No, He Did Not Meet the Plane He Was Working on His Happiness Agenda; Strange Love Quotes From Pinterest; Being Loved Can Be Overwhelming; Pictures of Me Not Looking Like Me and a Love Note Left from a Visitor

So my American friends were teasing me, asking if the Sultan would meet the plane upon my arrival in Dubai. The answer is NO, he did not but I do know what he was doing at the time. He was announcing new positions for theHappiness Agenda. “The Happiness Champions contribute to a smart city’s soft power,” said Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed. “We have directed government entities to embrace both of the two new titles for Happiness Champions in their teams, and to align and unite all of their efforts and channel them towards a common goal: to design and build a smart city of the highest standards, upgrade city services, and enhance the living experience of Dubai’s residents and visitors.”

So apparently he was not that concerned with my happiness. It was rather inconsiderate of him. First things first, I sent CPI news of the Happiness and she wittily replied:

CPI: Can you imagine such a Happiness Agenda in Vancouver?

Me: No, never! Although they do need it! Vancouver is such a miserable place.

So at the moment my life is utterly, completely unbelievable. I give up and have decided to spend the day in bed, totally secluded from everything and everybody. People cannot call me on the hotel phone and if anybody comes knocking I can call Security and they will get rid of the unwelcome guest. The reasons for this is all very complicated. It is confusing but I need protection from love, it is a bit overwhelming.

But on a different note – I am not very good with social media, not good at all. There is a site called Pinterest who keeps sending me strange messages, that can be quite amusing. There is something called Love Quotes and here are a couple of them, they utterly slay me. “I promise to be by your side, Or under you. Or on top.” And another one that said”I am in my bed. You are in yours. One of us is in the wrong place.”

So at the moment I am in bed laughing away. I did get up and go for breakfast but came back to my room, got back in my pyjamas, cleaned up the room but then went back to bed. I am getting into a better psychological state, mostly because I am laughing. I do not know what I would do without my sense of humour.

Two pictures shall be attached to this blog, both have appeared on Instagram. One is of me looking not like me, with makeup artfully applied. You will not believe by who – but it was by a member of the Royal Family of Dubai – obviously not a guy. The other is a love note from an unexpected source. It says” “I (heart) you. It was left in my room by visitors. Honest, there is a picture to prove it.

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