge! 11 people from China? So I do not quite know what to make of all of this. I guess I should ask some questions from Chris, like for example if someone was travelling using the Internet in that country would that count? I did meet a group of people who were travelling to Malta.

I seem to be reacting very strangely to these huge statistics – I did not blog yesterday. . In all fairness to myself, however, I did send the first chapter of the Uncle Dave book to Chris in London and emailed my tax person receiving the good news that taxes are not due until July 15,2020. This has been a desultory morning. Now that was strange – that word just came to mind, looked it up and it is perfect: lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm. Used in a sentence, Few people were left, dancing in a desultory fashion. Its synonyms are: half-hearted, lukewarm, cursory, superficial, token, perfunctory, passing, incidental, sketchy, haphazard, random, aimless, rambling, erratic, unmethodical, unsystematic, automatic, unthinking, capricious, mechanical, offhand, chaotic, inconsistent, irregular, intermittent, occasional, sporadic, inconstant, fitful. ANTONYMS keen; systematic; lasting. So in a rather halfhearted, random, haphazard way I checked my emails to find one from Adam whose nickname was First Man. It was funny:
He: Of course you’re not worried about this shit, no one worries when they’re half way through a bottle of Rye! haha I hope you’re staying safe and isolating even more than usual. Stay at home! Where is home these days Alexis?
Me: Home is San Francisco – the place you cannot visit because of Homeland Security. So I am safe from you. Darn, I am laughing! As my blog attests, old extroverted me is quite content with her own company. And there is no man in life. I do not think there is anyway. Although Former London Lover said he would go to bed with me if asked. Rather impossible in this day and age. 121 men asked me to go to bed with them since April of 2016. You were not one of them. Again I am laughing.
So that is a rather strange email exchange come to think of it. I mean Adam is a man and we are emailing one another. He lives in Vancouver, is hugely successful. an innovator in his field without the inherited wealth of Joo Kim or the Sultan. When Adam and I see each other it is absolutely electric – lunch last May our last get together. So “no man in my life” speaking of Former London Lover? We stay in touch and he reads my blogs. So I guess I mean romanic interest, and somebody might be lurking out there. But I always seem to pick unavailable men and have been for years. Adam and I had a long email discussion about unavailability when we were in regular correspondence. The psychiatrist, met in Las Vegas (who coined “Instant Intimacy) said that it was because of this trait, that I did not want anyone around full time to get in the way.
Intimacy by the way is togetherness, affinity, rapport, attachment, familiarity, confidentiality, close association, close relationship, close attachment, close friendship, friendliness, comradeship, companionship, amity, affection, mutual affection, warmth, warm feelings, understanding, fellow feeling; informal chumminess.
This Instant Intimacy was remarked upon by a Trump Hotel staff member when I was staying there in 2017.
He: I see you with people, all sorts of people. You immediately relate to them and them to you. It is as if you have no walls.
Another Trump staff member said:
He: We try to construct walls but you keep knocking them down.

Recently the unavailability of men is geographic – they tend not to live where I do not live and even visitation is difficult. But both Adam and Joo Kim lived in Vancouver when I did but we seldom had face to face contact and they both were otherwise available – not having wives. By the way, the two men were not simultaneous, they were sequential. Adam one month after break up with Joo Kim.
This is so eerie. Just as I was writing about unavailable men an email popped up from Former London Lover, Present Friend. It was so funny, I laughed and laughed.
He: Congrats on such a wide ranging readership; clearly you have something that many people want to share . Little do they know .
Me: You make me laugh so hard. “Little do they know.”
He: a funny, true story form the rationing front. We have a only 3 of the same thing can be bought form supermarkets. A columnist was in the q and was brought up short because she had more than 3 bottles of rose( for a friend!) and was named and shamed. She wasn’t sure which was worse; to be known as a raving alcoholic or an anti social hoarder. In german, as you may know, they have a word for it which translates as hamster cheeks ; not sure which to admire most, the poetry or the fact that they have such a vivid word.
Then he made a comment about my dietary habits, I had written about what I was eating and drinking at the time.
He: not sure that tuna goes with whisky ; but then you were always one for breaking new boundaries.
Me: I really am most fond of you for many reasons, but one is the way you make me laugh I am blogging at this moment about me and unavailable men. How ironic to get your email at this moment. Back to the blog.

The photograph is of fig preserves harkening back to: “Your waist and breasts are like the fruits of a fig tree.”

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