The Launching of a Heavy Advertising Campaign Promoting The Alix Residences; Its Central Theme Being Brazenly Authentic; Am I Brazenly Authentic?; All Hands On Board Vote Yes.

I am awakened to an email from CPI, a response to one earlier sent by me. The discussion is centring on the heavy advertising campaign that promotes the sale of The Alix Residences in Malaysia. The central theme of all of the advertising and promotion is Brazenly Authentic, a theme that will echo in various forms in this blog. Interestingly, it seems to have little to do with the proposed development but a great deal to do with Me. But first to focus on Me – it is a busy day in Marin, all cantering on the upcoming surgery. There are prescriptions to be picked up at the local pharmacy, a medical appointment and then a stress test to test my cardio capabilities – it must be passed or there will be no surgery. Needless to say I am highly motivated. I am girding my loins – now what does that mean? As usual Google provides the answer: “ Okay, no one says “gird your loins” anymore (which basically means “tighten your pants”), but gird is still used as a verb to mean “get ready for a dangerous situation.” To gird is to prepare for a military attack, but more loosely it refers to readying oneself for any kind of confrontation.” What are some synonyms? Suck it up, steel oneself, shape up, eat one’s Wheaties. That reminds me, I must go to breakfast. A buffet with great variety – let us hope there are Wheaties.

Now back from breakfast, where no Wheaties were consumed and not back to observations of things Malaysian I had written CPI

Me: It looks like there is a new Brazenly Authentic video. The new one has a woman voicing the words that were difficult to read on the first one.

CPI had commented upon the original.

She: Watched Brazenly Authentic and it is rather dark and “foreign filmy” Is that JKT lurking in the background? – but if you scroll down, there are phrases like “dazzling charisma … exudes layered flavours of strength … cutting edge charisma.” No plaque until Alix Residences built.

Me: Indeed that is JKT lurking in the background of the film. – a sort of mirrored image. The message is rather unusual. I never take no for an answer. I am rebellious that way. They cannot take it when you tell the truth. Prove them wrong. It is ok to show weakness.” It is all rather dark and for the life of me, I cannot see what it has to do with the property

These are now excerpts from our later correspondence.

She: The original is still up and leads into the new. JKT is certainly launching a very heavy advertising campaign – what will come next? Does not look very family oriented after all the emphasis on schools in the beginning, too seductive. Well, I guess one comes before the other. He really wants those presales. Me: You are again SO funny! Seductive coming before the family orientated. One thing does lead to another, sometimes. Except for you and me and our childless situations. Hahahaha

Then there had been some discussion between the two of us about some family dynamics that might be operative. Father, the Chairman of Global TA has not been seen, just Joo Kim and the mother. The mother is on the Board of Directors, Joo Kim is listed as the Executive Director.

She: Could be very interesting family dynamics. Read in CEO magazine that final TA Global development decisions are made by JKT’s father.

Me: What CEO magazine? Could you give me the link? But just because a magazine says something it does not make it a truth. What evidence to they point to for that assertion?

Commenting on a prior blog

She: I think Trump is far more cunning than Falstaff.

Me: Perhaps, but Falstaff had a much better writer chonicallbng his misdeeds.

Then more gossip.

She: If the Emperor was fired by JKT, he landed well – didn’t he become the GM of the new Equinox hotel in New York’s HudsonYards?

Me: Perhaps it seemed jolly for a while but the fall out with the Equinox is huge and I have met many who terminated their memberships. So this whole thing for the Emperor is a repeat performance as the opening of the Trump in Vancouver was so clouded with the demonstrations against Trump. It seems like the Emperor is being punished – even for misdeeds in a past life. Hahaha

But then there was focus on me again.

She: Re: appointments, doctors and knees. The beginning of a pain free existence is in sight.

Me: Thank you for that reminder and yes, so true. Relief is in sight – this has been going on since December. I am most relieved.

But here is the question at hand and one that I have been asking scores of people, both old friends and new acquaintances.

Me: Do you think I am brazenly authentic? If you answer no I will still be your friend.

To a person EVERYONE says: “Yes, you are brazenly authentic. But the prize goes to this measured response – a man who has known me for over three years.

He: But I’m not sure that the two words go together. Yes you are outgoing to an extreme amount, i can recall your response to a lecturer on stage which was loud to a point where i feared for our ability to remain. Does this mean that you are brazen? Don’t think so.

Authentic; yes you are one on your own. there appears to be little put on just for show , you are what you are.

Me: What an entirely sweet answer and you win the prize. I cannot remember the lecturer on the stage – he must have been irritating me.

So the verdict has come in. I am guilty as charged: I am brazenly authentic, even if the two words do not go together. What is brazen? Bold, shameless, as bold as brass, brazen-faced, forward, presumptuous, brash, immodest, unashamed, unabashed, unembarrassed, unblushing; defiant, impudent, insolent, impertinent, cheeky, pert; barefaced, blatant, flagrant, undisguised; informal brassy, pushy; British informal saucy. ANTONYMS timid, shy.

Am I shameless? Yes, I was abused, I was not the abuser. Why do I have to carry the shame? I do not even mind brazen-faced and impertinent. I was a lawyer by profession, a timid and shy lawyer loses their cases and the respect of their clients. I do occasionally blush, but rarely. I do not wear much make up and so could be considered barefaced and undisguised. So there! So there! So there.

The photograph is one of Joo Kim Tiah and his mother at the announcement of The Alix Residences.

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