The Prince Has Appeared to Turn Back Into a Frog; But Have No Fears; Political Commentary; New Glasses; A Banana Phone to the Rescue; A Nollywood Movie Star and More

So the Prince mentioned in the blog of April 17, 2019 has turned back into frog, it appears. But worry not (all of those who know greater detail) I have survived and it is better this way. There are many more fish in the sea and already two have appeared – flesh and blood ones who have already proven to be good men. One can just tell. I am getting better at spotting the lesser men and can quite summarily deal with them. I discussed this phenomena with someone earlier – I found this scribbled on a napkin.

Me: He will never forget me!

She: No one will.

It followed this interchange.

Me: He does not deserve me!

He: Who does!?!?!?!

A sensitive and clever young man employed by this hotel said:

He: It is not good to hold onto things that should not be.

Me: That is so smart and clever!

But here is an interesting idea! I could kiss the frog again and turn him back into a Prince. So I am fine.

It is interesting to watch my breakfast companions. A woman and her husband are across the room. She is absolutely miserable and negative comments emerge about the world in general. What does she expect him to do – change the world for her? I mean if Trump cannot change the world – how can this rather cowed man do it? Hahahaha I am ignoring them at this moment, it is easy as it is a boring scene.

But do let us veer off into politics for a moment. The Mueller report is out and the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Democrats and the Republicans are fighting over it. It would be nice if the political parties would put some energy into running the country instead of just fighting with one another. It is my measured and considered opinion that there are three versions of the same issue.

1 The Democratic version

2 The Republican version

3 The Truth

It is clear that the parliamentary system of democracy is a better version and the proof is in the pudding. No Democracies in this world of ours have copied the USA version – none. That does say something does it not? Now I do not exactly see the UK or Canada working at this moment but there is a measure of hope. If the parliamentary system were alive and well in the USA Trump would have received a Vote of Non Confidence and this mess would be over with. I am moving back to these Excited States but I do not plan to become active politically. I could form a third party but because of my Canadian birth I could never become President. Too bad, so sad. What will I do with my time? I guess write this blog and be on Instagram. It is dirty work but someone has to do it.

So what began as a quiet breakfast turned into a noisy one, as per usual and ended up in great laughter and talking on the banana phone. I just spoke to one of my banana phone devotees and this truth became apparent.

She: Great problems can be solved with the banana phone.

Me: That is so true! Perhaps we should give Trump a banana phone.

She: Yes, that would help.

Me: Well he looks and acts like a monkey.

I am going to stop writing and show a table mate my toes. Her mother said:

She: I do what you do every day. I write, I show people my toes and then I get on with the day.

Me: Yes, it is a way of life to me envied.

Later I met with my marvellous four year old that can count to six hundred. I gave him and his mother a copy of my Tate book. The last one I have with me. I am ordering another printing, this time I hope we get it right. I am giving my flawed copies away to friends and acquaintances. The new printing will be perfect and I am planning to sell them through my blog.

Getting on with the day for me involved going and ordering new eye glasses at a really wonderful store on Gough Street. I took a picture and put it on Instagram and will include it on this blog. The place is expertly owned and managed by a couple from Hong Kong. They are the greatest of people. Now people may say that I do not need any more glasses but I do not care what they (or you) say. I love my glasses and they hide a multitude of sins. Also on Gough is a store that specializes in retro glasses. The owner has purchased the stock from European countries that made the chicest of glasses back in the sixties and seventies. I have my eyes upon a fabulous pair of sunglasses – they are rather expensive but you only live once and at the moment I am not paying rent as I am homeless. Well I am. So many people my age struggle to make house payments and are stuck with major maintenance costs and worries connected to home ownership. I am foot loose and fancy free (whatever that may be).

So I have a great life. At the moment I write from my hotel room. The morning includes a taxi ride to Marin where I will have a series of blood tests etc. to prepare my long tern Internist to examine and rule on the state of my health. He has a boutique practice and for the payment of a certain sum his patients get a thorough annual physical. He advices on all matters including vitamin intake, checks cholesterol levels, blood pressure and all of the good things in life. Therefore I am in excellent health and it is his considered opinion that I am going to live forever. Now I am not sure I want to but it is nice having the option.

Taking a taxi? You say. Is that not expensive? Do you ever add up how much it costs to own a car or even rent a car? Then the worries of parking and bridge toll and all. I just sit back and chat away with my favourite taxi cab driver.

Off I go to chat with the hotel staff before the trip. I cannot eat because one test requires that I be fasting. I have got to drink lots of water though or else I will not be able to pee for the urine sample. So many men, so little time. Hahahaha

I am finishing this blog after coming back from the lab test in Marin where I was successful in urinating. Yeah Team! Blood taken and the lab woman and I just about died laughing, about something or another. Back to breakfast and then to my room and now I am communicating on Instagram with a Nolywood actor. I kid you not.

He: A blogger and a Nolywood movie star. It seems good. LOL

Me: Who could ask for anything more! Hahaha

I wrote someone who is near and dear to me.

Me: I have not heard from you. Are you dead?

He: Not dead Just bad at responding to emails.

Me: Well that is a relief!

I am laughing so hard! My life is most unusual to say the least. Down right weird.

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