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Book Passage was my destination, therefore, I snuck out a seldom used exit of my Marin County Inn. Less than a half a block away I found myself in the courtyard of my beloved Internist. I did need a follow up appointment, I hopped in and made one. But I spoke in amazement to the staff:

Me: I have been thousands of miles and across the seas from this office during the past five years but “look at me now”.

She: Welcome back! The doctor is away on vacation but I will schedule you the first day he is back

Me: Oh thank you! It is not an emergency but he will be glad to see me. This place is almost a sacred spot for me as I am so thankful for my health which has been obtained, in no small part, due to his excellent care of me.

Two fascinating things emerged from this quick visit. I have an appointment with a new orthopedist and wanted to be sure she had the necessary records. I had a series of x-rays and a MRI at Novato Community Hospital and knew the appointment would be more productive if she had these records. My Internist’s efficient receptionist and office worker said:

She: The doctor will have them. All of our records are shared

Me: My goodness I am SO impressed. In Canada it is almost impossible to even get a doctor if you are a new patient – much less have a shared data base. My experience in London was not much better, perhaps worse.

I am so, so grateful for the medical care I have received in this country, particularly now that I have experienced the medical care system in other countries. I did manage to achieve two wonderful doctors in Vancouver but, for various unique reasons I had connections. My medical care in the UK soared when I learned that my medical plan paid for private care. But the experience of dropping into the office just made me so grateful that I was back. The ease I encounter in everyday life is so gratifying and I appreciate it so much, in contrast to the hardships encountered in Vancouver. I first came to San Francisco in 1967, a time of hope and promise. I feel it again fifty years later. I am blessed!

I did, by the way, look up to be sure I had the right branch of medicine. Orthopedic surgery or orthopedics, also spelled orthopaedics, is the branch of surgery concerned with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgeons use both surgical and nonsurgical means to treat musculoskeletal trauma, spine diseases, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, and congenital disorders. So I did have it right.

But here is something else, of great hilarity that happened during the surprise visit to the Internist. A man met recently – that liar of great renown – told me that he knew my Internist very well – describing himself as if he was some sort of fixture in the office. (a professional relationship) I did ask about him and no one had ever heard of him. Men lie about the strangest of things. Did he not expect that I would find out at some point? Another nail in the coffin.

The Book Passage trip concerned getting a book, ordered at the Ferry Building store but I wondered if it could be picked up at the Corte Madera store. They were SO cooperative and a trip back ensured its delivery into my hot little hands. The book is Griffin and Sabine, a book unknown until the suggestion made by my new partner in crime. It shall be referenced in Long Lost Strangers when that gets into production.

After book pick up I met some great people at Moseley’s – such a fun place! One young man was going to Las sagas to visit with his grandmother and others. Perhaps the grandmother and I can get together when I am in Las Vegas attending Grandson’s wedding.

Then it was home to bed with no blogging upon waking. A long email to CPI and then breakfast. I was welcomed by W.H.I.M., the manager who was checking people in.

Me: Good morning! Great to see you. I have a question.

He: What is it? I am glad to be of service.

Me: It is an easy one. What day is it?

He: That was an easy one and now my day will begin with success.

Me: Yes, you are welcome. You successfully answered the question.

He rather likes his new nickname but I am not supposed to let people know what it stands for. I shall not!

Then, looking at the Apple Store App, I learned that there was a class in photo editing at 10. I quickly got the van ad made it to the Corte Madera Apple Store to learn that it was at noon but I could take an art class at 10 with Amy. I did and loved it – my art is attached to this post.

Then I grabbed a water at J,Jo;; making plans to come back and shop. Then the class on photo editing also taught be Amy. I learned so much. Then to lunch where I met two interesting women and had great chats. One woman gave me the name of an Improv Club in the city and told me of a comedian who hates vegetables. I am planning to do Improv – CPI encouraged me to do so and I shall.

Then some serious thinking and texting about my role in life. It ended well, the decision made later not at the time.

I did not watch the final game but learned later that Toronto did win. Durante’s injury totally bummed me out. The forces of greed and evil forced him to play and consequently receive devastating injuries. I argued with a hotel employee.

He: He had free choice. He did not have to play.

Me: You are naive. He was cleared by medical personal who he trusted. They sold his soul to the devil.

Later I thought that was rather literal – it was his Achilles Tendon. The power of words. The meaning: o do whatever is necessary in order to get something you want, even if it involves doing something dishonest or immoral

(He would sell his soul for a seat in the cabinet) .

Those doctors transgressed, betraying their moral duty and the Oath. Shame on them. “Hippocrates of Kos, also known as Hippocrates II, was a Greek physician of the Age of Pericles, who is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine. He is often referred to as the “Father of Medicine” in recognition of his lasting contributions to the field as the founder of the Hippocratic School of Medicine.”

The picture attached is my art. It is called Mt. McTwit. It was my very first, my virgin piece. So there! So there! So there! .

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