I Am So Bored, Desperate Measures for Desperate Times; Put On Your Thinking Cap; Taming Alexis and/or Wild Animals

I am getting so bored with this stupid Home Shelter but then I had a great idea! I will go to the App Store and download the Crown Prince of Dubai’s Day for Dubai App and apply. Then he could send his private jet to San Francisco, pick me up and I could get out and be around people. But then I thought it through. What if he did it and I got to Dubai, what then? The Ruler of Dubai is still in charge – he could just throw me in jail and then I would be really, really bored. And probably no one could come and visit me.

Have to put the thinking cap back on. What does that expression mean? It is an idiom: “To put on your thinking cap means to apply yourself to considering a problem and finding a solution to it. When we tell someone to ‘put on their thinking cap’ we are asking them to work to solve a problem.” Where does the expression come from? Perhaps, Robert Hendrickson’s book Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins. The phrase first was recorded in the 1600s as “put on your considering cap,” which was a way of saying that one should take some time to think something over before making a decision or coming to a conclusion.

So then I went to the Pinterest site and there was a picture of the Crown Prince with two animals – I think lions. I wrote:
Me: Now I see why you think you can tame me. But you cannot because you have to get the the animal when they are young. Do not ask me how I know that, but I do. You see I am not just a pretty face.

So, as you can see I am in a good mood even though I am ‘home sheltered’ – at least I am not in jail.

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