Announcement; Out of Bed and Into the Mercury; Knee Surgery Plans Gel Despite Previous Physician; Reminded of a High School Boyfriend; TO MCERA; Pondering Marin

Announcements! Announcements! Announcements! I am not in bed, (alone or otherwise). I am writing from a wonderful coffee place called Mercury and am I EVER HAPPY. I am drinking a white Americano and eating a blueberry scone. Could life get any better? Decidedly NOT.

We shall now get the first word definition over with. It shall be Announcement: report, declaration, proclamation, pronouncement; bulletin, communiqué, dispatch, message; information, word, news.

So the dispatch, the proclamation and pronouncement is that I have changed my habits, well for today anyway. This place is decidedly fantastic in that the coffee is great, the scones are delicious, the window is wide open and except for the fucking traffic noise, all is fine. Other people are sitting around on their computers but I bet than none of them are writing a world famous blog. Could ask but I care not. On woman has earphones which does get rid of the traffic noise but she is isolated. The two guys at the adjoining table are discussing business, something to do with technology – but they seem to be well informed. Not like real estate scammers or finance guys that crowded every space in Vancouver. There is a table on the sidewalk and a woman was sitting there with her dog. Essentially she was sitting in traffic because of the dog. That is not for me. I have a table, people nearby and a life – she has a dog and sits in traffic. She is probably younger than I am but she looks and acts real old. On the way into the Mercury I spied a poster advertising auditions for improv. HMMM just might do it. The only downside is that the auditions are in Oakland and at night. Perhaps I should wait until after my knee surgery. It is scheduled for September 9 and I am sure it will not be postponed constantly the way Dr. Peter Callander repeatedly did and then decided that knee surgery was unnecessary. But I fooled him as I got a new referral to a ell I went and got a new referral to a wonderful woman physician and it is going to happen. I was supposed to originally have the surgery on April 22. He should be sued for malpractice but it is not worth all the trouble. He shows no courtesy, keeping his patients waiting for hours. My new surgeon r saw me immediately – even early. Other professionals are shocked to hear of Callander’s treatment of me. But I got away from him – that is enough for me. I guess I could YELP him but instead I just ed him.

I got the Mercury the hard way. I walked up the hill to Page and then down the hill to Octavia. I just could have walked on Octavia, it would have been flat the whole way. But there are the most incredible Victorians on the street, painted the best colours. It was a sight to behold. But my knee is hurting today, it took ages to get here because I had to stop. Perhaps counting the days until surgery will help. Further good news is the ability to get physical therapy in my building as there is a gym. It is going to work out. A recent acquaintance expressed concern asking if I had some one to help me.

Me: No! But there is still some time. How sweet of you to inquire!

I went over and talked to the two men discussing business – they were so sweet and actually handsome. One of them is called Rod which is interestingly enough the name of my very first high school boyfriend. I thought I would die when he broke up with me, but I did not. (obviously) It suddenly and soddenly occurs to me that this is perhaps why I have always been the one to break free of relationships. Recently I got a guy to break off a relationship with me; it was such a relief. But he sort of came back – guess I need to trick him again into breaking off with me. Or just leave things be, goodness knows he does not get in the way. There are four other women here, not one of us are w are wearing make up. Again a contrast to Vancouver where all women pile it on. Why the difference? No idea.

Texting a guy of recent acquaintance.

Me: I write the blog in the morning from bed but if you were around you would be a distraction.

He: As long as I am #1 I won’t distract you. Do get back to writing. We can text later.

Me: OK that is sweet of you.

I am getting slightly better at relationships this days. The emphasis here being slightly.

Yesterday was Marin chore day, My personal driver taxied me to MCERA which stands for Marin County Employees Retirement Association to submit an address change and alter withholding tax. Walking in and being greeted the by the wonderful receptionist.

She: Hi Alexis. I heard you were coming. Here are the forms and some mail for you. Welcome back!

Me: Oh My God Thank You! I am going to cry

She: I did not mean to make you cry.

Me: Those are not tears of sorrow – they are tears of joy.

It feels good to be back! Well not exactly back as I am a City Girl not a Marin Matron but the recipient of all of the joys without the sorrow of living in Marin with no public transportation nor rent control. Is that not arcane?

Arcane: hidden, concealed, covert, clandestine, enigmatic, dark; esoteric, obscure, abstruse, recondite, little known, recherché, inscrutable, impenetrable, opaque, incomprehensible, cryptic, occult. ANTONYMS well known, open.

In this day and age to not have rent control in one of the most expensive counties n the USA is dark, obscure, abstruse and incomprehensible. But is it my problem? I do not think so. New readers will not know that I was an attorney in Marin County Counsel’s Office. It was our function to inform the Board of Supervisors on all matters. Well, not my job, as that was a prestige position and only the men in the office would ‘qualify’. If I had the responsibility of advising the Board of Supervisors there would have been rent control. I was an excellent attorney if I do say so myself. I retired at the age of 61; I am now 76. No complaints as I have an excellent defined benefit retirement with excellent medical care provided. Canadian medical care sucks, by the way. It is inaccessible due to long waiting lists and a shortage of doctors and it is a system that is never criticized or scientifically explored. It was researched on this blog somewhere. This blog is gearing a bit unwieldy/. Help Chris – we need restructuring.

The pictures gracing this blog are the only MCERA signage. Most people seem able to find it so signs are not necessary.

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