Confessions of a Binge Watcher; Replaceable ‘Romantic Interests But Irreplaceable Male Professionals, Male Friends and Women Friends Who Tease Me Unmercifully; Photograph of Vehicles Going Nowhere on a Sunday Afternoon

In all innocence I moved into an apartment that was equipped with Netflix. It has proven a disaster because I went from an “I never watch TV” snob to a binge viewer. I suppose, at this moment I have stooped to my lowest level but it is pure unadulterated love. The Ranch is the object of my affection and addiction. I love everything about it – the actors, the setting, the dialogue, the story line, and particularly the humour – I about die laughing constantly. Sam Elliot is the old guy and he is old enough to play the part. The mother (and ex-wife) is Debra Winger, something happened to her and she turned old. I am crazy about the two sons who have weird names: Colt and Rooster. It is so upbeat – people have problems, hordes of adversity but they conquer those pesky problems and change. Colt and Abby have the best relationship ever seen – they joke, laugh and carry one and give one hope that such a relationship could exist. Colt changed from selfish guy to a warm hearted, caring and considerate man. Rooster is so funny and even dates a much older woman. And they swear at each other all of the time. I am in heaven but at some point this series is going to end and then what will I do? Find another series I guess. Series are like men – they are ultimately replaceable. Unfortunately, it is true. My male friends, male professionals and Personal Driver are absolutely irreplaceable, but those ‘romantic’ interests definitely are replaceable.

I am blessed also with some precious women friends who are there for me and say exactly what needs to be said at the time. CPI, the oldest of my women friends, (both in years and in the length of our relationship) said the most soothing thing to me. I complained after reading an article on the Internet that she had already viewed.

Me: The article said that the Alix Residences would not be completed until 2023. How in the world am I going to be able to do my stand up comedy routine in the Alix Theatre to benefit a poor Malaysian family allowing them to purchase a home and send their children to the best of schools near by when I am eighty (80) years old???

She: Why couldn’t you do a standup at eighty? Look at Betty White.

Me: Thank you, my dear friend. Why not? And I look younger than Betty White, well, I am younger than Betty White. Hahahaha

Then I also ran the whole idea of the Taj Mahal by CPI as it seems strange having this huge complex bearing your name. It seems like a memorial, but Joo Kim, I am still alive!!! Is not this a bit premature? CPI got the to root of the problem and it was most reassuring.

She: Musing over Taj Mahal. It took 10 years to build the main portion and another 10 at least to complete. If you waited for everything to be complete it might not be standup, but indeed roll up despite the new knee. 2023 almost seems like tomorrow. Not sure I’d like the idea of a tomb named after me – I’m quite cynical about the idea of undying love. But most importantly, how would you feel about being named “favourite wife”? Still musing…

Me: Again, you make a good point! I would not want to be named “favourite wife”, particularly when we are not married. You do know my penchant for truth telling!

So I guess penchant will be the word of the day. Definition: a strong or habitual liking for something or tendency to do something. Used in a sentence: She has a penchant for adopting stray dogs. (not me, by the way).

CPI and Jennifer are not the only two women who tease Alexis McBride unmercifully and add a needed touch of reality to her existence. Two live in the United Kingdom. After meeting in Iceland in December of 2018 Flower Girls’s Wife and I are constantly on the outlook for a groom so that Flower Girl (the husband) has a role to play. There have been several candidates, but, at this moment, it does seem that our only candidate is Prince Charles but, he is, at the moment, married. However, there is some precedent for a wife’s death within the Royal Family. I shall be looking my best during my stay due to the products and talent of friend Shabez. I include this conversation from Instagram.

Me: I want to learn how to wear a scarf like Sabina’s on my head please. I need a lesson when I am there soon.

She: MashAllah I will show you and it would look nice on you.

Me: I cannot wait. Somehow I do not think I will pass for a Muslim woman. Hahaha

Shel Why not? You will be and look the best InshAllah

So with the eyes, the makeup, the perfume and the scarf – I shall look my best in London. Who knows what will happen? Not me, but will blog from there and keep everyone up to date. Need I remind you that it will be much easier because my Computer Guru is in London and perfectly handy – more handy than now, that is for sure.

The photograph is one taken on Sunday morning from the window of my apartment. It was placed on Instagram with the following caption.

Me: View from my window on a Sunday afternoon. People going nowhere in their trucks, cars and SUVs adding to global warming and pollution, All rather pathetic!

Well I only got fourteen (14) likes for that one. It is not very upbeat, that is admitted. If only that Alix Residences would get completed. One would not need a car there because it is self contained and near public transportation. But then again, it is in Malaysia and one would have to get there. Oh well, nothing is perfect.

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