It is Official, I Was Over Extended; Meghan Did Not Listen; An Unusual Way of Expressing Emotions; Curl Someone’s Hair

First of all, what is Unusual. It is an adjective whose synonyms are: abnormal, atypical, unexpected, surprising, unfamiliar, unwonted, different; strange, odd, curious, out of the ordinary, extraordinary, out of the way, unorthodox, uncustomary, unconventional, outlandish, offbeat, off-centre, deviant, novel, singular, peculiar, queer, bizarre, freakish, quirky, alien; , scarce, rare, few and far between, thin on the ground, exceptional, isolated, occasional, infrequent, irregular, sporadic; British out of the common; informal weird, oddball, way out, freaky, something else; North American informal off the wall; dated seldom. ANTONYMS common, everyday. More about unusual later.

I did not blog yesterday because I was sleeping. I slept for 24 hours – well with a couple of periods of wakefulness. I woke up at three in the afternoon, got up, got dressed then came downstairs and had Mac and cheese and Diet Pepsi from the kid’s menu – then went upstairs and texted Wise Man. Wise man was so great:

He: If you slept that long you are really overextended. You are human, pace yourself.

Me: I am now. I am pacing myself.

But here is the miraculous part – I woke this morning, totally free of knee pain and able to walk without a limp. It seems like a miracle. I did not realize I was overextended and the whole situation became circular – with pain and weariness. I thought I was doing fine, leaving things up to fate and destiny but I was fooling myself. At the moment there is some anxiety and fear for what the next few days will bring. I will take things very easy – start of get packed, try on my summer clothes, figure out what I will wear on the plane, take long soaks in the bath tub and take a few pictures. Any normal person would have anxiety as my future is unclear. Not the short term future as that will entail going home to San Francisco to await knee replacement surgery and then to recover. But after that, after about June – who knows??? All bets are off.

I go home to doctor’s appointments, water aerobics and Personal Driver. I am sure that people will be glad to see me – loads of people said they would miss me. I have some unbelievable stories to tell them. They will shake their heads in amazement and maybe it will even curl some people’s hair. It is an expression, an idiom that means: To shock or terrify someone.Used in sentences: That horror movie sure curled my hair—I could not sleep for a week! Geez, don’t sneak up on me like that, you’re gonna curl my hair!

But back to life here and prior blogs. It seems that Meghan did not listen to me as the News reported that she went back to Canada. (rather than Dubai as I had suggested). All I can say is this, Canada did not work for me (and I am a Canadian by birth). It seemed for awhile but then reality set in. Onerous taxation and impossibly horrible heath care were the two top reasons for my departure and return to the USA but there is massive disillusionment with Canada, including the Prime Minister who eerily looks like the Crown Prince of Dubai.. The Crown Prince much better looking and very dynamic and a better leader with vast dreams for his country – they shall be the technological giant of the world. That I do believe, they have the infrastructure and the money to make it happen. Television news was very unclear as to where she might be going but by researching on Google it was learned that she is staying in a mansion on Vancouver Island. All I can say Megan is don’t get sick – there is no medical care in that province and no private sector medical care to supplement the pathetic provincial health care system. She should have consulted with me, or at least read my blog. My life is decidedly weird, I do admit. Harry is not with her – he is back here with me. Well, not exactly with me but I am in London at this particular moment. I am having a most restful day – back in bed and writing this blog. Had a bubble bath, watched some videos of the Sultan. I am hooked on that guy, I am laughing. There is not a new flag as suggested but there is a new emblem – he made the announcement in January of 2020 and everyone seems most pleased with the idea. There is a brief shot of him in some footage with no shirt on. Oh my goodness gracious me, he is most sexy – as girlfriend Jennifer has labeled him – SSS – which stands for Sexy Sultry Sultan. Phew!!! He does not have any hair on his chest – but what a chest with lots of muscles in all of the right places. I am laughing so hard! The feelings I have for him seem to be reciprocated – he tells me so in the strangest of ways. At first I was not happy with the means and the mechanisms but now I am. He is a very clever and complex man.

His way of telling me is unorthodox, and rather outlandish – but I am not complaining.

So this is a short blog because I have to start getting packed – packing the winter clothes and getting out the summer clothes as it is warm in Dubai. Cold here but warm there. It is probably raining on Vancouver Island – Meghan not a good choice.

There is no picture because I am too lazy to get out of bed and take one. So Wise Man says

Pace Yourself Alexis and I obey.

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