Briefly Back to Canadian Politics; Definition of Droll and Peripheral; How to Spot a Fake LV Handbag; Memorabilia From Schitt’s Creek; My Physical Therapy Showing Pictures of the Surroundings

CPI strives to keep me up to date on the political scene back ‘home”

News from the front:

She: Conservatives making gains, especially in the West.and Trudeau announced millions for camping grants for impoverished families so every child would be exposed to nature. Compost??? Loved one columnist’s line that his family camped a lot, until it could afford hotels

Me: And I am sure Trudeau went camping all of the time with Dad and Mom. I guess Conservatives are the only viable alternative.

She: Scheer is giving up his U.S./Canadian duel citizenship that he never revealed until now.

Me: My God, what a sin!! U.S./Canadian dual citizenship (?!?!)

She: Trudeau is using 2! old planes to fly across the country – oh, the GHG! If she has to fly, May uses Economy on regular flights.

Me: I suppose it is too much to ask that one of the old planes develops engine trouble.

She: You asked about a possible replacement for Trudeau and the only credible cabinet minister I can name is Freeland, the Global Affairs minister. Run that by (old friend)?

Me: I no longer correspond with (old friend). But your statistics reveal that people do not care about Justin’s black/brown face. So the Liberals will probably keep him.

She: No more news of Dustin Innes beyond the Richmond News report of his ‘stepping back from the campaign because of illness” There was an all candidates night and he was not in attendance.

Me: Well a little bird told me that he had been attacked for his political beliefs. Huh? Do you have no protections in Canada? Well I guess I backed the wrong guy. He is either in poor health or somewhat of a coward. My days of political activism in Canada are over. I did write good copy and Elect Dustin: Dump Justin was very clever.

She: Anything on the impeachment front out of California?

Me: I am not really following it and it seems to me that no one in California is all that concerned. I could be wrong, considering where Pelosi comes from and everything.

I had told CPI about the ‘new’ Alix Residences Property Review on YouTube. Her response was most droll.

She: I watched it twice and …. I ended up (somehow) watching YouTube about how to tell a fake LV handbag – it can be complicated.

Me: You are killing me, I am dying laughing So handy knowing how to tell a fake LV handbag. When was the last time you bought one? I do know that never is the answer.

Droll is the word of the day, goodness knows it was correctly used. Droll: funny, humorous, amusing, comic, comical, mirthful, chucklesome, hilarious, rollicking; clownish, farcical, zany, quirky, eccentric, preposterous; ridiculous, ludicrous, risible, laughable; jocular, light-hearted, facetious, waggish, witty, whimsical, wry, sportive, tongue-in-cheek; entertaining, diverting, engaging, sparkling; informal wacky, side-splitting, rib-tickling. ANTONYMS serious.

CPI’s comments were indeed mirthful, zany, quirky and jocular. I am not convinced that they were wacky, nor waggish.

But the email spread to other areas of life.

She: Such good news – the siren call of London grows louder. C of S. is another peripheral?

Not knowing what she meant I looked up peripheral. It was the correct use of the word: of secondary or minor importance. Its synonyms are: incidental, tangential, marginal, minor, unimportant, lesser, inessential, non-essential, immaterial, superficial, ancillary, borderline; irrelevant, beside the point, of little account, extraneous. ANTONYMS central, vital.

It does appear that C of S was rather beside the point, of little account and extraneous. It does seem that way at the moment. The plans are firming up – full of people and events that are central and vital. Plane reservations for the San Francisco to London leg of the journey are made but not a return flight. I am coming back to San Francisco – I just do not know when, Who knows what might happen there? Others were invited to join me. All of those invited can afford the air fare, and I have met them all in person and I know of their integrity. My UK journey will actually begin in Southhampton for two very solid reasons. I met this wonderful couple on an Icelandic boring tour – the wife and I have constantly corresponded since that time and she is eagerly looking forward to my visit. There is a nearby coaching inn and pub where I shall stay. I can just roll upstairs if I imbibe too much and perhaps there will be a local chap or two. The other attraction of Southhampton is that I am a Titanic devotee. Here are comments from an earlier blog.

He: (a certain man of my acquaintance) I suspect that if you had been on board the iceberg may have lost the argument and been melted down by the fire in your breast

CPI: : A rather unique comment re: Titanic. Brings to mind you as figurehead Rose singing “My Breast Will Go On” – I hated that film, silently screaming sink, sink, sink after about the first half hour.

Me: You are SO smart. And funny

CPI: Only past 3:00 a.m. and could never be quick enough to do standup.

So back to more recent conversations with CPI. She brought good news knowing that I am a rabid fan of Schitt’s Creek

She FYI. More than 800 items of memorabilia and wardrobe pieces from Schitt’s Creek coming up for public auction by VSP Consignment in Toronto starting October 3, no password needed for the auction.

I do so love that programme – perhaps I could get some item of clothing worn by Alexis (of the show).

The photographs attached are of the excellent physical therapy centre that I am fortunate enough to be able to attend. There is a photograph of me being iced and then one showing the setting. You shall be impressed. You would be really impressed if you had my physical therapist who is a combination of gentle and at the same time extremely motivating. I am going to be seeing him more than once a week as I do better with supervised visits (as everyone does). I want to be better and mobile. I am so motivated!

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