Three Songs For The Sultan; This The First and Most Significant

First, the most meaningful and poignant. What is meaningful? Meaningful: This is the definition that has the most meaning for me: deep, serious, in earnest, significant, important. Here it us, my Sultan, it is a link to a wonderful video with a woman riding a horse in equestrian fashion. I do not thinks so, but perhaps in the future after the second knee replacement. I joked with a man in this treasured hotel:

Me: I had one knee replacement and now I have to have another. Recovered from one and now another.

He: Well at least you will not to have another, You only have two knees.

Me: With me, you never know!!! Hahaha

The link to the first song and now I shall go to sleep again. Air Emeritus is wonderful but the jet lag is extremely powerful!!! Seventeen hours in Economy and then eight to London?!?

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