The Epicurean Trader As Hero; Being a Puppet on a String; Open Stores So Gifted and Wonderful and Caring; An Hour Long Chat With a Homeless Man

Here in beleaguered San Francisco, there is hope and it is provided through the auspices of The Epicurean Trader. I came home, from my almost daily journey to that fine store to find this email.
COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on restaurants in particular – it is estimated that over 75% of restaurant workers in San Francisco are currently out of work. Every restaurant is in survival mode.

In order to help, we will be teaming up with local restaurants that have been hard hit. Through various pop-ups at our markets we will provide restaurants with a revenue source by offering grab-and-go meals for in-store pickup.
Is that not absolutely wonderful?!?!. I sent them a congratulatory email and promised to place this on the blog. The first store pick up in the Hayes location is March 24 at 4:30.

So my day was waking up, emailing three of my friends, writing the blog. Then, sheer starvation led me to the crazy streets of beleaguered San Francisco, A stop at my grocery store on Hayes, with the most wonderful owners ,and staff and then to Epicurean Trader, purchasing a ham baguette and other items, Multiple crazy people on the streets with no knowledge at all of how the coronavirus is spread and stupid comments. But saving that until tomorrow.

Prior to leaving my apartment, on my mission for sustenance, I suddenly reached my tipping point with regards to a certain individual. He has been playing a game with me, like I am a puppet on a string, for months. I finally, and I mean finally, faced it. I called Personal Driver, telling him of this insight and took off to feed myself.

The people in their open stores wonderful. The losers on the streets with their dogs horrible and misinformed. But whatever, more about that tomorrow. I met and spoke, for about an hour with Michael, 54, a homeless man. What a truly wonderful man with an intact value system, unlike the Ruler of Dubai. We spoke of many things, it was utterly enjoyable and I hope to see him again soon. He was born in Hayes Valley and hangs out here. Makes sense to me. He has a family – divorced but with children and grandchildren.

Then home, to find this strangest YouTube message from my previous multibillionaire, indirect of course, as that is how they communicate, for some strange reason. Someone was replying to my public comment about Alix Residences, clearly named for me by the previous

They: Thank you for your response Alexis. Are you coming to visit?
Me: But it is not built yet, is it? Not for about three years? Believe me the USA is not looking real good these days and did not enjoy Canada (my birthplace but moved to the US in 1967) Malaysia might be tempting but we have to get through this stupid coronavirus thing. I am not joking about Malaysia being an alternative. I was looking at Dubai but for various reasons Malaysia might be a better alternative.

I do not just think, I do. I looked into Malaysian Immigration and found the following heartening news. “The MM2H program is going to be the best way if you can qualify. It is a 10 year renewable visa to Malaysia for you and you family. To qualify: Ages over 50 – Need to prove 10,000 RM (2,500 USD)/month in income and make a personal deposit of 150,000 RM (37.5k USD) into your Malaysia bank account.”

I can easily do that – I can get a renewable visa to Malaysia. I was wary of Malaysia as there is information that it is governed by corrupt individuals. But who could be more dishonest and abusive than the Ruler of Dubai, not his son The Crown Prince of Dubai, but the Ruler of Dubai.

Then, in my thorough fashion, goggled Joo Kim’s father, Tony Tian and found this item. “Recently bought the Swissotel in Kunshan, China from Dubai’s Kingdom Hotel Investments for $61 million. Wife Tan Kuay Fong runs firm; son Joo Kim is deputy chief executive.”

When I spoke of my multibillionaires to Wise Man, he inquired:
He: Did they ever meet one another?
Me: No, why would they??

I guess I was wrong. They may have met on more than one occasion. Perhaps at Whistler and then around the purchase of this property. They are both very hands on and competent men – with graduate degrees in Economics and Business Administration. They would have been involved personally in the sale of a $61 million property. They do have a lot in common: they are the heirs to a multibillionaire fortune, they both know, and were involved with, Alexis McBride, and other secrets which I will never reveal. I am very good at keeping secrets.

Needless to say my mind was totally boggled. I hate the heat, I would prefer a cooler country but as pointed out: .
Me: I hate the heat! I was born in Canada.
JKT: Alexis, we have air conditioning in Malaysia.

But just to make things amusing. I made a rather indecent proposal to a man of my acquaintance, who lives across the pond, as they say. Here is his response:
He:Hello Alexis,A gentleman should never refuse a lady anything.But at the same time i am not sure that alexis would ever class her self as a lady. So theres a paradox.
Me: I absolutely adore you!!!!!! I am laughing so hard. I have decided that I am a lady. So there! So there! So there! Are you a gentleman by the way? You were a gentle man. Joo Kim sort of on the scene, but you and JKT existed in a parallel universe for about six months after I left London for Vancouver. My life is unbelievable.You unleashed a tiger in April of 2016.
Me: By the way Thank you for being there for me. Never thought I would say that! Hahahah. Seriously, you have been there for me a great deal over these past four years. Well, almost four years.
So that is me. The photo is my rubber duckie, we splash around in the bathtub every day.

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