A Bizarre Morning; A Love Letter; Instagram Communications From London and Beyond’ A Formal Announcement; No Sotheby’s For Me; Hanky Panky Party And a Guy

I readily admit that this is a bizarre morning. Yesterday, although starting out great turned into the nightmare of Vancouver where EVERYONE flakes on you. Vancouver people are either atrociously late a or do not show up at all It makes me so incredibly happy to know that I am leaving here. It is a nightmare and I give up on mostly everyone who lives in this city. It is UNBELIEVABLE. But here is the good news about all of that, because t does totally make me appreciate those folk who are there for me, who are loyal and faithful. It is important to tell consistent and caring people how much they mean to you and I did!

I woke up to read my blog and I loved it. So I wrote Chris Jackson, my blog guy a love letter, the subject line of the email was: Words of Praise For You. . He responded immediately:

He: Ahh how lovely, we are an odd couple thats for sure.

Me: You can certainly say that again! And thanks for saying that you are sorry that people flaked on me!

Now Chris and I do make a very odd couple and we have a very odd relationship. I counted how many times i have actually seen him and be with him – perhaps five. In the beginning when he did the Tate book about two or three times, then in December oF 2017 when I went on a trip back to London and then in December of 2018 when Chris, his wife Clare and Alexis McBride managed to consume six bottles of wine over our business meeting at the Rex Whistler. Restaurant at the Tate Britain. We laughed so hard and I will always remember this, when we talked of the amazing success of the blog.

Chris: I pave the road, you drive the car.

Me: Now I am going to cry! (I think I did).

Where would I be without Chris? The blog kept me sane in this awful city.

But then other words of support chimed in. From London on Instagram came this:

Blog blog blog about #capitalcarboot sale. the more blogging the better. (with several emojis)

Then an exchange of Instagram comments with one of my Instagram friends who I have never met in real life. She posted:

People will provoke you until they bring out your ugly side, then play victim when you go there.

Me: That is so profoundly true!

Then another one.

Put me in a room with the same people who talk shit about me and watch how friendly they become.

Me: That is SO funny and SO true.

Now this is a weird and bizarre life, communicating with people in London and people I have never met. But at LEAST they are communicating, not like the people in this city. I suppose bizarre can be the word of the day: very strange or unusual, especially so as to cause interest or amusement: her bizarre dresses and outrageous hairdos.

I suppose this is the minute to make the formal announcement. I am not going to London; I am not going to Sotheby’s Institute of Art for a myriad of reasons. Myriad, the second word of the day. multitude, a large/great number, a large/great quantity, scores, quantities, a mass, a host, droves, a horde; informal lots, loads, masses, stacks, scads, tons, hundreds, thousands, millions, gazillions, bajillions.

I am most wise in not going to Sotheby’s Institute of Art. For one thing it is most expensive and it would interfere with my writing, Those are two of the scores, bajillion and droves of reasons that I will not grace the halls of Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, England. I can visit London many times with the money saved on tuition and I do not need (nor want) another degree. At one point I thought I did but I do not. I can go to many museums all over the world on my own – I have been to many. Most importantly I do not need another critical woman in my life who is jealous of me. I have been there and done that. Please go into search engine and type Secret of My Success. It was a story that I wrote in December of 2016 and it still holds true. So it is back to San Francisco for me.

But now is something so totally funny. Yesterday I went to a special party featuring sex toys. Honestly I did. It is a product called Hanky Panky and it is everywhere (apparently) I took a picture from the beautiful apartment where the party was held and put it on Instagram. I do not lie, sometimes I exaggerate a little but I always tell the truth. This is the caption on Instagram.

Me: The view from the apartment where I attended a Hanky Panky Party. Who needs men? Such toys!

In case some of you old people do not know – the toys are sex toys, most kinky and most fun by the looks of them. Some of them a woman uses alone and some with s guy to enhance the experience. Do let the record reflect that I did not buy any – but I was rushing home to meet a friend who did not show up at the appointed hour (or at all). These Vancouver people are driving me mad.

However, I showed the Instagram post to a certain young man. He laughed and laughed and he sure is cute and he does rather seem to like me. Actually he is the sexiest man I have EVER met. Here I go again. Hahahahaha

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