A Thoroughly Wonderful Day That Was Yesterday; An Email From David/Greg With My Response; Meeting People at Breakfast; Missing Out on Lunch But Good Plans for Writing on the Train; More Word Definitions

So yesterday I had an incredible morning that was first written about at only 8:30. However, the day had begun at 3:30 when I first woke up. I looked at my email (at that ungodly hour) and there was a message from David – I had sent him a preview of the blog and he responded.

“Thanks for a great read.

It’s good to know items have been used to effect by our clever Alexis .

It was enjoyable but hope you are not down about the being homeless. I also think life in a hotel is very comfortable. Most will negotiate special rates for long stay, which I am sure you have done.

Keep up the good work Lv


I swiftly and surely responded, an admirable trait that I have and is shared by friend Tracey, which is but one reason that she is my friend, one of the best EVER. I have found a new friend by the name of Emma who lives in Dublin, Ireland. She is one of those wonderful people who respond to emails, thoughtfully and immediately. A new treasure to replace the lazy ones who are too ‘busy’ to return emails. Busy is a handy excuse, the real truth is that I am just not a priority in their lives. Much busier people prioritized me. Those busy people , too busy to return emails or make other social contact, are no longer a priority in my life. .

“Dear David/Greg

Thank you for everything, your initial contribution and then your kind words of praise. This latest contribution really struck s chord with so many, of course including me! The outpouring on Instagram is huge and includes many of those to whom I feel closest. You make me better at what I do. Although why the hell I am doing it is beyond me! Hahahaha. I yearn to see you two again but it will happen. You shall get the new and improved version with the bionic knee.

This homeless state is only bad at times of transition which is tomorrow when it is train and Vancouver time. You two must, at some point, come and visit me but it must wait until I am settled and goodness knows when that will be! Hahahaha I am thinking oh blogging this OK? Little Girl”

The fascinating people that I met over breakfast included a musician, a drummer who plays with the Mister G. Band. His name was Cody, they had played at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley the night before. The band is off to the UK next month. I do wish I were going – my dratted knee Dratted shall be the word of the day: a fairly mild expression of anger or annoyance: ‘Oh, drat Feargal and his suspicions!’. I occasionally decide to stop swearing and on those occasions I shall use the word DRAT. It actually does sound rather classy.

Then I met a woman who is here taking a course from Dr. Peter Levine – so I looked him up on the Internet. The course and his work fascinating, just up my alley so to speak. He is innovative his field utilizing mind/bod work in the healing of trauma and post traumatic stress . The attendee said it was an advanced course that will last several days. This hotel is full of fascinating people doing interesting things. I commented upon this to the manager.

Me: There are many interesting people here at this Inn. I think you should make me the mascot.

He: Good idea! You can stand outside with a sandwich board.

Me: Not that kind of mascot! I am after all seventy-five years old.

Another couple were here from Denmark to attend the graduation of their son. He had a basketball scholarship from Fresno. How very interesting that a young man from Denmark should come all this way on a basketball scholarship.

Me: Well that was nice of you! You saved your parents some money with the scholarship and all.

Mother: Yes we are thankful and he even graduated.

Me: Such a deal!

Then a finalization of plans to return to San Francisco by train from Vancouver only to discover( later that afternoon) that this departure will prohibit lunch plans with a very handsome man. In olden days I would have changed everything but not these days. It seems that some things are not meant to be and changing plans just to make yourself available is not well considered. Another word of the day now appears: having been thought about carefully. Then we shall use it in a sentence taken from a novel.

She hurried to open the door to them, smiling at them with a well-considered undertone of sadness.


So the man may make some other plans or in the alternative it was just not meant to be. The decision filled me with a certain amount of peace and serenity, seldom seen in these parts.

Today is a day of transition which has suddenly become the third word of the day. Synonyms of transition areL change, move, passage, transformation, conversion, adaptation, adjustment, alteration, changeover, metamorphosis; shift, switch, jump, leap, progression, progress, gradation, development, evolution; transfiguration, flux, mutation, transmutation, vicissitude.

I shall make a metamorphosis by getting on a train where I will evolve and mutate back into being a Canadian. Well not exactly , I am back for a necessary visit to pick up things left behind, to see close friends, have Vicky cut my hair and Amy do my nails and listen to the fine Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Then back to San Francisco to begin the count down to knee surgery. Oh well, the show must go on.

I do so look forward to the train ride in my room, it will be sleepy time in the beginning but waking up probably almost in Oregon with breakfasts, lunches, dinners and new people to meet. It shall be jolly good fun. Plans also include reading David Brook’s book and writing a story about my heretofore secret. I lived in Vancouver before for a short period of time when I was thirty. It did not work out then either and is a story of betrayal.

The photo is a street sign located near my Marin Inn. It is Wornum Drive, named after Michael Wornum, now deceased, a very rich English politician. I had an affair with him, I was betrayed. It shall be rather fun to tell – it has a happy ending for me which I strangely discovered the day before yesterday. So I have two writing assignments as I speed towards Vancouver. My goodness, it all sounds rather mysterious, almost like the Orient Express.

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