The Lyrics from the Song; How Binge Watching Schitt’s Creek Has Effected My Already Demented Mind; An Announcement of a Different Nature Catastrophic for Some

Faithful readers will know that Terry from my Vegas days ‘gave’ me this song. It seems like it is me and it was fascinating to be ‘seen’ by someone of such short acquaintance. Here are the lyrics but you must listen to the song as it is so upbeat and energizing

. .

You’ve got the touch, you’ve got the power


After all is said and done

You never walk, you never run

You’re a winner

You got the moves, you know the streets

Break the rules, take the heat

You’re nobody’s fool

You’re at your best when the going gets rough

You’ve been put to the test but it’s never enough

You got the the touch, you got the power

When all hell’s breaking loose

You’ll be right in the eye of the storm

You got the heart, you got the motion

You know that when things get too tough

You got the touch

You never bend, you never break

You seem to know just what it takes

You’re a fighter

It’s in the blood, it’s in the will

It’s in the mighty hands of steel

When you’re standing your ground

And you never get hit when you’re back’s to the wall

Gonna fight till the end and you’re taking it all

You got the touch, you got the power

When all hell’s breaking looseYou’ll be right in the eye of the storm

You got the heart, you got the motion

You know that when things get too tough

You got the touch

You’re fighting fire with fire

You know you got the touch

You’re at your best when the going gets rough

You’ve been put to the test but it’s never enough

You got the touch, you got the power


That is me and someone precious texted this.

Me: I love winning!

He: That is why I respect you.

I was actually surprised to read that. I did not know that was a quality that he respected, actually would have thought the antithesis. What does the word antithesis mean? Its synonyms are opposite, converse, reverse, reversal, inverse, obverse; the other extreme, the other side of the coin; informal the flip side.

This is a man who (as I described to someone recently) gets everything he wants. So for him to say that he respects my love of winning seems obverse, the reverse and the flip side of what anyone would have thought. I guess the guy likes a good fight – brother he has one! The only person more stubborn than me is him. We have fought fair in the past with ground rules and all. It did fall apart but that was both our faults – well his more than mine but I am convinced he has a different opinion. We shall simply concede as one cannot change the past, just attempt to overcome and not let it happen again.

But onto Schitt’s Creek which, thanks to Netflix, I can binge watch and I have with great gusto. Now there is a word. Gusto: enthusiasm, relish, appetite, enjoyment, delight, glee, pleasure, satisfaction, gratification, appreciation, liking, fondness; zest, zeal, fervour, verve, keenness, avidity; humorous delectation. ANTONYMS apathy; distaste.

If you are a poor unfortunate unfamiliar with the Rose family I can only pity you. They are hilarious and their supporting cast and crew are exceptional. But it is having a disastrous effect on my already warped personality. I can assume chameleon qualities and there is a certain resemblance these days to Moira. It is a little confusing because there is an Alexis on the programme but she is the daughter. Alexis was an unusual name before the days of Dynasty and if someone said Alexis – it was me they were talking to. But nowadays it is supposed to be the fifth most popular name, or something depressing like that. Oh well – once in the old folk’s home – it will be me and me alone that will be answering he name of Alexis.

The great news about Schitt’s Creek, other than the fat that it is Canadian is that it has been nominated for five Emmy’s – better late than never as it is in its fifth and final season. I am now in the third season and laughing my arse off. Moira has the most bizarre jewelry and it is with great joy that I can report ownership of a necklace she would be proud to wear. It was purchased at a car boot sale in London for only ten pounds. As a joke I wore it when lunching with Joo Kim Tiah, safe in the knowledge that people would think it was real. Those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end. But they did.

Warrenzinger of Instagram posted the following this morning.

I get up every morning determined to change both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning the day a little difficult. E.E. White. I commented:

Me: Oh my God you read my alleged mind. I must blog this.

But another Instagram post caught my eye.

He want me back. He got have to clone me

Me: Brilliant! I will make this be my motto.

This leads us to the real news of the hour. I emailed those nearest and dearest to me this morning. The subject was Absolutely Great News. And Unexpected.

“I have great news! The best of all news. I am back writing my book – finishing my Uncle Dave book. It was a sort of an epiphany which is a an experience of sudden and striking insight. It took place for many reasons, including the fact that I am in pain again with my knee. I am going to have limited mobility until my surgery, it is clear. I cannot have another cortisone shot as there has to be a three month hiatus as cortisone shots can increase the risk of infection. So if I am going to be laid up, it is the perfect time to write as I write from bed. I have been too obsessed with men and it has been a waste of time – none of them deserved me and did not give me much (or anything) in return. I have cleaned the slate but remain in touch with many of them. None of the high drama that has characterized my “break ups” with men that somehow remain or are resurrected. They are no longer the focal point of my existence.

Anyway – the first chapter is polished. I have decided to use my most recent draft – just editing and doing some basic rewrites. I am pleased with what I have been reading – some minor changes make it more readable. Not sure what this will mean to the blog or to Instagram. Seems like a break from Instagram and less frequent posts to the blog but time will tell. I am making this announcement to the five of you – it is interesting that it is not going out to any of the men that have taken up so much space in my mind.

I guess I might blog it later (or not).

In my pre blog days I would awaken – write about my dreams and often reach grand insights. I did that this morning for the first time in years and years and it led to the resumption of the book.. My upstairs neighbour is so noisy – he/she/it must be a sumo wrestler with footsteps that echo and pound. Oh well – he/she/it works during the day – it is only weekends and evenings that are bothersome. I see blue sky but it is blissfully cool. High of 78 which is sort of hot for here.”

So you heard it here first. Tracey responded so sweetly and thoroughly. She is a great friend.

fantastic news re book Alexis. Yes very practical to convalesce and write in bed. Sorry to hear of the knee pain. Yes, good idea to focus on your health, well being and self instead of the said men. If I had noisy up stairs I think I got broom stick end and knocked on ceiling. 29xxx from Tracey

And words from the UK.

Sounds like your making some good plans about yourself for once!! Men are only a pain in the bum 😂 so much better to think and look after one self 😍 any way I for one am so really looking forward to reading this book 😁👍😘😘 Stay strong my friend 😍😘😘 Once operation is done and your mended book the ticket to England where good friends await for your arrival x

Love flower girls wife xxxxx

Picture of friends from Vegas – stay tuned to hear more about them.

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