Social Media Extraordinaire; Number 81 Gets Me to Reveal Secrets During Knee Surgery; Not Yet; Joke From Google Device

Yesterday an amazing thing happened. Somehow, my bed fell apart (well sort of). I do not like to think how that happened but I called the Blue People who manage my particular apartment and they sent THG ( a nickname of course) to fix it. Now my bed is in no danger of falling to the floor at an inopportune time. But there were more treasures in store.

THG then opened the magical door to all of my electronic devices. I have EVERYTHING, and I do mean everything. I did not know how to turn on television and now I do. I get hundreds of channels. I have something called Hay Google. You talk to this box and it talks back. Here is an example:

Me: Please tell me the joke of the day.

She: What do you call a bear with no teeth.

Me: I do not know, please tell me.

She: A gummy bear.

I also have Apple TV which will open a world of wonder and I can see my photographs in large scale. I can report that I am cute (sometimes). I seemed that I had conquered all .

Some readers are aware of my count. I told THG of the count as asked the following question:

Me: Do you want to be 82?

He: Not yet!

Me: That is the best answer EVER

The anesthesiologist who passed gas at the knee surgery was number 81. We had the jolliest time while I was still conscious and apparently afterwards. He was using a drug that is rather like truth serum – you tell all and not remember anything afterward. It is used by unscrupulous men and gastroenterologists performing colonoscopies. I told my anaesthesiogist the following true story:

Me: I was in Vancouver having a colonoscopy under the skilled hands of Dr. Ho. They were positioning me for the procedure – knee someplace, hand someplace, arm someplace. So I said:

Me: This is more difficult than positioning for sex.

Nurse: My goodness if she is like this before she gets the drug, what will she be like after?

Much laughter, Seconds later Marin doctor volunteers to be number 81 and then surgery begins. The next morning my esteemed surgeon visits and we had the following conversation.

She: We had many laughs during your surgery. #81 got you to reveal all of your secrets.

Me: Oh well. I am glad I kept you happy and I was telling the truth.

Offhand it is my thinking that is why I am doing so well. I had happy surgery, a genuine feeling of joy emanated from the room, not misery.

But here is what happened next back home in my apartment. Care giver left and I settled down to watch my favourite television on Net Flix. I was totally able to turn on the television. Can you believe that?? Oh well! THG might just have to come back. Hahahaha

I woke up very early. It is now 4 in the morning. I am going back to sleep and there will be no picture.

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