Being Inconsistent But Loving It; Random Thoughts On Many Matters; Getting a Blow Dry; A Poppy and a Cry

I readily admit that I can be a bit inconsistent but since I did not have children it does not matter. Children require consistency from their parents, it is essential for their development. But if no kids then the adults in my life can adjust – or not. It is their choice. I am not going to change to please anyone. Those days are decidedly over.

This is my most recent inconsistency. I recently railed against FaceBook and said that I was through with it. But then…. Saturday was isolation day – I did not stray outside my apartment, not once. Indoors with no telephone calls even. Silence is golden and all of that. It was not complete silence because somehow I found the most amazing television series. Hey, and it is Canadian. It is Jonny Harris’ Still Standing. It is hilarious and what an wonderful idea. Harris goes to small towns in Canada that have survived and features the folks that stayed on. He is SO funny and so are the people. It is an upbeat delight. Unfortunately I went through all of the episodes of this season. But then for some unknown and unknowable reason I got on FaceBook but a good time was had by all. There was a picture of me taken six years ago, I reposted it saying: “That was six years ago and I look younger today!” Hey, and I heard back from people. No one had the courage to disagree but who could blame them. Then I also heard from two guys I worked with in the Marin County Probation Department. They said that they really wanted to see me when I visit SF next week. What a bargain that is, my goodness, it was at least thirty five years ago. Can you imagine that? It is staying power I certainly hope we can arrange it, what a gas it will be! I bet they will say I changed, but maybe they won’t as they knew me pre marriage #2 and #3. Both squelched me. Perhaps squelch will be the word of the day. Squelch means to forcefully silence or oppress. That was me – squelched. I had to go to London and get hit by a motorcycle to get my mojo back. Let us make mojo the other word of the day. Mojo is informal: 1 get your mojo working: magic, voodoo, hoodoo, wizardry, sorcery; charm, lucky charm, amulet, talisman, churinga.
2 he’s lost his mojo: energy, vitality, spirit, zest, verve; power, dynamism, drive; fire, passion, ardor, zeal; informal zip, zing, pep, pizzazz, punch, bounce, oomph, moxie, go, get-up-and-go, vim and vigor, feistiness.

I communicated a great deal on FaceBook, leaving likes and comments, I got responses back from many people. It was gratifying. But then I realized that my hair was a mess and since I had to go out in public at some point in time. I did call to make an appointment with Vicky at Suki’s.
Me: This is Alexis McBride, I am calling to get an appointment for a blow job with Vicky sometime tomorrow. OMG I mean blow dry not blow job.
She: Do not worry! You are not the first to make such a mistake.

We laughed and laughed and then I got an appointment for 12:15. So Sunday I ventured outside, walking to Suki’s, buying a poppy on the way (you will hear about this later). I got there, they gave me coffee, Vicky washed my hair and gave me a head massage. Did that ever feel good! Then she blew dry my hair. There was a man sitting across from me with diamonds on his watch, diamonds on his hands, diamonds everywhere.
Me: Hello! You have more bling than even I do!
He: Thank you. I guess I do.
Me: I only have one ring. But it is real.

Then we both laughed.
Me: I have the loudest laugh in all of Vancouver.
He: I do not think so. My sister does.
Me: I will challenge her to a laughing duel. I will win!

I waited until his stylist finished with his hair. The cut was superb – it was both classic and hip. Before I left I took a selfie and posted it on Instagram. The picture is below and this is the caption. “Vicky at Suki’s did it again, look at my hair. I grew it, she styles it. Please see my poppy. I thanked the young man who ‘sold’ it to me telling him how much it meant to me because I lost an uncle in WWII. I started to cry. The poor guy!

So another sign of my inconsistency. I did cry but stopped. Uncle Allan was shot down over Germany the day I was born. It has haunted my life but cheering people up seems to be my vocation. I then went to Dunn’s, had a late lunch, cheered people up and then home again.

It is now Monday. I will be out and about. It will be water aerobics, getting the final punch for my free personal training session Then pick up clothes from the dry cleaners and perhaps a late lunch or early happy hour.

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