Alexis Does Phoenix Rising From The Ashes Yet Again; Stupid Way to Start The Day; The Idiom Tearing Out Your Hair; Typhoid Mary; An Unbelievable Life Involving the Royal Family of Dubai

It is a sunny day in San Francisco. There are a lot of good things about the coronavirus panic – one, there are are hardly any cars on the busy street that abuts my apartment so it is quiet and quite peaceful. Two – the restaurants are sure not to be crowded. Three – my good humour is greatly appreciated because everyone else is scurrying about in their face masks with a look of pure horror.

Personal Driver and I were shopping at Target yesterday amongst the panicked people. But not everyone was panicked, one wonderful woman praised my coat and my shoes.
She: I love your coat
Me: Thank you so much! It cost a fortune. I bought it in London.
She: It looks like a London coat. It is so stylish.
Me: I lived in Marin most of my life but went to live in London in 2014 for two and a half years. I loved it.
She: It must have been an adventure.
Me: It truly was and it changed my life. For one thing I became extremely attractive to men, for some reason. Since 2016 121 men have asked to go to bed with me.
She: I can throughly understand why- you have this fantastic energy about you.
Me: Thank you!

She asked if she could take a picture of my coat and my shoes and show them to her friend.
Me: Of course you can! I am so flattered.
My shoes are the silver Jimmy Choos bought at Saks. When you are hot, you are hot. When you are not, you are not.

My good naturedness has returned. It was devastating to learn of delayed knee replacement s but already I am a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes. I have hired a computer guru who will come to my apartment on Friday. Dave will assist me in mastering iBook Author and I will get back to work on the biography of my Uncle Dave Dryburgh. What a coincidence, that his name is Dave. This will be a good use of the time leading to the delayed surgery as I will have somewhat limited mobility. I feel encouraged.

But here is the stupid thing I did this morning. I read an article from the Atlantic on ‘social distancing’ – this stupidly hysterical thing wherein everyone suspend their lives and their existence for fear of the virus. The virus that has a mortality rate of only 2%. This hysteria is fanned by the media – I just got a late breaking news item that there was one death from the virus in Ontario. So everyone in Ontario will be tearing their hair out. That is and idiom that means: To be extremely anxious, worried, frustrated, or stressed out about something So panic will ensure amongst some Ontario residents. There were probably about ten deaths from car accidents in Ontario during this period of time.. Does that mean that all residents of Ontario should park their cars in their garages for three weeks? There are parallels here. This is ridiculous. Now that my surgery is postponed I am going to go out and see if I can get the virus and get it over with. I am not in the 2% group that is going to die and do not associate with anyone in that group. I am not going to be Typhoid Mary. Google Typhoid Mary and up pops a Wikipedia tale that is fascinating to read. It begins: “Mary Mallon (September 23, 1869 – November 11, 1938), also known as Typhoid Mary, was an Irish cook believed to have infected 51 people, three of whom died, with typhoid fever, and the first person in the United States identified as an asymptomatic carrier of the disease. Because she persisted in working as a cook, by which she exposed others to the disease, she was twice forcibly isolated by authorities, and died after three decades in isolation,

But onto a less depressing topic – my unbelievable life.

This blog has an extremely interesting feature, some blogs have, at the end of the blog, a section called related stories, which when clicked reveals blogs written in prior times. So, for example, the blog of March 15, 2020, has three earlier blogs, The first one of the three is rather mind boggling in light of what happened subsequently. I am living in Vancouver at the time.and had been Instagram scammed by a man purporting to be the Crown Prince of Dubai. When you read it you will see that is I sent him $1000 he would introduce me to his father. (now is that VERY funny given what has been going on). Faithful readers will know that I did meet the Crown Prince of Dubai in November in a London hotel. He was the real thing. Now, is that not improbable? As well, in that blog of I brazenly announce that I will never go to Dubai as is too too ‘manufactured’. Well, as all will know, I did go there 18 months later and had a jolly time at the Marriott Marquis. , Oh my goodness!! I cannot believe all of this and my life.

I forgot some of this but the early blog brings back all of these strange memories. What is very strange is this. The real Crown Prince of Dubai does have my book on the Tate. I gave it to one of the children, a reliable one, on one of their visits to my London hotel room, probably on January 1, 2020. I have not heard from the Crown Prince of Dubai that he got my book, but he is busy right now. However, he was that not that busy during the first couple of week in January, so he is not forgiven.

Then the second blog from April 2019 mentions a certain Jimmie Avanzini, a guy met’ on Instagram – never saw the whites of his eyes.. He said he was In Dubai designing and constructing clothing for the Royal Family of Dubai. He wrote extremely romantic emails and Direct Mails telling me he loved me and when he finished the phase of his contract he was coming to be with me, with the idea of marrying me and then, as I recall, we would go and live at his home in Vancouver. In good faith he sent a copy of his plane ticket to San Francisco.. , tBut as the day approached he needed an infusion of funds as the Royal Family wanted some extras that he had to provide prior to contract payment. He has maxed his credit card buying the ticket to San Francisco. I said no, I would negotiate better terms on the contract but he was not going to get any of my money. His next ploy was a request to open a bank account in a specific bank so he could deposit the final check from the Royal Family. My bank said that was ridiculous, that he could open an account anywhere, including my branch, and deposit the check. So NO to that request as well. Needless to say he never showed but there was an Instagram posting of him in LA. I texted him and asked him if he got lost, he replied that an old friend had ‘helped’ him. In other words, some woman from LA must have fallen for the scam. Trust me, when I met the many members of the Royal Family in December of 2019 I did not ask them if they knew Jimmie Avanzini and had quite forgotten about him until I read the April related story. How improbable that I would meet many, many members of the Royal Family of Dubai in London. Of course, I did not ask them if they knew a Jimmie Avanzini. I am laughing as I write. I rather forgot about fake Jimmie until I read the prior blog that mentioned him. I was not sad when he did not show up on my doorstep, just relieved.

The March 2017 blog begins with my mention of Alexis Sanchez – not knowing who he was and feeling rather stupid. A young boy in London had a soccer shirt emblazoned with my name Alexis Discovered later that Alexis plays for the Arsenals but guess who owns the Arsenals? The Royal Family of Dubai – yes indeed they do. I mean really????

It seems so improbable but all of this is true. It seems I was destined to meet the Royal Family of Dubai.

This has been a detour – back to the Islamic faith in tomorrow’s blog.

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