I Was So Excited I Forgot About My Statistics; Pierre the Handyman Becomes My Hero; Other Surprising Facts about Sexual Fantasies; Hotel Employees Jump 

Three or four days ago I emailed computer guru with a complex request.

Me: Could I please have my statistics? For some reason I think I need to know at this point in my life.


He quickly responded:

He: You wish is my command. Here they are!


I will just get to the bottom line. During the last 385 days 17,731 visitors made 61,052 visits.

The total figures, from this blog’s inception in January of 2017,  (drum roll) is 39,290 visitors making 151,905 visits. Due to poor math skills on my part I may have orally exaggerated but this is the real truth. It is rather phenomenal considering the following facts:

I was born in Saskatchewan. (I love doing that, it is mean to prairie folk but fun and obviously it is done in jest.

I have not used marketing nor any outside agency to promote the blog.

I rely only on my big mouth and a vast supply of blog cards. I give the blog cards out like candy. Once in a while, when someone in nasty to me, I take the card back. It gives me great joy to see the surprised look on their face.

I make no money from the damn thing so therefore readers are not compromised by advertisements which makes online reading difficult.

I, from the onset, made a determination that I did not want to hear comments from readers. Chris, my guru, saves me from them. I never hear a peep.

Therefore, I am free to write about who I want to write about and when I want to write. My opinions are my own – they occasionally change because it is important to be open to new information. But when i state a fact – it is a fact and usually backed up to a link to a reliable source or a book or journal.

According to my own belief system I have been successful beyond any hope or expectation.

8. My goals for the blog have been reached, by and large. I got, and do get, even with my enemies and the secret goal left CPI saying: “Alexis, you over did it.”

I was once hacked but my computer guru Chris snipped it in the bud. I was teflon but I did mend some of my ways. I do learn, not only from my mistakes, but from my potential mistakes.

My statistics make me laugh at FaceBook and those individuals who parsimoniously parcel out their likes. The word of the day is parsimonious, an adjective: unwilling to spend money or use resources; stingy or frugal: parsimonious New Hampshire voters, who have a phobia about taxes.


I am at a crossroads yet again. I am becoming increasingly private about my private life. I feel no need to entertain the masses, those private recipients, because for one thing, it does not help them, it harms them. See prior blog with link provided by Tracey.


I write in bliss for several reasons. Pierre the Handyman made his appearance and now EVERYTHING works. The light in the bathroom, the gas in the fireplace is turned on. there is no blinking light in the hallway, pictures are neatly hung, hooks display my aprons. All of my appliances are functional, the printer is working and all of my personal devices. I do know that this may not last for long and something is bound to fall apart but for right now I am in heaven.


I shall throw in some humor for good measure. I quote from an article in the October 21, 2018 New York Times Book Review, the article: Self Improvement: I’ll Have What She’s Having; Better Sex, Better Relationships.  The article reviews “the latest crop of books on sex and relationships.” Judith Newman, the author of the article, surprisingly learns from one book that “people who identify as either Republican or Democrat really are different in their fantasy lives. Republicans are publicly more conservative in their tastes, but in their private lives are more likely than Democrats to crave taboo situations like exhibitionism, voyeurism and fetishism.” Perhaps this explains Trump’s ascent to power? What effect will this have on the mid term elections? Also: “Republicans were more likely to fantasize about larger penises than Democrats” The possible explanation is that Republicans are more likely to likely to see the penis as a symbol of power or toughness. Newman remarks, “I can’t possibly imagine how he could come to this conclusion.” I just wonder about the sampling technique and whether rulers were used.


Stay tuned for more revelations from Newman’s article. I must get on with my day. I am going for brunch, then VAG, then water aerobics, then jacuzzi with the Y guys and later having a guy to dinner. Not bad for a 75 year old.


The photograph is one taken at VPL – Marriott staff members were having a morale boosting scavenger hunt and I was asked to take a picture of them jumping. I did and then took one of my own.

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