Boundless Enthusiasm Earns a Granddaughter; a Sublime Symphony; A Chance Encounter; A Great Lunch; Thoughts on Friendship; a Hammock, Cheese and Makeover

I am thinking that sublime will be the word of the day. Sublime is an adjective, its synonyms are superb. 1 sublime music: exalted, elevated, noble, lofty, awe-inspiring, majestic, magnificent, glorious, superb, wonderful, marvelous, splendid; informal fantastic, fabulous, terrific, heavenly, divine, out of this world.

2 the sublime confidence of youth: supreme, total, complete, utter, consummate

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s concert was sublime. My hero Otto Taausk conducted works by Beethoven, Bartok and Kodaly. At the conclusion of the performance I stood and clapped and yelled Bravo – not so most of the tepid audience. Are they trying to be sophisticated? Do they not know music? Are they deaf? I am not impressed with them and wonder what they would be like in bed. I am definitely not curious enough to try any of them. However my boundless enthusiasm won me a granddaughter – she and her friend attended the concert, were quite smitten by my boundless enthusiasm and so I impulsively invited them to my nearby apartment where we had a jolly time consuming my remaining rye, she made deviled eggs and then hung two pictures for me. We had the very best of times and during the course of the evening I adopted her. She is the right age for the position. She doesn’t really look like me but who cares?

I went to the talk prior to the symphony – my hero was interviewed and he just shined! I spoke to the interviewer at interval and he said that there was no rehearsal and it was very spontaneous. Wow! There were not many in attendance – what is the matter with these people? What are they doing with their time? Probably not staying home and reading my blog.

It was a very busy day because DDD came for lunch and we had a jolly time. It went on for hours. We chatted and laughed and ate and he brought dessert. He is a sweet man, very thoughtful and perceptive and a good listener. You have to be with me. Hahahaha.

Friday was friend day at the YWCA – you can bring a friend for free and I invited Tracey. The book Soul Friends by Stephen Cope is proving to be inspirational. He speaks of the prime importance of friendship, of having a best friend. “Philosophers, poets, and writers have studied this kind of friendship since pretty much forever, I suppose, because it is one of the most powerful experiences in human life. Plato, Gibran, Shakespeare. The Buddha. Kabir. The authors of the Bhagavad Gita. Of the Bible. To a one, these writers and thinkers have understood that “best friend’ are a launching pad for our highest spiritual aspirations. The Buddha, when asked by his own best friend, Ananda, if friends are are an important part of the spiritual life, replied, “They are not just a part of the spiritual life, Ananda. They are the whole of the spiritual life.” (pgs.51-52) It feels like Tracey is my best friend at this moment. I was speaking of friendship at the YWCA, a wise woman noted that one can out grow a friendship.

Me: That is so wise. I can see that has happened to me. Thank you for your wisdom,

She: You are welcome.

But this was another conversation that took place at the jacuzzi with an older gentleman.

Me: I am 75.

He: You do not look a day over 74.

Me: Smarty pants!

I stopped at the Flight Centre on Howe street and wonderful Scott Martin helped me with airplane reservations to San Francisco and then made wondrous plans for my trip to London. I am going to stop in Iceland, on the way there and back. I have always wanted to go to Iceland and I shall. Then here is the real treat – I shall fly into Gatwick, not that horrendously horrible Heathrow. So all the plans are intact – a special rate at wonderful hotel in London and soon plans will be made to see my friends. There is a promise of a hammock and cheese for necessary naps. I emailed friend Shabana and she promptly responded: Alexis my darling I will organise a make over as well who knows your man might end up in the hammock with you…,🤣🤣🤣 lol See u soon Shabana

Could life get any better? Nope.

The photograph is my bathroom wall – granddaughter hung the framed poster of my comic debut in London on May 31, 2015. It is proof that I am a driven woman – I always wanted to be a stand up comedian and I was one for an evening. I would never want to do it again – there were many laughs but it felt like I was prostituting my sense of humour.

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