An Epiphany; Revelation Leading to a Course of Action Abandoned The Very Next Day; Telephone Conversation with Prestigious Law Firm; So Many Men, So Little Time; So Many Books, So Little Time  

Yesterday I had a sudden revelation or insight, almost bordering on a revelation. t was actually not sudden but has been a long time in coming but it appeared in all of its glory. It was occasioned by a series of events followed by words of wisdom from a friend. I knew it was almost a revelation because it brought such peace and harmony to my existence. All sorts of things, both bad and good, had to come together. And poof (not a word)  I was, feeling relaxed, whole, determine, rejuvenated, and anxious to get on with the next chapter of my life. It would be useful at this point to define revelation which is a noun.
revelations about his personal life: disclosure, surprising fact, announcement, report; admission, confession.
the revelation of a secret: divulging, divulgence, disclosure, disclosing, letting slip, letting drop, giving away, giving out, leaking, leak, betrayal, unveiling, making known, making public, broadcasting, publicizing, dissemination, reporting, report, declaring, declaration.
So it was disclosed to me (by me) that I had become too social, too communicative, had too many people in my life, too many irons in the fire  and I became determined to become more solitary, keep to myself, shun men of all shapes and sizes and most women. Dogs are no problem, I do not have anything to do with them.
But what happened then? (I write now from the perspective of Thursday). I did the exact opposite. I made a long list of tasks to be done to facilitate my leaving Vancouver, it was almost completed.  But when I went to the YWCA my resolutions began to unravel. I jumped around in water aerobics, whispered something rather outrageous to a man with a hairy chest and invited a visitor from Toronto to dinner. Kathleen had already been invited as she had promised to help me with Linked In as I cannot make the thing work. The guy did not show up but Kathleen and I had a great chat and I now can be all over Linked In. If this seems not too solitary to you ,be comforted in the knowledge that it is not solitary to me either. I went to Globwal for a Lemon Drop and a snack and Jack (a big deal in the organization0 seemed intent on matching me up with three (3) young Egyptian men, all rather handsome. I do not jest, it is true. I did manage to escape. I went to my lawyer’s office to pay my bill and was reminded of a hilarious episode which I shall pass on – I do not think I wrote about it before.
In the deepest hours of depression and horror after my release from King’s County Jail I called my lawyer, employed by one of the most prestigious law firms in Vancouver. I was calling to find  a Washington State attorney as I was determined to sue – Alaska Airlines, Port of Seattle Police, and King’s County Jail.  I had an open and shut case and they were going to pay and I was going ro revolutionize the practices and procedures of that jail and perhaps Alaska Airlines. I had the following telephone conversation with the receptionist, a truly wonderful woman. I have visited this office perhaps four times in the almost two years I have lived in Vancouver.
She: Good afternoon, Law Offices
Me: (actually laughing) You must be looking forward to getting off work. It is still morning.
She: So it is! ! I am looking forward to leaving the office at the end of the day.
Me: It shows, I caught you!
She: Perhaps I should answer the phone. Good “Just Before Coffee Break”
Me: (again laughing) If that brings you relief, do so.
She: Alexis! How are you?
Me: How did you know?
She: I recognized your voice and your laughter.
Well, I almost fainted dead away and was cheered, just when I needed some cheering. I laughingly reminded her of the conversation yesterday and told her how important it was. This is what she said:
She: Alexis, it is because we love you!
Me: Oh please you are going to make me cry! I am leaving Vancouver and this will make it harder.
Then I went home, stopped to get some groceries, quickly cleaned up my apartment and then came Kathleen (on time) and now I am on Linked In which will enable me to promote my book (s). So Little Time, So Many Men has been altered and now it is So Little Time, So Many Books  You will be hearing about the books in subsequent blogs. I am awfully prolific actually. Prolific, what is the meaning of that word? Prolific, an adjective: a prolific crop of tomatoes: plentiful, abundant, bountiful, profuse, copious, luxuriant, rich, lush; fruitful, fecund; literary plenteous, bounteous.
a prolific composer: productive, creative, inventive, fertile.
So I am fertile, but I chose not to have children. Goodness knows I am profuse and luxuriant. Hahaha. Some one told me of a ‘phrase’, one I had never heard before
M.I..L.F. which stands for Mother I’d Like to F**K
Well there is this one, that applies to me.
G.I.L.F. which stands for Granny I’d Like to F**K
Well, you know my numbers – now up to 45. (and still counting). I fear I have fallen off the isolated, solitary wagon. So Many Men, So Little Time. So Many Books, So Little Time.


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