A Crisis Here But Slowly Getting Resolved: Further Explorations of the Sultan Originated When I Could Type Properly; Instagram Material on the Injured Finger

So there was a crisis last night. I cut my finger with a knife, the third finger of my left hand. It did not look serious but it would not stop bleeding. Being a resourceful person, I eventually wrapped two panty liners around the finger and felt safe enough to resume watching The Crown but I looked down and blood was still coming through all of intensive wrapping and down my arm. W I panicked, thought of dealing 911 but it seemed silly for just a cut finger and you have to save them for the big stuff, like my TIA or when goons were attacking me in the hallway of my building. So, I called Personal Driver, who did not pick up but I left a message explaining my plight. He called back immediately, saying he was on the way but I had applied pressure and put my finer above my head and the bleeding had stopped. Later, I went to bed and had an ok sleep but did give certain men in my life a dressing down because they were not there for me and available when I needed them. But I am very much aware of the fact that Personal Driver was there for me and was going to drive a long way to be there for me. Not a typical sort of arrangement, but for me, typical arrangements have never worked out.

So sleep did come, waking up super early to an email from CPI – which definitely cheered. You will not believe some of the things that are going on in Canada and of course the United States. Typing is most slow because of finger but got a response back to her.

She: Have also read a column (in a Canadian paper) that concluded that impeachment of Trump would be the equivalent of the Civil War

Me: An interesting concept. When you think about it – it may be true. It is about slavery as we rational folks are enslaved to his absolute craziness and anyone who supports him, and many do, are crazy as well. So this country is polarized again. May the best man win – which in this case is Elizabeth Warren. Hahahaha .

She: How did I get onto this? Oh yes, forgot to tell you that we now have a Minister of Middle Class Prosperity! She is also Associate Minister of Finance. Convenient. Only in a Trudeau government.

Me: OMG and in Trudeau’a rather simple mind it there is a Minister of Middle Class Prosperity there is middle class prosperity. We Americans may have a delusional president but you have a (slightly more subtle) delusional Prime Minister.

She: Does Fazza, previously known as Bunny have brown eyes? Happy Thanksgiving.

Me: No black I had to check though. He also had another nickname PUN. It stood for Pink Ugly Nose so he is most happy being Fazza the First.

So back to the real thing, the continuing character analysis of the Sultan. This was done BC (before cut), viewing first the ‘footage’ of the wedding celebration. “ Now these particular series of scenes make no sense to me at all – cultural differences,, I suppose so, it is to be expected. Sultan and his two brothers get married at the same time – I suppose a way of saving money? (Hahahaha) The celebrations are shown – but this is the strange part; there is nort one woman in sight, There is not a woman in sight. No women b – many, many men in dresses but absolutely no women. So there is music and sticks and lots of kissing. The men look like they are glad to see one another and kiss each other on both cheeks and all. But no women. Now if I got married again, I would like a little attention or at least get to be there. I guess I have a lot of studying and immersion to do, I am willing to do it. But not exactly sure where to look. Onto another, Footage showing the opening of the Space Centre and this time there are women. So it seems possible that women can go the the space centre but not to the wedding celebration. Huh? . The Sultan is shown paying rapt attention to various exhibits listening politely and with respect to woman who are lecturing – about what I do not know as I do not speak Arabic. .

The women are dressed in black with head scarves – that is basically ok with me but how come the guys get to wear the cooler white dresses and the woman black? White is a cooler colour to wear in the heat. Then there is another wrinkle a young boy gets to play and draw but his sister did not. Oops.

But onto another where we find the Sultan opening a place called City Space – most impressive, (Reminds me of the Planning Museum in Shanghai). He is accompanied by a whole herd of men in dressed in white. A herd or perhaps a gaggle. No, not a gaggle, I looked it up. It is either 1 a flock of geese or, i2 nformally a disorderly group of people. The Sultan’s men are not geese nor were they disorderly. The Sultan pays attention, asks questions. He is quiet and attentive and most appropriate. There are women in sight so if you are a woman you can go to City Space, just not to your wedding celebration.

But a special treat was in store. It was another piece that featured Gov Games and was an award ceremony. The Sultan was there and so was his sister. She is a beautiful woman and the affection between the two was palpable. Now that was the right use of that word, because it is (of a feeling or atmosphere) so intense as to seem almost tangible. One could see that – he and his sister have a tangible affection for one another. There are too many synonyms: perceivable, visible, noticeable, appreciable, discernible, detectable, observable, tangible, recognizable, notable, unmistakable, transparent, indisputable, self-evident, incontrovertible, incontestable undeniable, clear, plain, plain to see, evident, apparent, manifest, patent, marked, conspicuous, pronounced, striking, distinct; as plain as a pikestaff, as plain as the nose on one’s face, standing/sticking out like a sore thumb, standing/sticking out a mile, right under one’s nose, staring one in the face, writ large, beyond doubt, beyond question, written all over someone, as clear as day, blinding, inescapable, overt, open, undisguised, unconcealed, glaring, blatant, flagrant, barefaced, gross, stark. ANTONYMS intangible, imperceptible.

Now blatant, flagrant and barefaced are not appropriate under these circumstances But the affection between the Sultan and his sister was observable, tangible, recognizable, indisputable, undeniable and plain to see.

So to say the least, this is a strange Thanksgiving but I do think, my happiest ever. The day is not over, in fact barely began. I am texting DEBE who is serving his country in Afghanistan and the sweetest man ever. One of the things that I like best about him is that he tells me that I make him feel happy and I add something to his life.

My Instagram existence is alive, and well , today. I did take a picture of my finger Included here as well. I got some great responses:

He: You may need a stitch or two. Get thee to a first aid provider.

Me: On Thanksgiving? You must be kidding! My life is so weird. I am texting a guy in Afghanistan. My idea of of Thanksgiving. Hahahaha


He: Ouch!!!


And it would not stop bleeding. Those are actually two panty liners wrapped around the finger. Clumsy Me.

But here is another interchange. A woman said she missed spin but another gym class awaited.

Me: You poor fool. I am home in bed texting the sweetest man on earth and you are in the gym?!?!?!

She: You have been living your best life since I met you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Me: Thanks! Do you want any of my leftover men? It adds whole new meaning to the concept of leftover turkey!

She: Uh thanks, but all is good.

Me: So what am I supposed to do with them? Put them in a casserole?

But here is a secret. When I first red her first response I cried – but it was not crying, it was howling. I have howled before – once after my mother died for example. But this made no sense at all, and still does not. But, as you can see, I got my sense of humour back and offered her my leftover men, which she refused and now they will be in a casserole or perhaps a pie. There is a literary analogy there I know but it escapes me at this moment.

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