Today’s Blog Is All About Kathleen; Well A Tiny Bit of Me And Thoughts on Loyalty

Kathleen came to see me in my palatial suite at the Wedgewood Hotel. Actually I was having one of my long soaks, my daily bubble bath , when she arrived. I threw on a robe and greeted her when she got to the room, She walked in, looked at a painting of a stately ship with it said full of wind and said laughingly:

She: Alexis! Look! Your ship has come in!

Me: My God Kathleen! I think you are right! How prophetic!

I did forget to take a photograph of the painting so you will not be able to see it. I am no longer in my palatial suite at the Wedgewood Hotel But it is to be remembered that both the painting and the experience was all rather glorious – so stately and so proud. Later Kathleen called when I needed her and gave me perspective, not advice but perspective. Her perspective soothed me, and made possible an encounter with an individual which will occurred they day. I was prepared, I was armed, I did well thanks to her help.

She wrote a magnificent poem which will also be included on today’s post. It says so much, one has to read between the lines, but that is what poetry is all about. I am simply not a poet. Do remember that funny saying. You are a poet, your feet show it. They are Longfellows.

In the time Kathleen and I spent together we spoke of many things. To talk of many things:

Of shoes — and ships — and sealing-wax —

Of cabbages — and kings —

And why the sea is boiling hot —

And whether pigs have wings.’.

We are thinking of combining our creative forces and doing something – perhaps a book similar to my In Contemplation and In Conversation, It shall be jolly and inspirational.

I am surrounded by loyalty and not surrounded by loyalty. Some totally let me down but the contrast between the two are rather gob smacking. Those that are not loyal have a plethora of excuses for their absence. Do let us make plethora the word of the day: abundance, \ot, mass, host, plenitude, cornucopia, riot; plethora, superfluity, superabundance, glut, surplus, surfeit; quantities, scores, millions, multitude; informal sea, wealth; lots, heaps, masses, stacks, piles, loads, bags, mountains, tons, oodles; British informal shedload; Australian/NZ informal swag; rare nimiety.

But those that are around are so around and there is such a feeling of connection and one cannot be connected to EVERYONE, that would be impossible. There is only so much to go around – even of me.

Here is the message from Kathleen and her poem is attached.

She: Thank you, certainly. Here is an attached photo for your Blog of Rose Petals my personal inspirational obituary. Merchandise, tote bags etc. with my poem prints are available at

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