Waking Up In Bliss and Then Having It Get Even Better; Some Reasons of the Underlying Reasons for the Bliss; A Strange Encounter Involving a Banana; Defining Amorphous, Bliss and Egomaniac; Winning Against Warrior Guy Yet Again; Ending With a Napkin

I woke up in sheer bliss and then it just continued to get better. Perhaps bliss shall be the word of the day: joy, pleasure, delight, happiness, gladness, ecstasy, elation, rapture, euphoria, heaven, paradise, seventh heaven, cloud nine, Eden, Utopia, Arcadia; halcyon days; informal the top of the world. ANTONYMS misery.

The reasons for the bliss are manyfold, which is an an adverb and means by many times:. (The problems would be multiplied manyfold.) My experiences of yesterday and this morning are the antithesis of problems – they place me in a state of elation, of rapture. The experiences place me in Eden, Utopia and Arcadia. I am on the top of the world.

I am higher up actually having been moved from the second floor of the Inn to the sixth floor of the Inn. I actually have a view, there are trees and buildings and the sun is shining. I have heard that it is going to be hot out, I usually hate heat but, miraculously, have proper clothes to wear – a black sleeveless dress and a great scarf given to me by my Dryburgh Kin for my 71st birthday (I think(. So I have got the wardrobe down already. Got some jewelry that will match – I shall definitely be cute, although plans for the day are, at this point, amorphous. I do like that word as well: an adjective whose synonyms are: shapeless, formless, unformed, unshaped, structureless, unstructured, indeterminate, indefinite, vague, nebulous. ANTONYMS shaped; definite.

My morning bliss was enhanced by emails from CPI and Tracey. CPI’s email included news from Vancouver which shall be reported. It was all good and revenge is being heaped upon an Institution that did me wrong. It is nothing short of amazing and mind boggling how harm comes to those who do me wrong. If you did me wrong you should be real nervous because the shoe is going to drop/ I will have to look into the origin of that phrase.

But I must tell you of some of the pre-existing reasons for the bliss. First, but perhaps the least important one. Toronto won against those Warriors again and it means that victory shall be ours on Monday. I am an optimist.! In great glee I fired off a text to the Warrior guy:

Me: Canada Uber Allus! We shall prevail silly Warrior guy! I do so hate winning. Hahahaha

Me: Met with Financial Advisor! We are so happy! We are so sorry for you!

Me: Happy Jet Lag! Hahahaha

The other, more important reason for my happiness is the apartment. I have not signed the necessary papers but it looks very good. You shall hear more about it later, once it is a done deal. It is perfectly located, just the right size. Although furnished some of my furniture can be incorporated as there is an area for my Persian rug, and blank walls for my art. It is expensive but my brilliant financial planner came up with an upstanding idea which I will run by my excellent tax woman. The idea will motivate me to use my writing to make money but not from my blog so do not worry that it will be cluttered with ads.

I had a jolly time at Chex Maman giving the staff a napkin purchased in Vancouver. They placed it upon their bulletin board. I bought it thinking some guy was coming for dinner.and I would ask him to do the dishes. But (and this is fascinating to relate) BUT I have no idea which particular guy it was. By the way, he did not come to dinner. An other problem emerges: the new apartment has a dishwasher. Oh well! I guess I could pretend that there was no dishwasher or that I prefer things done by hand. Hahahahaha

I sifted through my Instagram and found one that sang to me. ‘God I do not know how you are going to do it but I trust you!” In my case a more accurate description would be:”God I do not know how you did it but I trust you!” Now I absolutely know that something is bound to go wrong but then it turns our right – often better than right, even excellent. A good example is the two cancellations of knee surgery – the surgery was eventually abandoned by the surgeon guy. Instead of being cut by an egomaniac I will have a woman physician of great renown who is known for her compassion and caring. So there! So there! So there!

By the way, the definition of an egomaniac is: a person who is obsessively egotistical or self-centred. (He is a raving egomaniac.)

I have returned from breakfast where I had a series of encounters – some funny, some serious, some insightful. I will relate a funny (and unfortunately a rather vulgar) one. I was asking a young man from Orange County about the meaning of the lettering on his T-shirt. This conversation was overheard by a female companion.

She: I thought you were asking about the banana he has in his hand!

Me: No I was not asking about the banana. Either the one in his hand or the other one. (pointing)

Well they almost died laughing out of surprise and shock because I am a seventy-six year old well dressed woman. So I had to tell them about the joke coined by CCC at the Trump .

He: What is the difference between Ms. McBride and a coffee pot?

Me: I hate these riddles! I do not know! Tell me!

He: The coffee pot has a filter.

Those of you who have met me (and even those who have not) have observed that I have no filter. I occasionally try to impose one on myself but it seldom takes hold. I have no kids and no husband and enjoy independent income – so I get away with it. The unfortunate grandchildren do not seem to mind (too much). An eccentric Granny is just rather fun and I am not genetically related to any of them so it will not be passed on.

The photo is of the napkin that now graces the bulletin board at Chez Maman.

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