Bouncing Back and Not; Wonderful Packers and Movers; Climaxing With Getting Stuck in an Elevator but Receiving Comforting Words

The low ebb of yesterday morning lifted rather quickly actually. I had written a rather dramatic email the night before entitled: Bad news but OK.

Me: You are the first to learn personally that my knee replacement surgery has been rescheduled to May 13. It does not change most things and I will be in SF on April 1. Please do not worry about me.

He: OK that does not seem too bad of news. See you soon.

The causal response totally cheered me instantly and I sent back a funny email thanking the sender, saying that the response cheered.

Then upon receipt of the email blog post I got a touching response from Chris .

He: I hope you are OK. I worry about you sometimes.

Who could continue to feel bad when there are two people around to comfort you. Well not exactly around as Chris is in London but you know what I mean.

It was off to the YWCA and my session with Ayda, Where would I be without her? I am in pain at the moment – the knee and some sciatica symptoms have returned. Ayda says that it is tension and try to relax an be in the moment. That is easy for her to say. Hahahaha Then a visit to Annie at Flight Centre who is arranging for drivers to take me to the train and then from the train in Emeryville to my hotel in San Francisco. What a vast and wonderful feeling of relief. Except for the fact I have to get up at four o’clock in the morning, but a friendly driver will be there and off we will go.

Then a taxi home to meet with the movers and I could not be happier! Two wonderful people – a woman in charge of the packing and he in charge of the moving. It will be effortless on my part. Such a dramatic difference from those days in London when I was doing everything on my own. The three of us had a jolly time with one another and several hugs were exchanged for one reason or another. They left, me and two other people got on the elevator and guess what? The elevator got stuck. Holy cow! Thank goodness the couple were really nice and they were from Leduc, Alberta which is very close to Edmonton, Alberta. We were rescued, some voice from the call box said crawl out, don’t worry and we were on the 19th floor. There was a lot of bouncing around – it was rather scary. Of course I had to do an Instagram video and inform the world of my plight. I received two wonderful responses. Friend Tracey in New Zealand wrote:

She: thinking of you Alexis. glad you escaped the elevator xxx

Me: Thanks dear. It was not fun! Thinking of you as well.

Then another response from a man in the USA.

He: poor dear. I hope you weren’t in there long honey.

Me: You are so sweet. I find your words so comforting.

Believe me, I went nowhere last evening because it entails getting into an elevator and I was not up (or down) for that. I am meeting someone for coffee but the plans for this day are rather amorphous. I am in pain – this is not fun. There is a concert tonight but it is at the faraway Chen Center. I guess I best be lazy all day so I am up for it.

The photograph is of Ayda wearing a T-shirt with the logo from her web site. She is so clever. I will miss her so.

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