I Can Now Spot a Scammer, A Catfish Immediately; Now But Not Before; James Marco Bites the Dust; Timing Impeccable for Dubai Visit; Coincidences Abound Everywhere; Fazza the First Watches on the Computer

Now I do admit that more than one scammer, more than one catfish has entered my life. The good news is they never got any money from me and the time they spent with me kept them from vulnerable women. But here is an interchange I had with a guy who says he is jamesmarco83.

He: Hello

Me; I guess hi back

He: How are you doing, Where are you from?

Me: Hell.

He: Don’t get you?

He: I mean your country

Me: Born in Canada. Live in the US You?

He: Oh nice! Are you married?

Me: Not any more! But I am not interested in you, To be fair not leading you on.

He: well I saw your profile when locking for an old friend of mine because I was inform that I can get in contact with him on fb when searching for for him I saw your profile ar add friend and I was interested then sent you a friend invite

He: So what do you do for a living?.

Me: Read the About Me section of my famous blog alexismcbride.com. It will answer all your questions. If you have further questions ask. But I do not desire a long distance relationship with a stranger.

He: ok dear. You look pretty I would have loved to have a relationship with you dear but you said you don’t want to have a long distance relationship.

Me: Thank you for listening to me and respecting my wishes.

He: ok dear. So what did you do to earn a living

Me: Read the fucking blog and Go Away.

Then I blocked jamesmarco83. That is how I do it these days. One cannot stop these creeps from coming onto you but Instagram adds a great deal to my life. One just has to spot them and go on. This guy has all the markers of a catfish scammer. His grammar is atrocious, he never reveals anything about himself, he seems to have a sort of script, he calls me dear. He is being terribly familiar and therefore showing no respect whatsoever. Soon he will insist that I go on HangOuts or another App. For some reason he cannot do Skype or FaceTime and he probably will not email. Just when he thinks he has gotten you suckered in – then he will ask for money. He will be coming to you with the promise that he will bring the cash with him to pay you back then. They do have limited imaginations and/or are terribly stupid. But they get away with it because they say they cannot live without you and they love you. How in the world you can love a person you have never met is beyond me. I do admit that it took me a long time and more than one creep at my feet. But at this point I am immune. Now he has got to change his profile so it is a little inconvenient but he will be back at it. I am putting this on my blog so that others can see how these people work, They are definitely sick and isolated people – probably a bit crazy and cagey. They should be on a dating site if that is what they want but I guess there are slim pickings there. I do not know, I do not need a dating site, that is for sure! .

But back to a bright light, and a man I did meet while in London and he is all over the Internet and one can learn about him just be watching and I have. For example, one can see that the Sultan and his father have an excellent relationship. There is footage of the two in separate cars at a race track. The Sultan stops and waves to the driver of his father’s car. He jumps from his car and goes to show his father some images on his phone. It is so touching to see the two men in obvious delight with the images and with one another. This is one of the various ways that the Sultan gives hope to this world and makes this world a better place to reside. Inviting the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to the Expo site will serve to unite the two countries and show the world that there are Good Muslims – not just the bad ones that have crowded the media since 9/11, But there is a rather strange habit – men meet one another and sort of rub noses. I thought that was an Eskimo custom – the climatic conditions are a bit different. (hahahaha).

So you see what was done here. The worst of mankind was illustrated and began this blog. But then the focus was changed and the focus became the best of mankind. It is because in life there is no joy without sorrow, no sweet without bitter, and perhaps, no good without evil.

On Saturday morning while jumping and dancing to joyous music I suddenly began to sob. I spoke to the instructor later, admitting to this breach of etiquette. She did see this, thought I was having a seizure and was about to jump in the pool and save me. Thank goodness I stopped crying – it would have interrupted the class. Why was I crying? I think tears of joy, not ones of sorrow. But the feeling was most profound and led to the tears. Then I met the cutest little girl in the jacuzzi whose father was nearby watching.

She: Look at your bathing suit. It is like the American flag.

Me: It is! I bought it in New York for only seven dollars. I call it my Wonder Woman bathing suit.

I told her father of our conversation.

He: She just loves Wonder Woman, she is a fan.

Me: What an amazing coincidence. Many coincidences led to all of this.

The little girl will be at the Y next Saturday for swimming lessons and I will be there for water aerobics so we will meet again. We promised we would. Now I am briefly crying – tears of joy and not sorrow.

I have just learned that my sense of timing is impeccable. The coldest month in Dubai is January and that is when I will be visiting. Let us now look up impeccable .. It means n accordance with the highest standards; faultless:. Used in a sentence: She had impeccable manners. Its synonyms are: flawless, faultless, unblemished, spotless, stainless, untarnished, perfect, exemplary, ideal, model;, pure, moral, sinless, upright, irreproachable, unimpeachable, blameless, guiltless, above suspicion, beyond reproach, beyond criticism, incorrupt, uncorrupted; informal squeaky clean, whiter than white, lily-white, as pure as the driven snow. ANTONYMS imperfect; sinful.

As I dislike the heat my faultless, unblemished, exemplary, unimpeachable timing will have me there at the coldest months of all – which is still pretty warm but not stifling as there is air conditioning everywhere.

The most amazing and perhaps prophetic happened in the hallway of my apartment. A woman emerged from her apartment with her dog and we fell in conversation about London. I told her that I was returning to London, stopping in Dubai on the way there and back.But I did tell her the absolute truth, that when I was in London I met the Crown Prince of Dubai. She had done the stopover in Dubai many times, she informed me.

She: So did the Crown Prince invite you to come to Dubai?

Me: No, not directly. I made my own travel plans.

She: While you are there you MUST visit the Flower Garden, Google it as it is fantastic!

Me: OMG. I love flowers as I took Ikebana flower arranging for twenty years. I will absolutely go there!! Thank you!!

So this is seeming rather magical, this trip to London via Dubai. The photograph is of Fazza the First watching the Real Fazza. It is all rather delightful. I have decided to take Fazza the First with me to London and Dubai. I left him at home during my last trip to London and that was not really fair to him or to me as we missed one another.

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