Oh What a Wonderful Day: Personal Driver, What Would I Do Without Him?; Wise Man Gives a Million Gold Stars; Parasite Defined; The Meaning of Life; Alexis With Flowered Cane.

Oh what a wonderful day was yesterday. Could not have been any better – well that is not exactly true – someone could have been in their office – but it was ok.

Personal Driver came and picked me up in his usual timely fashion. After both of us swearing at traffic and stupid drivers we arrived at a store known to Personal Driver – we entered the premises and I purchased a cane and another ice pack. I have graduated to a cane, received instructions from my trusty physical therapist and even practiced the motions using the kitchen counter as a fake cane. You will love the cane and a picture of me and it will grace this blog (and Instagram). It is adjustable aluminum and has flowers all over it. What a prize, what a prize.

Then it was off to Marin, stopping at Molly Stone’s for a tuna sandwich and some ice. Ice stops the knee from hurting and also prevents swelling. The stupid ice machine that you take home from the hospital is utterly useless. Ice bags that use ice cubes are perfect for the task.

Then an appointment which shall be discussed a little later. Then back to the Bon Air Shopping Centre. It was back to Molly Stone’s for major purchase of groceries and then to my Chase Bank for cash. I impressed those within the bank with my mobility, walking in without walker and without cane. They saw my upon my release from hospital and it was not a pretty sight as I was miserable and throwing up. Now just smiles and mobility.

Then it was back to San Francisco. Personal Driver helped me with the groceries and then I, exhausted by the day, went back to bed and iced and did my exercises.

Here are some highlights from the appointment.

Wise Man: I am SO proud of you.

Me: Hearing that from you is like getting a million gold stars.

Now this is difficult to explain but Wise Man knows me better than anyone – knows of the travel and travails that have marked my life. He is proud of my progress with the knee and also of other accomplishments made in the last few weeks. He is most encouraging.

He: Do you have plans for your life now that you are almost healed from your surgery.

Me: Yes I do. I have many plans for my writing.(then revealing some details)

He: Those sound like excellent plans. You are clearly thinking ahead to this next chapter in your life.

What is the meaning of life? There actually are many – here is the one I relate to: vivacity, animation, liveliness, vitality, verve, high spirits, sparkle, exuberance, zest, buoyancy, effervescence, enthusiasm, energy, vigour, dynamism, go, elan, gusto, brio, bounce, spirit, spiritedness, activity, fire, panache, colour, dash, drive, push; business, bustle, hustle and bustle, movement, stir; informal oomph, pizzazz, pep, zing, zip, vim, get-up-and-go.

That is how I want to see my life – one with verve, sparkle, zest, exuberance, oomph gusto and panache. In order to do that, we discussed, I do need to rid my life of parasites – those people who live off of me. Unfortunately that has been the story of my life. We laughingly made up bumper stickers and slogans”

Wanted Husband: No Parasites Need Apply.

I Do Not Brake for Parasites

Parasites of the World: Disunite

Such fun we had. What is a parasite? He/She/It is a hanger-on, cadger, leech, passenger, drone; informal bloodsucker, sponger, sponge, scrounger, freeloader; British informal ligger; North American informal moocher, mooch; Australian/NZ informal bludger. This is it used in a sentence: Sam was a parasite with no interest in anything but drink and gambling

Do you not love some of those words? A leech, a drone, a bloodsucker, a moocher. I am surveying my prior universe and laughingly titling people with one of those monikers. It is most amusing. It makes it very easy to cut them out of my life when applying those titles.

Today promises to be a restful day. Yesterday was wonderful but arduous and I need to have a restful time with Nicely Nepalese, showering, having my ice pack changed, laughing, perhaps paying some bills which she can rush to the mailbox. Then early to sleep as it was a five a.m. wakening. I have a daily dose of Midsommer Murders with Netflix. I do love the programme.

The photo is Alexis With Flowered Cane. (hahaha) .

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