Wonderful Productive Days in Marin and Its Environs; the Strange Appearance of Robots; My Stuff in One Place; Being a G.Ma; Defining Discerning and Conceding

I have been enjoying a series of absolutely wonderful days – many spent in Marin, tending to myself. There was a ‘saying’ posted on Instagram – the gist of it was that one must take care of yourself first before you could take care of anyone else. I steadfastly agreed. Instagram is all rather fascinating in that I mirrors life, the world and society. There are those who accumulate followers – but such an accumulation means that they are largely inactive because the sheer number of postings make it impossible to reply in any meaningful way. Then there are those that are too lazy or preoccupied to even poke the like button (it might take a second). Their presence is invisible, the attention they pay perhaps sporadic – so why bother? My ‘profile’ is different, interacting wholeheartedly and thus forming friendships (and worse, remember those scammers.) But corresponding with strangers can lead to the formation of insights and goals. I was approached by a young man from Nigeria.

Me: Where do you live?

He: Nigeria

Me: I am not coming there! I hate heat

He: I want to come and stay there. Nigeria is very corrupt.

Me: There are definite immigration issues!

He: Do you want me to come and stay with you. I will be nice to you.

Me: You cannot come here because of immigration. I came to the USA in 1967 legally.

He: I try to come illegally,

Me: I have nine grandchildren. I do not need another.

He: I like you. I want to be with you. I do not care about the age.

Me: I am a Granny to them

He: I will not live in your house. I will rent an apartment

Me: We are done. Good bye.

Now, to some this conversation might seem a waste of time. BUT if confirmed to me the importance I place on being a Granny, or in one case, a G.Ma. It is rewarding, I do it well and it needs to be the focus of my life. My femme fatale days are over – this a new phase. The following is the correspondence between G.Ma and Grandson. . He posted a gorgeous picture on Instagram and wrote the following message:

He: Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully

Me: Love you! Love the message!

He: Love you G.Ma

Me: You fill my heart with joy!

He: Glad I’m able to make you and others smile G.Ma.

Discerning folk will realize that he is not my Real Grandson as we scarcely look alike. But we inspire one another – not use one another. That is what such a relationship should be. He is not a victim looking for a hand out – he strives and works hard and therefore is being justly rewarded.

But back to me. On Monday it was off to Sausalito to meet with my extremely competent, very personable Chase Private Client Financial Adviser. He replaced a prior one and this new man is nothing short of magnificent in his approach and concern. It was such a relief and clarified many issues for me – I am in the hands of an extremely competent and caring professional.

Then it was lunch time and off to Poggio’s went I. It is a very, very favourite restaurant on Bridleway and I had such a grand time with my favourite waiter whose nickname is Kidney. He remembers me from previous trips. Then there were new friends to be made. The bartender, a charming erudite woman said that my appeal was based on the fact that I love life. A young man, a scholarship student at Columbia University discussed the burden of being famous, his parents were/are. Back to San Francisco on the Sausalito Ferry. Perhaps discern shall be the world of the day: perceive, make out, pick out, detect, recognize, notice, observe, see, spot; identify, determine, distinguish, differentiate, discriminate, tell apart; become cognizant of, become aware of, become conscious of.

Close, supportive conversations make one become more perceptive, more determined, more cognizant. It is not my job to save some young man from Nigeria – it is my job to be a good Granny – a relationship wherein I give and get back.

But now onto yesterday which was Wednesday. My goodness that was an absolutely incredible day. On the way to the Larkspur Ferry I ran into about fifty robots. I kid you not – it was a protest against using robots instead of people in the workforce. But I was in a jolly mood and started to laugh with the robots;

Me: Hey you guys are just like the guys I have been meeting and actually have been associating with my whole life.

There was much laughing, joviality. Hordes of people joined us as I laughed and joked and carried on. Then, a man approached me with a release to sign. I am going to be famous, I am going to be in an advertisement. People took my picture, it was a super big deal. I got on the ferry and had great conversation with a young man from the East who was working at Marin Brewing Company and a French exchange student. Then I grabbed a cab and went for a mammogram and a bone density test. The difference between Canadian and USA medical care was glaringly different. Up to the art equipment and facilities, fantastically helpful staff at Quest. What a contrast between Canada where facilities are dingy, equipment old and such routine tests almost unheard of.

Then to my storage facility in Kentfield to greet my Vancouver possessions. What a happy moment, Rob a great guy who trucked the stuff and put it in the storage locker. So finally, after five years, all of my stuff is in one country, and even one storage facility. Progress has been made! Then to lunch at Half Day Cafe – a magnificent rare hamburger, and Carlos a competent and charming waiter. Then another medical appointment and home via North Bay Taxi – I was too exhausted to climb on and off the ferry and BART – although such is available as public transportation in this fair city is nothing short of amazing. Vancouver public transportation is impossible – poorly designed and maintained with no helpful people hired to ease travel fatigue and difficulties.

As the expression goes, there is a lot on my plate. Taking care of myself, finding an apartment, making long term financial plans being a Granny and a G.Ma and also – fighting off men. Another emerged and disappointed but the good news is – it happens fast. In prior years it took eighteen years of marriage, now a mere two or three days.

The photographs are of me and the robots and one of the precious Purely Canadian Mover truck. Proof of course, that I always tell the truth. I do not react well when lied to. A man lied to me – I texted him: You are a liar and your pants are on fire and your penis will melt. It was my finest hour. Hahahaha I do concede that he was gracious about it all, laughed at jokes I made and did admit that I won. Concede shall be the second word of the day. Concede: capitulate,

give in, surrender, yield, give up the struggle, cave in, submit, raise/show the white flag, lay down one’s arms; back down, climb down; informal throw in the towel, throw in the sponge.

But I guess he capitulated and caved in to me. He laid down his arms and threw in the sponge.

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