Transient, Not Homeless; Refusing to Converse with Stupidity; Election Results; Funny Ripped Jeans Conversation; More Appointments

When I left for these shores CPI sent the following witty email:

She: Dear transient (but not homeless),Have a good trip to the “sunny and warm” wilds of CA.

Me: You are so funny! Thank you for making the distinction. It is supposed to be sunny and warm according to the long range forecast. Lucky me!

Well it has been sunny and warm. It was utterly glorious catching the Larkspur ferry, crossing the Bay and having at least two great conversations on the way. One with the woman who ran the concession stand on the ferry. I did a video and posted it on Instagram telling the world that I was on the Larkspur ferry, not the Titanic. I had an unpleasant conversation with a man who was a Republican and believed in no gun control because of the right to bear arms. . But I have grown wise.

Me: I am not going to talk to you anymore. We have wildly different viewpoints and I am not going to convince you of my facts and you are not going to change your opinions.

I said it smilingly and then went back of a pleasant conversation with an intelligent woman. The man was, quite simply, stupid. He was mistaking his opinion for facts and did not understand the scientific method nor the Constitution of the United States. But why tell him that and insult him but why waste one’s time talking with him.? I am becoming more graceful and less angry but I refuse to cater to a man or waste my time on stupidity. So there! So there! So there!

It does seem strange to be reporting US election results on my London/Canadian blog but I have access to NPR and their reasoned and intelligent reporting. Some, who read this blog, may not.

So the biggest news is that the Democrats won the House. To quote from the article:

“Come January, Democrats will be in charge of the House once again. They stand to pick up between 24 and 32 seats when all the races that are too close to call are finally decided. Democrats needed a net gain of 23 seats to take control of the House. Make no mistake: That is a wave. Just how big a deal is recapturing the House for Democrats? Imagine a scenario in which Republicans held the House. President Trump and Republicans would consider themselves validated and step on the gas, likely repealing the Affordable Care Act, rolling back more regulations and seeking any other number of policy priorities that Democrats would find odious.

Now all of that is stopped in its tracks. For Democrats — feeling a degree of disappointment at losing some closely watched governors’ races and suffering a net loss of at least a couple of seats in the Senate — taking back the House is a major victory. It’s the equivalent of a court-ordered injunction keeping the steamroller at the property line.”

Now that is profound writing, “the equivalent of a court-ordered inspection keeping the steamroller at the property line” And you know, Trump sort of looks and acts like a steamroller, come to think of it. So the election results are not undiluted good news but do let us accent the positive, eliminate the negative and not mess with Mr. In Between.

Here is some hither to for unreported news from Vancouver. Formerly I was angry at the sight of ripped jeans. I still think they are stupid on many levels but I deal with it differently. This is a hilarious conversation that took place on Davie Street. A couple were walking down the street, the woman was wearing ripped jeans.

Me: Did you know that you have holes in your jeans?

She: Oh No! I did not realize that?!? Adam, why didn’t you tell me I had holes in my jeans?

Me That’s men for you. Never there for you when you really need them!

Well the three of us about died laughing. I gave them my blog card and promised to report the conversation. I am. It was so much fun. Most women smile when I point out the holes in their jeans. This was the best response of all.

I face a busy and sunny day. I will board the Larkspur ferry again to go to Marin where I have an appointment with my wonderful doctor and then an appointment with my ophthalmologist. Too much computer stuff, or perhaps, old age but I may need a new glasses prescription. I wrote to my possible date:

Me: I will be temporarily blinded but will feel my way to the Larkspur ferry for the trip back to the City and my hotel. (just joking).

It was so interesting – I went to the ophthalmologist’s office to make the appointment and began to chat with another patient. She was born in Canada – we had the most jolly of conversations and, of course, I gave her a blog card. We actually had a great deal in common, it was fascinating and so random to meet her. It was jolly!

The photo is one of the paintings in the Vancouver Art Gallery Rental and Sales, check the place out.

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