London Looking Better With Each Passing Day; First of All, Let Us Not Forget There is Southhampton; A Perfect Day With Much Resolved; My Amazing Surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Daily and X-rays of My Gorgeous Knee; A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

My goodness, a recent email from Adonis:

He: So I pulled some strings and moved the party to the 1st. Which means I would definitely miss breakfast on the 2nd but definitely make lunch in the 3rd. How does that sound?

Me: You are not only the most handsome man on earth – you are Also the smartest man on earth!!! I shall be your fan forever – or at least until I die I shall alter the reservations on our fine dining experience. Xx (only two so not to overwhelm you) So when we I see you for the very first time? I am getting slightly confused. Well more so than usual.

So that is working out, a bit confusing I do admit, but definitely working out. I did alter the reservations informing the Rex Whistler that it would be two instead of one and lauding Adonis’ fine features. I know they will like him.

Me: He is actually quite shy so I still will be able to converse freely with you. I used to take him to lunch at the British Museum – it made Dinham so jealous. I know you will not be. But some female staff members will certainly be. Living well is the best revenge. The Queen (to be accompanied by a Consort)

I have my wardrobe all chosen. When you are hot, you are hot. When you are not, you are not. If Adonis stands me up, he shall be in big trouble. But he will not. The first time we met for lunch at the British Museum, he thought I said the British Library, therefore, he did not show up on time. This was an actual conversation between Dinham and myself.

He: (looking over his shoulder). Your ‘date’ has arrived.

Me: Well, yes that is him! How could you have known?.

He: I just knew it was him.

Adonis was so well but casually dressed and we spoke of many things:

The time has come,’ the Walrus said,

To talk of many things:

Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —

Of cabbages — and kings —

And why the sea is boiling hot —

And whether pigs have wings.’

The lunch of which I speak had to be about three years ago – perhaps four. Both Adonis and I have achieved greater success in our life since that lunch. I saw him again at the visitation of 2018 – almost a year ago. But both of us have soared since then. We shall again speak of many things.

Back on the home front – it has been an amazing day. It was the final appointment with the knee replacement surgeon – Dr. Elizabeth Dailey, whose name I use with permission. She has an excellent reputation and deserves it – every inch of it. She has also gathered about her an excellent staff, responsive, caring and upbeat. They communicate well with one another – communication is so important. Everyone has made me feel so special. One calls the office with a question and one actually speaks to a person – who takes your questions and concerns to the doctor and then returns your call. One woman returned a call she answered my question and such a grand chat we had.

She: Alexis! It is so much fun to talk to you. We all want to talk to you.

Me: I see! So you drew straws and you got the shot one.

She: Hahahah

But such good news. X-rays were taken and shall be duplicated on this post so that you can see my fine new knee. I have to admit that knee it is looking good. Dr. Dailey is so positive; she had already heard that my amazing progress was due to the fact that I had an extremely handsome physical therapist. She looked at my knee – scarcely a scar and minimal swelling. She was so encouraging and said that it was fine that I was going to London and it was not premature. She said that every day I will feel better, that this visit was a milestone – sort of a new beginning with two knees that worked. But this was the conversation that was the most meaningful

Me: Did I need knee surgery?

She: You certainly did! There was no cartilage left

Me: Really??

She: It is because you worked so hard doing everything you could do to avoid surgery.That is a very good sign, a very good thing.

It gave me such a good feeling – that all of that effort was not for nothing. The surgery came at the exact right time and the exact right place. The best of all surgeons and surgical teams, Marin General – a very good hospital. Then going home and having an excellent care giver at a time that I really needed to be taken care of. Being able to go to Presidio Sports Medicine for my physical therapy – an excellent facility in a location that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge.

So many things had to come together. There are some very negative things, to be discussed later. The doctor that I was originally referred to was horrid and a malpractice suit against him in being considered. He said I did not need knee surgery and what he proposed has been proven detrimental. But I went to my trusted internist and got a new referral – to Dr, Elizabeth Dailey.

What is that phrase? That a picture tis worth a thousand words The quote is sometimes attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, who said “A good sketch is better than a long speech” (French: Un bon croquis vaut mieux qu’un long discours). This is sometimes translated today as “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The conclusion of this blog is written from a Heathrow hotel bed. I am here, somewhat jet lagged. All of my doctors agree that it is fit that I reward myself by coming here and being with my dear friends.

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